Click here for larger copy of image!The Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group is proud to present issue #3 of its new fan fiction fanzine COSMIC POWERS UNLIMITED! This week, we have upped the number of new fan fiction adventures to six!

Four of those stories take place in our Cosmic Unionverse. You may be asking yourself what that is... well, that’s the name of the continuity of stories based around the Cosmic Union saga and its after-affects, being the formation of five cosmic teams known as the Protectors of the Universe!

These five teams are: The Timeless, which you should have been enjoying for the last couple of weeks in Azmodi’s Tales of the Timeless, the Star Masters which Morfex is introducing to you this week, and the Powers Cosmic, the Spinsterhood, and the Defenders, which you will be seeing in the future!

Every once in a while, we will also have a spotlight on another cosmic character in their own solo story. This week it’s the Elder known as Obliterator and last week it was Super-Skrull!

Well, I hope you enjoy this week’s issues, and for information about the Cosmic Union and the stories that take place in its continuity, go to our new Cosmic Union Reference Page... enjoy!

In this issue...

The Cosmic Union Saga continues with part 3 written by the Silver Surfer Message Board.   This edition reveals more of what the Union is plus the fate of the Infinity Gems, featuring several Marvel baddies, Galactus, Eternity, and many more!  Please be sure to also check out the new Cosmic Union Reference Page for links to past editions of the Cosmic Union and information about the other stories taking place in its continuity.

TALES of the TIMELESS Issue #3
Azmodi's Tales of the Timeless continues as this new team consisting of Doom 2099, Death's Head, Century, Ripjak, Justice Peace, and Nathaniel Richards develops.  Immortus also guest stars in this edition.  Check out the Cosmic Union Reference Page for back issues of this series and the others contained in the Cosmic Unionverse.

Protectors of the Universe Spotlight #3:

Azmodi writes this special one-shot edition featuring the Elder known as the Obliterator!   This story leads into Morfex's Star Masters #1 (See below!)  Check out the Cosmic Union Reference Page for back issues of this series and the others contained in the Cosmic Unionverse.

Morfex introduces us to the new Star Masters, who were formed at the end of the Cosmic Union (a saga still going on here at CPU!)  Join the team, consisting of Beta Ray Bill, Quasar, Gladiator, Starfox, Captain Marvel, Jack of Hearts, Drax, and Starhawk, as their first story unfolds, which will keep you very entertained with its twists and turns for sure!  Look for appearances by Odin and Mistress Death in this very cosmic CPU special!

Supergirl: The Resurrection continues with chapter 2 written by Dylan Clearbrook, as the she continues her cross-over in the Marvel Universe, with guest stars Access, the Fantastic Four, and Dr. Strange.  Check out Supergirl Chapter 1 before reading this edition, if you haven't already!

The More Things Change... Part 5
Will Work For Shelter

The cosmic epic, The More Things Change... written by Adam Funk, continues, as Silver Surfer, Firelord, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, and Alicia try once again to break the barrier set by Dr. Doom to keep them off of earth and out of his way.  Visit The More Things Change... Archive Page to view past editions.

Special thanks to Lord Thanos for producing the Star Masters image used on the cover!  Now, please show your support and send us comments... we love them!  And if you are interested in writing for future issues of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, go to our Submissions Page, we are always looking for new fan fiction!

If you haven't already, be sure to visit COSMIC POWERS Issue #1 and Issue #2 for more great cosmic stories!  Or read COSMIC POWERS UNLIMITED #4 or go to the latest edition of COSMIC POWERS UNLIMITED!


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