Morg's first appearance and origin are told in The Silver Surfer #70. Silver Surfer #70 reigns in a new era for Galactus's Heralds and begins a dramatic six part epic entitled "The Herald Ordeal".  Part 1 begins by revealing Nova has lied to Galactus about finding a planet with adequate sustenance for him to feast upon. Apparently Nova has developed a conscience. Galactus finds the planet Nova was lying about and prepares to devour the life energy. Suddenly Morg, the Court Executioner approaches Galactus ready to stay his mighty hand. Humored by Morg's outrageous boasting Galactus shares his plan to destroy Morg's home world. Morg has no compassion for his world's fate, an attribute that Galactus finds useful. Encasing Morg in a protective shell, Galactus destroys Morg's planet and consumes it's energies. Then to Nova's surprise she is released from Galactus's servitude. Realizing his mistakes from the past, Galactus turns toward Morg as his new Herald, believing this fearless, blood thirsty and completely amoral creature will serve him well. As Morg swears his allegiance, Galactus grants Morg the cosmic might to rival his first turncoat Herald, the Silver Surfer... turning him into Morg the Berzerker. The Herald Ordeal is the first time all former Herald's of Galactus are assembled together (except the Destroyer). Even Gabriel is resurrected to do battle with Morg. The series concludes in Silver Surfer #75 with the death of Nova and Morg. In victory Terrax claims Morg's cosmic ax. In contrast, the Silver Surfer mourns the death of his friend and companion Nova.

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