The Firelord is the third Herald of Galactus. He first appears in Thor #225, #226 and #227. As the Herald of Galactus, the Firelord is sent to Earth to find Thor and Hercules. After a small battle breaks out between Hercules and Firelord, it is revealed that he is not on Earth to destroy it, but instead to find the two heros. In Thor #226 Galactus himself returns to the planet to ask for Thor's and Hercule's help in destroying EGO the Living planet.

The origin of the Firelord is revealed to Thor as the Firelord mourns over the death of Gabriel the Air-Walker. Gabriel was destroyed by Thor in Thor #305. What seemed liked ages ago, the Firelord was known as a man named Pyreus .  He was the first officier aboard a Xandarian explorer ship, assigned to probe the fringes of the Andromeda galaxy.  It was a mission he relished, for it allowed him to serve under the distinguished Commander Gabriel ... a man whose far-flung exploits had inspired Pyreus to
join the space service. Gabriel's achievements and philosophy had shaped the direction of Pyreus's life.  Pyreus wanted to please him ... to share the lonely burdens of command and become close in the process. One day their ship came upon a huge space craft.  Before they knew what happened Gabriel vanished before the crews eyes.  As the ranking officier Pyreus called for battle stations and ordered the approach toward the unknown vessel.  Suddenly, as they drew near to monstrous ship, it slipped into hyperspace.  Pyreus vowed to persue that vessel to the ends of the universe to reclaim his beloved commander.  Later Pyreus learned that Gabriel was taken by Galactus.  Following the destruction of the Garbiel replica at the hands of the Silver Surfer (FF#121), Galactus leaves without a Herald.  For a time, Galactus sought sustenance on his own.  All the while Pyreus and his ship persured Galactus until one day their sensors indicated an opening in his defense screens and Pyrus teleported aboard his ship. Pyreus demanded to know the whereabouts of Gabriel.  Galactus was impressed with his determination and courage in seeking him out.  Galactus offered to reveal the location of Gabriel if  Pyreus agreed to serve as his Herald.  Galactus transformed Pyreus into the Firelord and kept his promise by revealing the truth about Gabriel's life and death as a Herald.  Thereafter Galactus sent Firelord to Earth... wiping the whereabouts of Air-Walkers robotic remains from his mind.  That it would not interfere with his mission.  Later Firelord requested his freedom from servitude and Galactus agreed ... so long as a suitable replacement was found. To free Firelord, Thor offered Galactus the lifeless shell of the Asgardian entity known as the Destroyer.

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