Nova is the sixth Herald of Galactus and is first seen in Fantastic Four #164 as a fire powered super hero by the name of Frankie Raye.   Later in Fantastic Four #244 Frankie Raye is transformed by Galactus into Nova.   In this classic adventure, Galactus has come to Earth in persuit of his former Herald, Terrax the Tamer. On Earth the Fantastic Four and Frankie Raye resist Terrax as best as possible. When Galactus arrives, he strips Terrax of his powers, but Galactus is left near starvation and so he announces he will feed on the planet Earth. Through a timely intervention from the Avengers, Galactus is defeated and left near death. The hero's construct a massive power generator over the body of Galactus in hopes of reviving him. Aided by the power of Thor,Galactus is saved, but is still near starvation. Mr. Fantastic helps Galactus find six unpopluated planets to devour in a distant solar system, but Galactus claims he is to weak to make the journey.   Frankie Raye then steps forward and offers herself to become the a new Herald for Galactus.   Frankie's motivaton is to travel the vastness of space as the Silver Surfer and others have before her.   She declairs she has no moral concerns about selecting populated planets on behalf of Galactus, and at this Galactus is well pleased. And so with a "FLAME ON" she is transformed before the Fantastic Four's eyes into Nova.



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