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Cosmic Powers Unlimited (CPU) is a new fan fiction fanzine coming from the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group.  Every two to three weeks, CPU will feature two to four new stories starring characters in the Marvel Universe.  The stories are not limited to who can be involved and what can happen.   The stories just have to take place in the Marvel Universe or star Marvel characters crossing over to a different universe.  The characters do not need to be cosmic related, but the story does (so you can have Spider-Man in some cosmic adventure, but not in an ordinary stroll through Manhattan).  There is no limit as to how long the story must be and the story does not take place in a set continuity, so anything can happen.  The number one objective is for the writer to have fun writing it and the reader to have fun reading it!  Be creative, and try to use characters not yet seen in the Cosmic Powers fan fiction stories to date.  If you are interested in writing for Cosmic Powers Unlimited, fill out the following form below.  This will be a very exciting project for everyone involved!


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