Captain Marvel #10
Published by Marvel Comics, October 2000
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"Totally Cosmic"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chriscross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez & Mark McKenna
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraft's Wes 'n' Saida
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #9 and guest stars Moondragon, Super-Skrull, and Silver Surfer!

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

The story begins with a flashback of Kelly as a kid.  She comes into the kitchen and tells her mother that she built a snow castle with snow knights guarding it that were about to fight a dragon.  She says she is busy washing the dishes, but after Kelly persistently bugs her, she ends up dropping some dishes that were given to them by Gramma.  Kelly is very sorry and offers to fix it, but her mom says it is impossible to fix them.  She then again wants to show her mother the knights and dragon.  Her mom gets very upset and tells her itís not real and makes Kelly say that make believe isnít real.  She then sends Kelly back outside, only to see the dish in on piece.  Kelly then goes outside and tells the knights and dragon that they arenít there because make believe isnít real.  The knights agree that make believe is not real because her motherís word is law.  They fade away, as Kellyís mother yells after her.  Kelly simply shrugs her shoulders and said she was just making believe and that it wasnít real, but now her mother isnít so sure.

Now itís the present.  As Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, and Moondragon head out to find Kelly, Captain Marvel is in disagreement with the Silver Surfer because he is unsure if theyíre going to help Kelly.  He decides he will make sure nothing will happen to her, but Silver Surfer explains that it may not be up to him, but up to the girl.

Meanwhile, Super Skrull takes Kelly to a world named Skrell.  She asks if it is their homeworld, but he explains that their homeworld has been destroyed and they must now live on colony worlds.  He goes on to explain that their empire now spends more time fighting each other than their ancient enemies, the Kree.

The Skrull guards then tells Super Skrull that he was not supposed to bring her there, but that Intelligentsia wanted Kelly killed.  Super Skrull explains that they should not follow Intelligentsia as she is afraid in her own stronghold of a human girl.

Intelligentsia finally butts in and mentally tells the guards to bring Super Skrull and the girl to her.  As they go to her, Super Skrull congratulates Kelly at not being afraid or at least holding it in, Kelly explains that you cannot be afraid when you are bored.  He then explains that Intelligentsia was created by scientists to lead them as the Skrullsí answer to similar technology of the Kree.

Intelligentsia then explains to Kelly that she will soon be killed before commanding the Skrulls to mount planetary defenses against the Silver Surfer, Captain Marvel, Moondragon.  They do so and Captain Marvel is soon hit and accidentally slams his bands, bringing forth Rick Jones.  Rick cannot breath in space and soon goes unconscious, at which point Moondragon slams his bands together, bringing back Genis and sending Rick Jones into a body of water in the Microverse.

Captain Marvel then breaks through the barriers and the Skrulls fire at him, but with no luck.  Super Skrull then blasts at Captain Marvel and the two get into a one-on-one battle.  Meanwhile, Intelligentsia explains to Kelly that she expected Super Skrull would disobey orders, but that she (Kelly) would still die.  And as Silver Surfer and Moondragon finally make it through the Skrull defenses, Super Skrull charges at Captain Marvel, only to be attacked by the Silver Surfer and then blasted by all three together, defeating him.

They then tell Intelligentsia to hand over the girl or more damage will occur, but she insists that more damage will occur if the girl remains living.  Intelligentsia then asks the girl if she was conceived in a swamp.  She confirms she was, at which time Rick has Captain Marvel snap his bands, bringing forth Rick Jones.  After Kelly mentions that she remembers Rick from his old TV show, Rick explains that he thinks he knows what happened to Kelly.  He says that she was conceived in the Everglades near Citrusville, and that when it happened, it was near the Nexus of Realities Ė where alternate universes converge.  He determines that she must be a walking Nexus.

She asks Rick what she do now, and he asks what she wants to do.  She says she wants to die.  He tells her that she can use his powers to end all that is wrong in the world, but she explains she cannot create things, just make things appear from other realities.  She then explains that she looked and there is no utopia anywhere at anytime.  Through her frustration, she begins to tear up reality.  Silver Surfer is about to try and kill her, but Rick tries to save her by explaining that she could simply wish a reality where her powers are gone.  Moondragon and Silver Surfer explain it cannot be that simple, but she finally does.

She disappears and we next see her eating with her family.  Their family seems normal and her parents congratulate her on her straight Aís.  They then ask her younger sister, Donna, what she did at school.  She explains that she created a dragon out of clay and then made it come to life and that a kid named Ryan wonít be bugging her anymore.  Her parents think she was just pretending, but Kelly knows the truth.

Preview of Issue #11:

Captain Marvel meets... Captain Marvel? Could it be?!? Find out in a space-spanning saga that could only be brought to you by the dynamic duo of Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom... (and if course) Peter David, too! Don't miss it!
Click here for review of issue #11.

Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

I like this issue, story and art.  Though Kellyís origin didnít seem all that great in the end, it was certainly original.  Captain Marvelís interactions with Moondragon and Silver Surfer were also quite interesting, as he is seeming more human than alien and continues to want respect as a hero.  Rick Jonesí smart mouth is also entertaining, as always.  I thought it was also very interesting how Rick defeated Kelly so simply, as only human reasoning and imagination could, while all of the aliens could not conceive a peaceful resolution.  Overall, a very nice issue.  Letís see where Captain Marvel and the gang go next issue, where weíll see Jim Starlin drawing and Captain Mar-Vell appearing!!


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