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This week's issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited features Marvel/DC crossovers.  First, we have a special edition of Drunk Thanos, the comical version of Marvel's Mad Titan, as he crosses paths with none other than Drunk Darkseid!  And to mark the occasion, we have THREE new covers by Caleb featuring the two.

Darkseid and Thanos also appear in this week's Cosmic Treasure Hunt, along with many other Marvel and DC heroes and villains.

The Last Herald of Galactus storyline also comes closer to an end this week, as the Protectors of the Universe Aftermath Saga concludes, leading into many upcoming CPU stories (and Marvel's Avengers Infinity!)

Plus, don't miss this week's chapter of the Twilight War sequel War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight - Part 2: Longest Night and our original fiction story War of the Blood Gods #11.

Check it all out in this issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!  And PLEASE be sure and send us your feedback to all the stories at!  Our writers really appreciate your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback.  Thanks and enjoy!

In this issue...

Finally! The conclusion to the 3 Part Aftermath Saga. In the wake of Battle with Rune, the Protectors are in disarray, with many members taking leave of the team. But who will stay? Who will go? And what sinister force threatens to infect the cocoon of Adam Warlock? Starring, Thor, the Silver Surfer, Quasar, and many others, this tale is a direct prelude to Marvel's Avengers Infinity. See if you can count the number of direct Avengers Infinity continuity references in this chapter!
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Shadowstar brings us a special story featuring Drunk Thanos, as he takes on none other than Drunk Darkseid!  This hilarious cosmic parody is a must for all fans of Marvel's and DC's greatest threats!
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Director's Cut #4 by Mark Rosendorf and Alex Soto
The Director's Cut of Cosmic Treasure Hunt, our first Marvel/DC crossover, continues with Conflicts and Resolutions, starring Thanos, Darkseid, Warlock, Orion, and many many more!
~Click here to read Cosmic Treasure Hunt: Director's Cut #4~
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Issue #5 by Dannell Lites
The Last Herald of Galactus comes toward an end with this final chapter before the upcoming Epilogue.  Will Marvel and DC's greatest heroes be able to defeat Galactus?  Find out in this latest edition of Las Herald of Galactus.
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War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight
Part Two: Longest Night - Chapter Seven by Azmodi
Christoff and Quasar are on a mission to petition the Enclave for a new body, but will the Enclave agree? All the while, Doom and his comrades press on with their task to procure the Soul Gem. But will they be able to do this against Champion, the In-Betweener, Tyrant, and Vyer? And what has the black forces of war done to Thor and Wylig? Find out in this exciting edition.
~Click here to go to Chapter 7 of Longest Night~
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~Story continues from The Twilight War and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~

Beyond Reality
Featuring Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories.

written by Grim (Drunk Thanos)
The War of the Blood Gods saga comes closer to an end with this latest original fiction chapter written by Grim and starring the characters he has introduced throughout this Beyond Reality series.
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Morfex lets the world know what's cooking in the Protectors of the Universe department, with news on upcoming POTU storylines and how they'll tie in with current Marvel stories!!
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This week we have three new covers, each featuring Thanos and Darkseid!
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