CoverCaptain Marvel #6
Published by Marvel Comics, June 2000
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"It's A Small Universe After All"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chriscross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraft's Wes Abbott
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #5 and guest stars Microns, Moondragon, and Drax.


As if Rick Jones and Captain Marvel didn't have enough to worry about with Cosmic Awareness malfunctions, the overbearing Moonstone, and the poltergeist haunting Marlo, now enter Commander Rann, Marionette and Bug -- the heroes of the Microverse.

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This issue begins humorously at Golden Orange Comics with a guy offering to sell a box of Youngblood #1’s. Marlo offers him a dollar for the entire box and that it’s people like him who have taken the fun out of comic books. The guy is offended and demands to see the manager. So, Marlo calls Alan, who says there’s nothing he will do. So, the guy asks to see the owner and then Marlo waves to him. Just after that, Lorraine, the ghost, comes in. Marlo tries to play it cool and tells Alan she must go.

Elsewhere, two Microns, Arcturus and Mari are talking about having to find someone.  Bug, also with them, then notices that everyone is walking in the opposite direction as them. At which point, Captain Marvel falls from the sky and Visalia sends her soldiers after Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel defeats them all using their weapons.

Rick Jones, meanwhile, on earth, wants him to hurry up on finding Drax because he is having a hard time with Moondragon, who he has tied up to a chair, while blasting music in her ears each time she tries something.

Moondragon then begins to cry because she is worried about her father, Drax, and Genis. At which point, Marlo comes knocking at the door.

Back in the other place, Visalia asks Drax, who they are calling the Hulk, to destroy Captain Marvel in her name and the name of her departed sister, Jarella. As Drax charges forward, the Microns blast him, leaving Drax dazed and forgetful of what just took place.

Visalia, watching above, cannot figure out why her spell keeps fading and why it is so hard to keep his intelligence up. A man named Dexam then comes in and suggests that she is not as powerful as Jarella was and mentions that she is not truly her sister. The two then kiss.

Elsewhere, on earth, Kelly is watching television. It’s a show with a perfect family. Her parents then walk in and say they have to take her someplace where she can get help full time. Her face then turns blue, with stars, like last issue, and her parents imitate the show. As they leave, his mother tells her that a boy named Ian called and wanted his ring back.

Back at the fight, Captain Marvel asks one of the Microns where this place. He explains it is the Microverse, a subatomic universe. He explains that once there were many of them, until their greatest enemy, Baron, teamed with Thanos to destroy all subatomic realities. The X-Men and the Microns joined forces to fight them, but the massive release of energy resulted in all the realms being formed into one.

Upon hearing this, Captain Marvel is surprised that he is not in the Negative Zone. Arcturus then explains that they are here because they traced one of their own, Dexam, to this planet. Drax then attacks, but Captain Marvel blasts him. Mari then calls Arcturus on a communicator, saying it’s worse than they thought and that Dexam is working with someone to dominate this world. At which point, she is discovered by Dexam and Visalia.

Back on earth, Marlos walks in, with Lorraine following (though only she can see and hear her). Marlos says she would like to have dinner on Friday and the two kiss. She then says she is going to use the bathroom, but then Rick remembers Moondragon is tied up in the bathroom. She tries to stop Marlo, but is too late. She opens the door and then says she has to go. Lorraine then says that a bald, gagged chick is sitting on toilet lid. Marlo asks if she said that there’s a woman in the bathroom, whould he say she is seeing things. Rick, with a whole in his apartment behind him, says sure, and Marlo then laughs at Lorraine and they leave.

Back in the Microverse. Captain Marvel and Drax continue fighting, while Mari escapes from Dexam and Visalia. Mari then shouts to Drax that Dexam is trying to kill Visalia. Drax lifts up Dexam and Visalia tells him to put him down, while calling him names. At which point, Drax knows her love is not genuine and throws them both off the roof.

At which point, Captain Marvel turns into Rick Jones. He says Drax is not the Hulk and that Visalia is not the true sister of Jarella. The people of that planet then ask why they should believe him. He says because he s a wizard and then transforms into Captain Marvel before their very eyes.

The Microns, Captain Marvel, and Drax then watch as the people beat up the two imposters.

Preview of Issue #7:

From interstellar space comes Comet Man. What is his warning for Captain Marvel? And what does he know of an all-new foe who has ties to Genis' famous father, Captain Marvel?
Go read our review of issue #7

Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

It was nice to see Chriscross pencilling again. The writing was also pretty good, but the issues don’t seem as exciting as the first four. The Microns, not being very popular supporting characters, could have been explains to readers not as familiar with them a little better too. The funniest part was with Marlo visiting Rick and not believing anything she say because she is also seeing this ghost following him around. It will be interesting to see how their relationship now develops and what will happen with Lorraine haunting her. It will also be interesting to see what comes of the story with Kelly developing each issue. It was also interesting to find out, that whenever one is on earth, the other of Captain Marvel and Rick Jones is in the Microverse and not the Negative Zone. 

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The Microns guest-starred in this issue, as well as Drax!
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The story of Kelly continues in this issue.
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Marlo Jones is so freaked out by a ghost following herm that she believes everything else she sees weird is unreal.
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When Drax finds out Visalia and Dexam are manipulating him, he throws them off the roof.


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