Gabriel the Air-Walker

Garbiel the Air-Walker is the second Herald of Galactus. Gabriel was first seen in Fantastic Four #120 and #121. In this epic, Gabriel is sent to the planet Earth to seek out the Silver Surfer and return him to Galactus. In FF#121 the Silver Surfer refuses to go with Gabriel and a battle breaks out between the two Heralds. In the end Gabriel is destroyed and revealed to be a mechanical robot.

The origin of Gabriel is later told in Thor #306. Gabriel was the Captain on a Xandarian explorer ship, assigned to probe the Andromeda Galaxy. Gabriel's achievements and philosophy had shaped the lives of those who served him and his crew was proud to serve him.  One day they came upon a most peculiar ship. As they approached the vessel Captain Gabriel was stolen from his ship and teleported to the enormous ship.   Later it was revealed that Gabriel had been taken by the planet-destroyer... Galactus.   He had need of a Herald to select worlds to ravage for sustenance. Gabriel protested his capture, but the giant offered him no other choice. In that instant Captain Gabriel was no more. The power cosmic flowed through his being ... and he became .. The Air Walker! Worlds uncountable did he select for the gargantuan one to feast upon. And though Gabriel felt guilt over those who perished that Galactus might live, he came to know the tragedy of this cosmic being who was slave to his endless appetite. This touched Gabriel even more deeply. They spoke often and at length. Galactus seemed to crave his companionship...sense a kindred spirit who marvelled at the mysteries of creation as much as he. And then one day, as the Air-Walker returned to his master's ship after a scouting mission he was murdered by the attacking Ovoids-- a race which dared fight back against the invading Galactus. But in his wondrous way, Galactus saw a slim chance for the Air-Walker's survival. And so taking the slain Gabriel, he transferred the dwindling life-spark into a perfect mechanical replica. At least part of what Gabriel was, would live again. And this helped ease the Giant's pain at the loss of his beloved Herald.

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