Cosmic Union (The Directors' Cut) Issue #1

Written and edited by the Silver Surfer Message Board
With finishing edits by E.A. Morrissey and Morfex
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

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Introduction (Morfex)

What began as an exercise in creative writing on the Silver Surfer Message Board quickly grew into a concerted effort by nine different individuals to coordinate a Marvel fan-fiction event of universal proportions. It is amazing that the tale progressed as smoothly as it did; the whole is clearly greater than the sum of its parts. An indication of Cosmic Union's continuing legacy is no less than four spin-off fan-fiction ongoing series: Tales of the Timeless, by Azmodi; Cosmic Powers, by Marvelite and Morfex; The Infinity Watch, by Akido111 and Mystic; and Star Masters, by Morfex. We hope new readers enjoy the wild ride that proliferated spontaneously before us. It was a pleasure to collaborate with several of the most creative and cooperative minds in cosmic fan-fiction today. Thanks for making this so much fun, guys!


Cosmic Union Writers from the Silver Surfer Message Board: Asterisk, Anomaly,
Azmodi, Brother Voodoo, Grim, Marvelite, Morfex, Mystic, and Number 6.

Prologue - The Challenge! (by Morfex)

The gathered beings sat about the circular table impatiently, hesitant to begin discourse without their host. Each considered the others suspiciously, having served both as Allies and as rivals in the past.

The table was shaped like a broken ring, and a podium was positioned in its open center. Two chairs were noticeably vacant. One was presumably reserved for their host.

As if on cue, Thanos of Titan entered the cobblestone chamber. His raiment was identical to that which he had worn during his possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. Those present who had met him in person before noted that his eyes, once brilliant yellow-white orbs, now reflected the astral image of one with a level of cosmic awareness.

Thanos spoke confidently. "Well, milady and gentlemen. I am pleased you all decided to attend. Allow me to make formal introductions. From my right: Mephisto, the Magus, Dormammu, Loki, Dark Phoenix, Korvac, and Maelstrom! One of our numbers has already embarked on a mission related to our purpose here. Per the terms of our agreement, a truce is in effect until the end of this summit. For those who choose to remain through the events to come, that truce shall be extended indefinitely. For any that may wish to decline this unique opportunity, you have my word you shall be returned to your respective realm unmolested, as long as you abide by our confidentiality agreement. And now, I wish to unveil the reason for our little gathering, a plan that will benefit each of you intimately and infinitely..."

Part One - Dimensional Turmoil (by Mystic)

Thanos walked over to the center of the gathering. Everyone was uncharacteristically quiet seated in circular fashion. "As I informed each of you in my initial invitation, the Union point is upon us. That fateful day when all the local dimensions intersect our universe briefly has come again. It is an unequaled opportunity for all of us to achieve something here. Particularly since the event is a forgotten obscurity to most entities we might consider adversaries."

An interruption came from Dormammu. "I do not trust you, Titan!"

Thanos turned around. Mephisto, who was sitting next to Dormammu, subtly attempted to move his chair away from the Dread Lord of the Dark Dimension. A brief hesitation was followed by a devilish smile across Mephisto's features as he eyed Thanos. The Titan answered, "If I somehow betray you, what have you lost? Nothing! However, if my plan comes to fruition, we all stand to gain our fondest desires!"

The Magus stood up defiantly. "What makes you think your plan will succeed?"

"How many times have you seen his plans NOT succeed?" Korvac answered, seemingly annoyed at the interruptions.

The Magus spoke again, still standing. "Why should we follow you instead of attempting to control these events alone?"

Thanos was surprisingly patient. "Because, esteemed Magus, any here who attempt my plan without me shall incur the full wrath of those who ally themselves with me."

Thanos paced once around the gathered circle. "Milady, Gentlemen, demons, all of you, please," he said with his arms out. "We can squabble, or we can work together. I believe my track record speaks for itself."

A brief silence followed. "'Tis a plan of Merit," Loki finally managed to say. "I Stand with the Titan!"

"As do I," Maelstrom said, raising his hand.

One by one, they all concurred and raised their hands, uniting their might and wits under the Titan's plan; each for reasons of his or her own! Thanos grinned his signature, a broad smile. "Go to your respective realms, finish what business you must. But return promptly, for the seeds of universal turmoil are sown!"

Part Two - Anonymity (by Morfex)

Adam Warlock hovered, eyes closed, legs crossed, in deep meditation. His Soul Gem appeared dormant, perhaps too distant from other souls to be active. He found these moments drifting in deep space to be a respite from the turmoil of emotions he felt when around other sentients' lately! Once he had dealt with the threat of Syphonn on Earth, he had departed in a panic of conflicting feelings, leaving his friends behind yet again. Perhaps his unwritten Destiny was to remain forever alone?

His concentration was abruptly interrupted by an astral figure floating before him in gray robes carefully disguising the figure's identity. Almost instinctively, Adam sent out a subtle soul-scan from the Infinity gem. Nothing!

