Captain Marvel #7
Published by Marvel Comics, July 2000
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"Night of the Comet, Man"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chriscross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraft's Wes Abbott
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #6 and guest stars Moondragon and Drax, as well as Comet Man!


From interstellar space comes Comet Man. What is his warning for Captain Marvel? And what does he know of an all-new foe who has ties to Genis' famous father, Captain Marvel?

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

The story begins with some teenagers wanting to play basketball but not able to due to a young kid sitting way up in the basketball net, when Kelly (from the last few issues) suddenly shows up.  One of the teenagers, named Ian, is his boyfriend but has broken off the relationship and wants his ring back.  She then uses her powers, though, to transform him into a tree, telling him he can count his own rings.

The other teenagers then get angry and one pulls out a gun, but before he does anything, the kid above, in the basketball net, zaps it with his hand.

Meanwhile, in Rick’s apartment, Rick Jones decides to let Moondragon go.  After untying her, he offers her a chance to talk with Moondragon through his connection to Captain Marvel (both Captain Marvel and Drax are in the Microverse).

Through the conversation, Drax explains that he must stay in the Microverse to help the Microns fight evil.  Moondragon reluctantly accepts her father’s decision.  Afterwards, Moondragon is crying and Rick asks if she will be okay.  She then kicks him in his under regions and says she will be now.

At that time, Kelly is walking with the boy who says his name is Benny.  As they talk and introduce themselves to each other, they mentally topple cars going by them.  Benny does not remember much of where he’s from, but he is interested on helping Kelly destroy the world.

Meanwhile, in a ship in space, a man named Steve tells someone names Max that he believes he knows where Benny is.

In the Microverse, Captain Marvel is exploring the polar regions of the planet he is on, when he suddenly sees the destruction of earth through his cosmic awareness.  Moondragon also senses the coming event.

Rick Jones then trades places with Captain Marvel, leaving Rick in the coldness.  Captain Marvel then travels with Moondragon toward Hollywood Bowl, which is where Genis senses the coming trouble.  On the way, Moondragon explains that cosmic awareness will guide the user to where they are most needed and show the likely scenarios of his actions.

Just before they arrive, Comet Man arrives for Benny, calling him his son.  But Benny does not want to go with him and shoots blasts at him.  When Captain Marvel arrives, he recognizes him from the images earlier.  He tells Moondragon who says he must end him then before Benny ends earth.

Benny and Genis then blast at each other and in the commotion, Benny calls for Kelly’s help.  Moondragon hears the call and looks over at Kelly suspiciously, telling Genis that something is wrong.

During the battle, though, Captain Marvel wins and then plans to finish off the now unconscious kid.  Rick Jones tells Genis that he cannot just kill the kid, though, and Comet Man comes over and says the same, saying that it’s his son and that the kid was subjected to experiments.

Captain Marvel then asks Rick, still trapped in the Microverse, who Comet Man was.  He explains that his name was Stephen Beckley and that he got his powers from exploring Halley’s Comet.  He then goes on to tell Captain Marvel once more that he cannot kill the kid.  But Captain Marvel insists that he must because it’s the most practical way to save earth.  Rick, however, does not understand the thinking, saying it’s alien – which is what Genis is.

As Rick is trying to talk Captain Marvel out of it, a large polar monster appears, but not wanting to be bothered, Rick simply kicks it.  At the same time, Captain Marvel is struggling with Comet Man, but finally agrees to let Comet Man leave with the boy… unsure of his decision.

Preview of Issue #8:

Look, up in the air - it's the Super-Skrull. His mission: to annihilate a young woman whose very existence could unravel reality. His one obstacle: Captain Marvel - who had to decide whether he can allow one girl to perish in order to safeguard the universe. Click here to go to that issue's review!

Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This issue was fairly good.  The Kelly character is getting interest and it looks like we may see a lot of her in the coming issues.  I kind of missed seeing Marlo, though, and I hope we’ll see more develop with her next issue.  I also look forward to Super Skrull’s and the Silver Surfer’s guest appearances in issues #8-9.  Comet Man and the Microns have not been that interesting.


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