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This has been an awesome first month for Cosmic Powers Unlimited.  We've put out our first three fanzines with over fifteen fan fiction stories!  Next month should be even better, with new stories of The Cosmic Union, Tales of the Timeless, Supergirl: Resurrection, JLA/Galactus: Worlds Colliding, Star Masters, and the cosmic epic The More Things Change...  We also have new stories in the works including a new team of cosmic heroes called The Power Cosmic, a story featuring the Silver Surfer of the past and future called The Keeper, a Dr. Strange fan fiction, and much more!

Next week we will also be introducing our new letter column with your letters and our responses... but if you haven't sent in your comments yet, it's not too late.  You can do so by sending them at the bottom of every story!

Below is a run down of every story we've added this week in the first three issues of the Cosmic Powers Unlimited Fanzine... enjoy!

The biggest event to ever hit the Marvel Universe has arrived and all of the universe's greatest heroes, villains, and every being in between is taking sides in a battle which will change the entire face of the Marvel Universe.  This saga has been written by writers from the Silver Surfer Message Board and has many spin-off titles which take place after it... See the Cosmic Unionverse Reference Page for more information.
This month's editions of Cosmic Union: Issue #1 - Issue #2 - Issue #3
Also check out the Cosmic Unionverse page for information on this continuity.

Azmodi's Tales of the Timeless features a new cosmic team formed by Epoch in the aftermath of the Cosmic Union Saga (see above) featuring Doom 2099, Death's Head, Century, Ripjak, Justice Peace, and Nathaniel Richards, and guest starring characters such as Immortus the Master of Time.
This month's editions of Tales of the Timeless: Issue #1 - Issue #2 - Issue #3
Also check out the Cosmic Unionverse page for information on this continuity.

Morfex introduces us to the new Star Masters, who were formed at the end of the Cosmic Union (a saga still going on here at CPU!)  Join the team, consisting of Beta Ray Bill, Quasar, Gladiator, Starfox, Captain Marvel, Jack of Hearts, Drax, and Starhawk, as their first story unfolds, which will keep you very entertained with its twists and turns for sure!  Look for appearances by Odin and Mistress Death in this very cosmic CPU special!
This month's editions of Star Masters: Issue #1
Also check out the Cosmic Unionverse page for information on this continuity.

These stories focus on characters who don't usually get a spotlight on themselves very often through the new continuity born from the Cosmic Union Saga (see above).   This month's first spotlight shows the forming of our five Protectors of the Universe teams and our second and third spotlights focus on Super-Skrull and the Obliterator!
This month's editions of POTU Spotlights: #1: Introductions - #2: Super-Skrull - #3: Obliterator
Also check out the Cosmic Unionverse page for information on this continuity.

This weekly cosmic fan fiction features the Silver Surfer, Firelord, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, and Alicia Masters and spans centuries, as they go from one cosmic situation to another and face menaces such as Dr. Doom and cosmic giants such as Eternity!
Current editions of The More Things Change:
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 (NEW!)

Supergirl is resurrected... in the Marvel Universe!  And this series has a lot of guest stars for her to meet, including Dr. Strange, the Fantastic Four, and Access, with many more to come!
This month's editions of Supergirl: Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

It's the crossover of the century as Galactus makes his way into the DC Universe and threatens to devour their earth!  Can the JLA stop him?  Whose his new herald?   And what is Lex Luthor planning in the background?  Find out in this month's first part of a three part saga!
This month's editions of Worlds Colliding: Issue #1

Grim brings you a hilarious parody that serves as an example of things to come in Number 1 and Number 2 of the Red-Rooter!
This month's editions of Red-Rooter: Part 1 & 2

Also check out these other Cosmic Powers stories from September:

Silver Surfer Volume 1 #33
Its Part 2 of "Horrors from the Past" as the Surfer learns his homeworld has changed and that he has some new enemies there, but that's not the biggest surprise he's in for!  Guest starring Iron Man and Mephisto!

The More Things Change... Chapter 6: Resting In Peace
The More Things Change Saga continues as the Silver Surfer, Alicia Masters, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, and Firelord find a place to rest, now that earth has been closed off from them.   Plus, Ronan the Accuser returns, Silver Surfer and Alicia's relationship is forever changed, and someone returns from the dead!

Silver Surfer/Sailor Moon: Fan Fiction Preview
A special preview of next month's Silver Surfer/Sailor Moon: Scrier's Disciples crossover, with pictures, music, and an excerpt from one of the story's chapters!

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