"Adam Warlock. I come seeking only to warn you. Take heed, for the Union is upon us, soon! Evil forces gather to position themselves for their own utmost benefit. The Union can be warped and manipulated, twisted into a phenomenon most unnatural. Protect all dimensional planes, Fate-less One. Gather the villains' greatest adversaries, but limit the heroes to eight and one other, lest the balance tip and the Union spin out of control..."

Adam decided this was no time for subtlety. "Who are you?"

The astral form began to dissolve: "My identity is unimportant. But know this. You may have a surprising ally hidden among the forces of evil gathered..."

Warlock was left alone to ponder the ominous implications of the strange visitation. With a sigh, he resigned himself to the next logical action. He muttered half aloud: "To Earth again." His meditation had prepared him for finite emotional control. With good fortune, Adam could return to the solitude he preferred before his control began to lapse once more. Or the universe could cease to exist. Sadly, he noted, he was not overly concerned which.

Part Three - Deck of Revelations (by Mystic)

"What is wrong?" Wong asked his Master.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." A worried look on Steven Strange's face betrayed the condescension. He had been up all night with an ominous sense of foreboding. When he had turned to the mystic cards for more information, Chaos had constantly appeared. He was not able to discern who, what or where yet, but he was certain that something vast was imminent. It had been a while since he had gathered a group to combat a common cause, but it was clear that this challenge would be beyond him. Seeking guidance from the Vishanti, he was frustrated by their silence.

He went into the main study upstairs and shut the door behind him. He gathered the cards again to reveal to him whom he should gather to fight this new menace. Mixing the cards as he closed his eyes, he dealt. Adam Warlock. A sense of urgency fell upon him. Adam Warlock always seemed to be involved when a universal threat was to occur. Strange did not like it one bit that he would be involved. He dealt. Thor. Was this an Asgardian-related trouble? He dealt. Himself, the Sorcerer Supreme. Was this a mystical confrontation? He dealt. The Silver Surfer. Was this a cosmic confrontation? He dealt again. Quasar. Again. Captain Marvel. Which of the three incarnations would be involved? He dealt. The X-Men? They had been embroiled in cosmic level confrontations before this. He dealt another card. The Avengers. He dealt. The Fantastic Four. He dealt again. The End. It appeared that a limited gathering of different classes of heroes would be needed for this threat. He wondered who or what it could be. Clearly, the stakes would be high, he thought. And he had better be ready. He lowered his head to clear his mind and began meditating. When he felt more at ease, he would locate each Chosen candidate and team, and enlist their aid.

Part Four - Bowl of Wrath (by Anomaly)

The lightning crashed against the purple backdrop, and a dichotomy of raptures flickered in and out of reality. The bowl of wrath was being poured into the existence of two cosmic figures.

"Once dark… bowl, prepare your wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath."

"Our agent has not returned from the Other-dimensional-Library. What could have delayed him at such a vital juncture? The schism is growing between us, the time for action must transpire soon or the nexus point will be consumed. Conceptual chaos will reign without you, Lord Chaos."


"You are correct. Thanos is involved."


"1244555666666666666666893984943030303083843999339." "%$#$$$$#$$."


The polarity of actualities flicker, and the Magical Realm of Lord Chaos and Master Order begins to tear and rend in violent WAVES. The bowl of wrath poured, as twin entities ranted incoherently into nothingness.

Part Five - Abstracts (by Morfex)

Galactus, Mistress Death, and Eternity met in a realm without form. Eternity spoke. "The first WAVES strike, siblings. The Union is nigh, and as has been so before, all Abstracts shall share a brief interruption from conscious will. For the next few WAVES, we shall be as true abstract concepts, ideas continuing in function but without sentience. Oblivion, Infinity, Chaos, Order, Love, Hate, Origin, Un-being, Anomaly, Numinus, Anthropomorpho, the Hawk God, Khatylis, Time, Space, Power, Soul, Mind, Reality, Ego, and all the others shall simply cease. You, Galactus, shall remain to guard existence until the subsiding of the Cosmic Union returns us. For you are abstract and more. A true physical form containing a once-mortal soul. Defend us against all threats, as you did against foul Tyrant so long ago, brother."

Then slowly, without ceremony, the images of Death and Eternity faded to nothingness. Galactus knew the WAVES would crash across the dimensions, but there was continuity beyond the storm. He must simply survive to see it! This time, despite the danger, he might even steer the WAVES in a direction more to his preference. Much had changed in the eons since the last Cosmic Union.

Part Six - Star Masters (by Morfex)

The battle intensified, and Quasar, Xenith and Beta Ray Bill pressed forward against the might of the In-Betweener as the planet revolved below them. The Silver Surfer stiffened, as if struck by some unseen blow. He drifted in space briefly, before his Skrull teammate Morfex used a tractor beam to bring him and his silvery surfboard back aboard the newly christened "Star Master" vessel. Morfex's concern was genuine. "Norrin, are you alright?"

"Do not concern yourself with me, friend Morfex. It was a message from Doctor Strange, though unusually amplified due to a sudden shift in universal constants. I believe I am not the only one affected. Look to the In-Betweener."

