Captain Marvel #8
Published by Marvel Comics, August 2000
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"Skrulls & Crossbones"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chriscross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
w/Parsons, Wiacek, & von Grawbadger
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraft's Wes Abbott
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #7 and guest stars Moondragon and Super-Skrull (with a cameo by the Silver Surfer)!


Look, up in the air - it's the Super-Skrull. His mission: to annihilate a young woman whose very existence could unravel reality. His one obstacle: Captain Marvel - who had to decide whether he can allow one girl to perish in order to safeguard the universe.

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This issue begins with a maintenance man at a theme-park called ‘Morro Place asking someone named Morrie when a new ride was installed.  The ride he is looking at, though, is a spaceship, which is glowing in a bright green light.  Morrie suggests they get out of there, when Super-Skrull exits the spacecraft and blasts them with fire so they will leave quicker.

Meanwhile, at Marlo is just got out of the shower just when the side dish, of the dinner she is preparing for her date with Rick, is burned.  Just as Lorraine, the ghost who only she seems to be able to see, tells her dinner is ruined, Marlo says the roast is still perfect, only to find smoke coming from her stove.  At the same time, Rick is all dressed up for the occasion.  As he heads up to Marlo’s apartment, he reminds Genis that he and Moondragon promised not to use their cosmic awareness during the date.

Rick arrives.  As their evening begins, Rick and Marlo are both distracted by their counterparts (Genis and Lorraine), trying to communicate to them without letting the other knowing.  Marlo then asks Rick which Tombstone pizza he’d like to have for dinner.

Elsewhere, Kelly is sitting in the cemetery (next to a grave of Kirby “The King”).  She then cosmically senses something.

Moondragon then contact Genis telepathically and says she needs him because of a problem and that she doesn’t care that they promised not to bother Rick.

During the date, Rick and Marlo have a hard time yelling at their counterparts while talking to each other.  Through the process, they manage to explain their feelings with to each other.  They then begin to make love with each other, making it awkward for Genis and Lorraine.

In the Microverse, Genis tells Rick that earth is not the only place where they can control the change between them.  But when he tries, he finds that earth does appear to be the only place where they can control the transformation.

Determined to get Captain Marvel’s help, she decides to tap into Rick’s mind himself (but after she first gets rid of a man trying to hit on her).  As she taps into his mind, she can see he’s preoccupied with something else and goes off without Captain Marvel. 

Back to the cemetery, Kelly tells Super Skrull that he can stop hiding because she can see him while he is invisible.  Super Skrull comes out and tells Intelligentsia, presumably back at the ship, that he has found her.  He says he believes he can subdue her, but she says she has foreseen that Kelly must be destroyed.  He goes on a speech of how she cannot withstand his power, when she tells him the girl has left.

He flies after the girl.  When she sees him, she tries to turn him into potato salad, and although she doesn’t, it appears to have some affect on him, as Super-Skrull calls his display “impressive” but says that the Skrull technology allows him to withstand her power.

Super-Skrull then clinches his fist and aims it at Kelly, but when she simply stands still, he asks why she does not put up a fight.  She says she doesn’t care about her life, because she can do anything why should she bother.  Intelligentsia tells him to obey orders and destroy her.  Just then, Moondragon arrives and blasts Super-Skrull, who returns with a blast of his own.  She then tells Kelly to flee, but she says she has already arranged for help.

Rick, who’s wearing less clothes now, tells Marlo he has to go, because there’s a kid… she then jumps to the conclusion that he has had a kid, but he assures her that’s not it.  He says he cannot explain and then transforms into Captain Marvel, who then tells Marlo that Rick loves him but that they have to go. 

For the first time, Lorraine is at a loss of words.  Marlo, though, jumps up and hugs him, glad that Rick wasn’t leaving because he was afraid of a commitment.  Captain Marvel then leaves toward the Moondragon, after receiving a kiss from Marlo on behalf of Rick.

Back to the fight between Super-Skrull and Moondragon, Super-Skrull punches Moondragon into the air, when he smells an impure Kree.

Moondragon then comes to Kelly’s side.  She asks if Captain Marvel was the assistance, but she responds that it wasn’t, it was – Silver Surfer! 

“NEXT ISSUE: It’s a showdown between Captain Marvel and the Super-Skrull!  Is there anything more power than these two?  You betcha!  And we call him the Silver Surfer!  Nuff said!”

Preview of Issue #9:

The Hyssta have arrived on Earth, and only an unholy alliance between Captain Marvel, the Super Skrull and the Silver Surfer can save our world from slipping into an alternate universe where reptilian parallels of our greatest heroes rule!
Click here for our review of issue #9!

Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This issue was pretty good and one of the best so far.  Peter David did a great job with the interaction between Rick and Marla and putting that with the interactions between Rick and Genis, and Marla and Lorraine.  It was also nice to see Super-Skrull in this issue, after having Comet Man and the Micronauts in the earlier issues.  It also nice to see things heat up between Rick and Marlo.  ChrisCross also did a fantastic job with the artwork.  Kelly still proves to be an interesting character for the series and it will be interesting to see what threat she causes and how the Silver Surfer will become a part of it.  Whatever it is, it looks like the Hyssta from issue #1 will have something to do it if previews mean anything.


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