War of the Blood Gods #11

Written by Grim, Edited by Marvelite
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Characters are the properties of Grim
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Chapter 12: A Lull In The Storm

“Hey, where’d that wind come from?”

“Damn! You’re right. The wind is picking up. And it’s full of grit, too. I bet… I bet another god is gonna show up!”

“Are you serious?”

“Yep. Here climb in the hum-vee with me. It’ll keep out the worst of it.” The newswriter and the private climbed into the hum-vee as the wind increased in strength. Stronger and stronger. Then the sand in the wind started to strike the vehicle. The wind gained intensity and the occupants of the vehicle peered out into storm, trying to see what was happening. Soon, the sandstorm abated and the private and the newswriter stepped from the hum-vee. Standing in front of the pit that the beast had dug was Seth, Egyptian God of War, surrounded by his retainers.

“See, I told you another of the gods was gonna show!”

“Yea, but from their track record, he’s only gonna bite the big one, too.”

“But look at those guys he’s got with‘im! How tall you think they are? Seven feet? Eight?”

“I’d guess at least eight. An’ look how big the main guy is! Which god is he? He looks Egyptian.”

“My guess is Seth. I never thought that boring mythology class was EVER gonna be of any use.”

“HUMAN! Where be the beast?”

“I think he’s talking to you, private.”

“Sir! He’s in that hole, sir. Watch out for ‘im, sir; he’s already killed Thor and Mars and Shiva…”

“Bah, human… They aren’t skilled in the art of war like one from the land of drifting sands…”

“… And he killed the Sphinx, too.”

“WHAT? What? The demon shall scream for all eternity for his crimes.”

“Sir, the body is over there. Are you Seth?”

“YES, human. I have come to end this deadly game.” With a glance at his retainers; they drew scimitars and surrounded the pit, watching for any sign of the beast. Seth walked over to the body of the Sphinx. “Beloved Guardian, your eternal vigilance shall be missed. I swear on the setting sun, YOU SHALL BE AVENGED!”

Spinning on his heel, Seth started to walk over to the pit. Halfway there he was distracted by a sound in the distance. Stopping to peer into the west, Seth got a dumb-founded look in his eyes. The sound got louder and resembled singing or chanting. Arboreth and the rest of the Sasquatches could be seen running into view across the field, chanting the ancient war cry of their ancestors. They slowed as they neared the battle site and formed a rough circle around the pit, the retainers of Seth eyeing them with a touch of disbelief.

“Those look like… goddam Bigfoots”; the newswriter said, whipping out his camera and snapping pictures as fast as his finger would go.

“Hail, creature. This is no battle for monsters. Leave now before I set my men upon thee.”

“No, Seth, God of Light and War. We are the sons of Gaea and we’ve lived in hiding waiting for the return of the Shadow.”

“They can talk…?”

“Heh, creature… What makes you think that unarmed shaggy-men can defeat the Shifter of Sands and the Spoiler of Water?”

“We have everything we need. We will assist you if that is your desire.”

“Nay, creature. The glory of this kill will go to the house of Atum-Re. Now begone.”


“Faithful, it is time to shine your blades in the blood of the unbelievers”, Seth yelled, drawing a Golden scimitar for a jewel encrusted scabbard. Each of the Sasquatches had stood near a fallen tree limb when they took their position around the beast’s pit. They picked up the tree limbs and stepped back before the assault of Seth and his men. In the hands of the Sasquatches, the tree limbs shivered and turned into quarter-staffs. Spinning the staffs faster than the eye could see, each of the Egyptians was disarmed with frightening speed. Soon, Seth stood alone surrounded by three Sasquatches. “I shall not fall like my men did, foul creature.”


All hostilities around the pit ceased when this command was spoken. Everyone turned to see who had caused an end to the fighting. The Dalai Lama stood by one of the burnt out Army vehicles with his hands in the air in a peaceful, open position.

“Thanks to you, wizened one, for your timely assistance. Now no one but the Shadow needs to come to harm”, Arboreth said.

