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Cosmic Powers Unlimited is here!

It’s amazing how much fan fiction has grown on the Internet, especially in our little corner at the Silver Surfer Website. Two and a half years ago, when the Silver Surfer Website was just being formed, I would never dream we would see the success we now have. We started out with no fan fiction at all, but slowly and steadily, we began to add new stories to the website, until we had massive sagas that make some of today’s comic book stories look like child’s play.

Now, we are putting out a new weekly/biweekly fan fiction fanzine called Cosmic Powers Unlimited, which we hope will become an even greater success and an awesome place for writers to show their hard work and creative ideas.

But this new fanzine will not become successful with great stories alone... we need readers who are willing to send comments when they like our stories and suggestions when they don’t. Otherwise, what fun will the writing be for the writer and what can they show for their effort? So please, after every story you read today and the days to come, send us a comment. All you have to do is fill out the comment box at the end of a web page and click send. Then you will make a writer’s day, rather it is positive or negative feedback... and your letter will more than likely make it to our future letter column!

And feel free to tell us what you’d like to see as well! Help us make the best fan fiction fanzine on the Internet. And if you happen to have some creative talent in you, send us your stories and/or art, so we can add it to a future issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!

Now sit back, relax, and get to reading because we have five great fan fiction stories ready for you this week. This week our stories are:

Once you’re done reading the above, make sure you also take a look at this week’s edition of The More Things Change... and come back next week for more stories, including Issue 2 of The Cosmic Union, Issue 2 of Tales of the Timeless, a special Super Skrull one-shot, and the first part of a crossover between the JLA and Galactus!

- James Pedrick
Web Design/Publishing

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