Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to the fourth issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!

New this issue is our letter column, featuring your comments and suggestions from last month's Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1 and #2 fanzines, as well as our responses.

We still have not yet named our letter column, but we have narrowed it down to a few suggestions some of you made last month.  You can help us choose a name by selecting one of the choices in the feedback form at the bottom of any of this week's stories... and while you're at the feedback form, be sure to leave your comments!  Remember, the only way this project can continue is if you make this enjoyable for the writer as well, and that means giving him your opinions!

Also new this issue if Powers Cosmic #1, a new CPU series which will be making occasional appearances.  This issue deals with the forming of the Powers Cosmic, a new team of cosmic heroes starring your favorite heralds of Galactus...  This issue brings some startling revelations for the heralds, however, and some new villains for them to face!

We also have new issues of the Cosmic Union Saga and Tales of the Timeless, plus Part 2 of our three part crossover between the JLA and Galactus called Worlds Colliding!  Be sure to check them all out below!

In this issue...

The Cosmic Union Saga continues with part 4 written by the Silver Surfer Message Board.   In this edition, the heroes continue to gather together in hopes of defeating Thanos, who is gathering his own allies... but how united can a bunch of cosmic scoundrels get?  Please be sure to also check out the new Cosmic Union Reference Page for links to past editions of the Cosmic Union and information about the other stories taking place in its continuity.

Azmodi's unfolds his second storyline,
"Reaching for Tomorrow - Zarrko's Gambit" starring Doom 2099, Death's Head, Century, Ripjak, Justice Peace, and Nathaniel Richards.  Immortus also guest stars in this edition.  Check out the Cosmic Union Reference Page for back issues of this series and the others contained in the Cosmic Unionverse.

Morfex introduces us to the Powers Cosmic, a new team of former heralds formed in the aftermath of the Cosmic Union starring Silver Surfer, Firelord, Airwalker, Nova, and Starglow.  Learn why these heralds find they need to stick together and why   Meanwhile, Terrax receives a special visit that sends the Powers Cosmic to his side!


DC's JLA find themselves up against Galactus!  And his new herald is cooking up something with Lex Luthor in Part 2 of this special three-part crossover!  Check out Part 1 before reading this edition, if you haven't already!

The More Things Change... Part 7
...Of God or Men...

The cosmic epic, The More Things Change... written by Adam Funk, continues starring Silver Surfer, Firelord, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, and Alicia.  This edition also features Ronan the Accuser and the Kree!  Visit The More Things Change... Archive Page to view past editions.

Be sure to also visit our yet unnamed letter column with comments and suggestions from CPU issues #1 and 2, as well as our responses!  Please also make sure you leave our authors your comments at the end of every story.  Thanks!

This week's cover was created by James Pedrick using Ron Lim's image from The Heralds Ordeal. Now, please show your support and send us comments... we love them!  And if you are interested in writing for future issues of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, go to our Submissions Page, we are always looking for new fan fiction!  For past issues of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, check out our September Stories Page, with links to all the stories from Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1-3!  And be sure to also check out this week's latest edition of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!


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