Morfex nodded and set his view on the battle beyond the ship. The In-Betweener seemed to be gaining the upper hand when suddenly his black and white body stretched in near infinite directions, appearing much like Mr. Fantastic would if instantly pulled in every possible vector. A scream beyond true sound penetrated infinite space. The In-Betweener's essence then swirled into seeming nonexistence.

The others returned aboard the Star Master. Xenith flexed her steely Strontium sinews. "See? I told you we could handle that loser!"

Norrin spoke. "Quasar, we are needed back on Earth. Bill, you are leader of the Star Masters, with your permission we must depart without delay."

The noble Korbinite Beta Ray Bill spoke. "Go, my friends. And give my greetings to brother Thor if you see him. We will remain to repair the damage the In-Betweener has wrought on the library world below, and to investigate his residual energies to determine what happened to him and why he was here in the first place."

Quasar spoke. "Then let's do it, Surfer! I can't help but feel that this new crisis has something to do with Epoch's disappearance. If the In-Betweener didn't take her, I've got to find out who did!"

Part Seven - He Sleeps (by Grim)

"Remember, men, be on the look-out for anything. Last time out we lost four good men to an earthquake. The time before, we lost three to a freak electrical storm. He can hit you at anytime, anyplace. Move slowly, don't talk too loud. If you see where one of the machines is starting to act up, let me know, pronto! The last thing we would need is to call attention to ourselves. The Kree will pay good money for the ore, but we would rather lose that than lose a good worker."

The men fanned out in the mining area, looking for telltale signs of the bio-ore deposits. Two men ganged up on a large sized boulder and overturned it, bringing looks of fear from the other miners.

"Hey Super, over here." One of the men shouted, yet with a subdued tone in his voice. The others quickly gathered around the gray boulder laying uncovered in the sand.

"Yea, buddy! That's the stuff," the supervisor said, grinning.

"Let's get the machine over here and start extracting as much as we can before we wake him up." The men in charge of the extracting machine delicately mounted the device over the boulder and activated it. The machine came to life and the boulder seemed to dissolve underneath the laser-beam of the ore collector."

"Steady as she goes, men. You guys, keep a lookout, a SHARP lookout! Usually, it's the machine that wakes him up. You two, see if you can find more ore." The men scurried off to see if they could locate another lode.

"I hope that turns out to be a huge one," The finder whispered. "I could use the bonus when we get back home. My first time out, too."

"Well, I just hope we survive to get back home. Most of the people who die here are never seen again. I've heard of whole mother-ships disappearing!"

"Naw, I know he's strong, but he's not that strong. Wait, is that some over there by that tree?"

"Nope, just a regular rock. Man, I need to get lucky. This will be the third trip here and I still haven't found anything. Owwww. Ouch."

"Now what in blazes did you do? You're gonna wake him up. HEY, PUT THE BLASTER AWAY!"

"Blasted spook-cat scared the soul out of me. Made me twist my ankle. I'm gonna fry it," the second man yelled, firing off two shots before dashing off through the brush. The supervisor's head spun around. "Holy meteors! Bajert, quiet that guy down. They'll wake him up and we'll be in the thick of it."

The second in command took off running after the shooter. The rest of the workers stood around nervously, trying not to even breathe as the supervisor pondered weather to break radio silence and contact the Mother-ship. Then, the radio crackled first, startling everyone.

"Super! That IDIOT! He followed a spook-cat down into one of the caves… And, he's still firing his blaster."

"That does it," thought the supervisor, "we're goners." Pushing the button on the radio to call the mother-ship, he said: "GET OUT'A ORBIT, NOW! One of the newbies went psycho and started shooting… INSIDE a cave!"

"Super, this is mother-ship… Are you sure? We read no seismic activity and no change in weather pattern in your area. Double-check, then report. Over."

"I'm sure. I heard the blaster fire. Wait, here comes Bajert now." Bajert ran up out of breath. "I got him… Knocked him out… But he was firing… Inside the cave. I checked where the shots hit and they weren't healing!"

"WHAT? They didn't heal themselves? That's never happened before. We should all be dead by now. Let me report to the ship. Mother-ship: confirmed blaster fire inside a cave, but the burn marks remain. He isn't healing. Over."

"Maybe… Maybe he's asleep… I've never heard of it happening before, but… Super, get your men undercover. We're going to fire the main gun at the mountain 5 kilometers northeast of your position. We will see if he's really asleep or just trying to lure us in."

"All right. Go ahead. We're under cover." There was a deafening crash as the main blaster tore the top off the mountain. "Wow, that was loud…I see … no activity of any kind. Maybe he truly is asleep."

"We read no seismic activity or weather changes. Super, the captain has decided to land the mother-ship. We're all going to be rich!"

Yes, thought the supervisor, we'll all be rich if Ego, the Living Planet doesn't wake up before we can lift off again!


Look for more of the Cosmic Union Saga in the next issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited.  Be sure to also check out Morfex's Introduction to the Protectors of the Universe, which takes place after the Cosmic Union ends (don't worry we won't reveal any secrets) and Azmodi's, writer of the acclaimed Twilight War, new series Tales of The Timeless also taking place in the Cosmic Union continuity.  Please take the time now to leave your comments and suggestions to the writers of this story below.

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