“Who be you to command Seth, little man?” Seth walked over and towered over the Dalai Lama. “First, foul creatures best my faithful, and then a runt stops me from avenging them. I’ll not ask you another time, human; who be you?”

“He is the spirit of Buddha that walks the waking world, great Seth”, one of the Dalai Lama’s men answered.

“Bah. Buddha. Creatures. I’ll have none of it. Now, go back to your mountain, little man, and leave the slaying to the gods.” Seth put his massive hand on the Dalai Lama’s chest and tried to push him back. With a serene expression, the Dalai Lama never budged an inch. Seth looked confused and used both hands to push. Still, the Dalai Lama never moved. “Bah. Leave me alone, little man, I care not for your tricks.” Seth turned his back and took one step away from the Dalai Lama. Turning abruptly, Seth swung a backfist at where the Dalai Lama head was. The Dalai Lama took a small step back and clutched at Seth fist, rode it until the momentum had spun Seth around, then gripping Seth by the thumb, and planting his foot in the back of Seth’s knee, flipped the God of War onto his back in the dirt. The Dalai Lama landed nimbly and looked at the dazed Egyptian. Seth got up and with a roar, drew his scimitar again and charged. One of the Monks unwrapped the Sword of Light and threw it into the air. The Dalai Lama caught it without looking and cut Seth’s golden scimitar in half, avoiding the scimitar’s down stroke.

“Great Seth, we are here to help you fight the Fallen, not to battle with you. Please save your energy for when the Fallen returns.”

Seth stepped back and considered the monk’s words. With a look of respect, and a touch of shame,  on his face, he bowed to the Dalai Lama, then gestured to the broken piece of scimitar. The piece flew through the air to his hand and he held the two pieces together. The scimitar glowed briefly and was whole again.

“So, little man, we are to fight side-by-side against the Shifter of Sands?”

“Yes, great Seth”, one of the monks answered. “All our skills will be needed in the coming battle. Precious time has been lost and valiant warriors have already given their lives to the Fallen.”

Are we to fight on the side of these creatures, as well?”

“Yes, great Seth… Who do you think trained them all these years?”  

“Peter, my horse is tired. And so am I. I need to stop. And rest. Please Peter, let’s get something to drink, at least.”

“The battle has started. I must be there.”

“You won’t be any good in the battle if you’re too weak from hunger to do any good.” Peter reined in his horse with a thoughtful look in his eye.

“There is wisdom in your words. Come. This direction.” Peter Walkingsparrow and Standing Wolf walked the horses down a deserted dirt road and shortly came upon a small farm.

“Howdy, neighbor! How are ya today?”

“We would like to rest here for awhile, if that would be ok?”

“Sure is. Beautiful horses. Just beautiful. Are you riding bareback?”

“Yes sir. We didn’t have saddles when the horses… came to us.”

“The farmer’s eyes narrowed with a look of suspicion, but at the unconcerned look on Standing Wolf’s face, the look soon turned into a smile.”

“They look a bit… wild. Any chance you could sell me one? Would make a great birthday present for my daughter. She’ll be 16 next week.”

“We need them for our… trip.”

“Trip? From the direction you’re headed and the way you’re going; your trip is about over.”


“Yep. Nat’nal Guard have the border shut down. Tain’t no way into P.A. anymore. Martial law and news-blackout in effect. Last I heard, some terrorists had holed up south of the New York state line. Killed a bunch of people.”

“I think that may be where we’re headed, then.”

“Let me tell you one thing. My brother-in-law tried to get in there yesterday. Told ‘em he had important business in Williamsport. I think he was just gonna see his girlfriend, myself. They stopped him and searched him and told ‘im he was gonna spend the night in jail, if’n he didn’t just turn around and head home.”

“We will find a way to the battle.”

“Battle? Why’n you want to go see any battle? Tell you what… You sell me the horses and I’ll give you fair price and dinner ta’ boot. How’s that sound.”

“We appreciate the offer, kind sir, but we just need to rest for a spell and then we must be off. If you could spare some water, we much appreciate it.”

