Terrax the Tamer

Terrax the Tamer is the 5th Herald of Galactus. His first appearance and origin are told in the classic Fantastic Four #211.   In this epic adventure Galactus and Reed Richards strikes a deal to relinquish Galactus from his vow to never attack the Earth in exchange for Galactus's help in defeating the Sphinx. Galactus agrees to the deal if the Fantastic Four will help him find a new Herald. Reluctantly, the Fantastic Four are teleported to a distant moon to seek out and return with a being known as Tyros the Terrible. After the Fantastic Four break free from their initial capture, they defeat Tyros and return him to Galactus.   Inspired by his three previous creations, the Silver Surfer, Gabriel the Air-Walker, and Firelord, Galactus has but one universal element remaining to fashion a Herald after ... the ground. Tyros is then transformed into Terrax the Tamer and is given the power to control and shape the very ground itself.   It was then said ... "that which is terra is his to command and his to control with a fist of unshatterable stone". Lastly Galactus equipped Terrax with a Cosmic Ax, fashioned to cleave the cosmic stratum itself.

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