“We will trade the horses for that car over there”, Peter said indicating an obviously broken down vehicle.

“I couldn’t do that to strangers. That car ain’t run in over 10 years. Cost more’n the horses are worth just to get it going again.”

“That car, dinner and food and water to take with us when we go.”

“Peter, are you sure you want to do this? The gentleman says that the car doesn’t work.”

“The Great Spirit will provide the way.”

“Well, can your Great Spirit un-crack an engine block?” I put a patch on it years ago, but never got around to testin’ it. Just easier to get a new vehicle. Tell ya what, You come in and have some of the missus’ cooking, then we’ll talk about the horses and the car after.”

“Thanks for the dinner, Mr. Green. Your wife is a mighty fine cook. Let’s go over to the barn and get the horses and we’ll be out of your way.”

“Are you sure you don’t wanna sell me at least one of those fine animals. Sure would make Cindi happy.”

“The dinner that you served for us, the picnic lunch that you packed for us and the keys to that vehicle are all we need. You may keep the horses in trade.”

“Peter. We talked about this. We can’t give up the horses for that car. Mr. Green said it don’t even run.”

“Let me find the key an’ I’ll show ya it can’t even be started.” Peter walked over to the car and got in behind the wheel. Soon Mr. Green came our of the farmhouse with a set of keys. “Try one o’ these. I’m wasn’t even sure I had the keys anymore.” Peter looked at the keyring and picked one of the keys and stuck it in the ignition. He turned the key and got no result from the car. “See! I told ya it was dead. C’mon back into the house and I give you a check for the horses. Then you can take the bus back to Oklahoma.” Peter popped the hood and started looking around inside. Then he closed his eyes and place his hand on top of the engine and held it there for a second.

“Peter, what are you trying to do? Heal the car? C’mon, let’s get going. We’ve taken up enough of Mr. Green time as it is.”

Peter got back behind the wheel of the car and turned the key. The engine growled for a second, coughed three times then started running roughly.

“Holy Tarnation! I would’na believed it if’n I didn’t see it with my own eyes. While she’s running, drive her over to the barn and I’ll fill up the tank for ya, too.”

“Daddy! He got your old car running? Can I have it now? You said that when I turned 16, you would get me a car! Can I have this one?”

“Cindi… I have an even better present for you… Out in the barn.”

“Oh, drat… You’re gonna tell me my present is to do chores again aren’t you?”

“No, Cindi… You remember the horses these two gentlemen rode in on…?”

“What? Horses? You mean… For me? DADDY! THANK YOU!”

“Now, settle down, young lady. Them horses are a little spirited and they need to be handled special. I’ll get the trainer to come out and look ‘em over in the morning.”

“Cindi”, Peter said, stepping from the car in front of the barn, the smaller horses’ name is Cloud Stepper. He likes you and he is looking forward to spending time with you.”

“Cloud Stepper? That name is so COOL! I’m gonna get some carrots for him, right now!” Cindi ran into the house to fetch treats for her new horse.

“Now, son, don’t be putting wild ideas in my girl’s head. She has enough going on without thinking that the horse already likes her.”

“But he does”, Peter said, as he tinkered back under the hood of the car. The car coughed a few more times then started running smoothly.

“Look, son. I’m impressed with what you did with the car; but those horses are worth more than the food and the car put together. Here, take this cash. It’s all I have on me.”

“Thank you. This will be more than enough.” Standing Wolf looked quickly at the bills and saw that it was over $100 but not by much. Peter got back behind the wheel of the car and pulled it out from the barn a ways. Sliding over to the passenger seat so that Standing Wolf could get in to drive, Peter rolled down the window and told the farmer: “The horses will be happy here. The Great Spirit thanks you for you hospitality.”

“As they pulled out of the driveway, Standing Wolf asked: “Are you sure you want to do this, Peter? This car is older than the horses and not in the best of condition.”

“The Great Spirit will provide”, Peter answered as his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.

Continued in War of the Blood Gods #12

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