War of the Blood Gods #12

Written by Grim, Edited by Marvelite
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Chapter 13: The Biggest Guns

“I can’t believe that that little guy put the kibosh on Seth! He’s only half as tall as that Egyptian guy and Seth… Seth couldn’t even touch ‘im!   That monster thing had better watch out, if it ever comes back.”

“I donno… That… Thing killed some guys… Gods that I didn’t even think existed. I think it’ll take more than these guys to kill that… Thing.”

“Well, you might just get you wish… Look at those clouds over there. Something brewing, I can tell ya! Look. LOOK! There’s a god-damn horse coming out of the sky.”

“That’s not a horse… Or is it? It’s hard to tell, the way it’s moving… Who do you think it is this time? Santa Claus?”

“Haw haw, very funny. It’s getting closer.”

“I’m serious. A bunch of people have been here that no one has ever though was real and now some guy’s riding a horse out ‘a the sky. It COULD be Santa Clause…”

“Nope. NOPE! I know who it is. I told ya! Didn’t I tell ya!”

“He DOES look like Santa Claus…”

“It’s not Santa Claus, you idiot. But I think Santa was based on him… It’s Thor’s dad!”


“That’s Odin. His horse is Sleipnir. And the spear that he’s carrying is called Gunghir. And I was right; he IS pissed! Hey! HEY ODIN! Over here!”

“Will you shut up! He looks pissed as all hell. Shut up before he comes over here and sticks you with that spear-thingie.”

“Lord Odin, sir… My condolences, sir.”

“What doth thou speak of, mortal?”

“This, sir…” The private walked over to the back of the hum-vee and lifted up the tarp, revealing Mjollnir.”

“SO, what I had long feared, hast come to pass… ‘Tis the beginning of the end. Ragnarok…”

“What? Ragnarok? No way! No Way! This isn’t the…”

“The what?”

“The end…”

“The end of what? The battle?”

“No. The end of… everything. Sir. Sir! Lord Odin, sir! I would serve with you, if you’ll have me, sir…”

Odin turned from where he was examining Mjollnir and looked the private up and down. “Mayhap… Mayhap thou could help after all…”

The private dropped to one knee in front of Odin and said, “I offer you everything that is mine to offer… my Lord.”

“Thy will and way is strong, mortal…” Odin placed his right hand on the top of the private’s head. His hand started glowing and the private’s skin could be seen moving. Smoke started rolling out from under Odin’s hand. The private threw back his head and screamed, then collapsed in a heap at Odin’s feet.

“What? What did you do to him? Why did you kill him? Some ‘god’ you turned out to be, killing a man that offered to help you in your stupid battle… What the hell did you do to him? What are these marking on his skin? You inhuman monster, I’ll…” The reporter jumped up from the private and spun on Odin, preparing to charge. Odin stood there impassively, his one good eye staring at the reporter. “What did you do to him, you beast?”

“NONE shall speak to the ruler of a kingdom such as that. Odin, wouldst you like me to… remove… the mortal… Or just his tongue?”

“Nay, Seth. He understands not the path of the gods. My grief for thee at the loss of thy Guardian.”

“The Sphinx WILL be avenged. This Seth swears. Thy son will be avenged, as well.”

“Yeah, right Seth… You and the rest of these god-guys are going to get stomped by that monster… And the bravest guy here get kill by one of the supposed good guys.”

“Mortal, thy tongue is forfeit now…”

“Stop, Seth. I’m not dead.”

“WHAT?” yelled the reporter jumping away from the body of the private.

“Nay, mortal, I killed not your friend. Instead I gifted him with a portion of mine own power, to use if needed in the battle ahead. For I fear the Norns are right… “‘Tis the end of the world.”

“Are you really alright? He put these… marks on your face… Kinda looks like writing.”

“I suspect that they’re runes. It hurt like hell when he did it… But now… I feel like I could move a mountain.” The private stood up gingerly and flexed his arms. His shirt was in tatters and he ripped it off, stripping to the waist. The runes covered all exposed skin and seemed to glow in the setting sun. “I really feel like I could fight the world. Let me see…” He walked over to the hum-vee and placed his hands under the bumper. Effortlessly, he picked the back end up off the ground. “This is a piece of cake. I hardly have to work and I can lift a damn truck off the ground. I wonder…” Lifting higher and walking his hands down the bottom of the hum-vee, the private flipped the vehicle onto it’s top. “I wonder if he’s going to let me…”

“You’re going to try and lift the hammer, aren’t ya. I bet you still ain’t worthy. You’re still just a private.”

“I’m the strongest private in the whole world now. Weather I’m worthy or not, I bet I can lift it.” Kicking back the tarp, the private got down on one knee and wrapped his fingers around the handle. “Here goes…”

“Well, come on…”

“I… I… Still can’t lift it… That doesn’t make any sense… Why did he give me all this strength and put the runes on me and not let me lift the hammer?”

“I donno… Why don’t you ask him?”

“Uhmmm… I wait until he’s done talking with Seth…”

“There’s the check point up ahead Peter. How do you plan on getting through?”

“The Great Spirit will provide, Uncle.”

“The same way he provided that you spend all our money on food. And not one cent on a bottle of whiskey for an old Indian?”

“That stuff is no good for you uncle. You should make every effort to fight the demon in the bottle.”

“I still say that you should have let me out, Peter. I want nothing to do with this battle ahead. I’ve helped you this far and the Great Spirit has taken over. You don’t need this old Indian any more.”

“It isn’t the time for us to part, yet, uncle.”

“O. K. Son, pull the car over to the side of the road” the guard at the checkpoint announced. “This road has been closed indefinitely. You will have to turn around in that space over there.”

Peter rolled the window down and looked the guard deep in the eyes. “We have business on the road ahead.”      

The guard repeated in a monotone: “You have business on the road ahead.”      

“We need to pass through as quick as possible.”

“Take this side road over there, it’s the quickest way through here.”

“You won’t remember sending us on our way.”

“I can’t seem to recall…”

“You do good work, soldier!”

“Sir! I do good work, sir! Carry on, sir!”

“Thank you, soldier.”

“When did the Great Spirit give you those kind of powers, Peter?” Standing Wolf asked as they pulled away from the checkpoint. “When I was sleeping in the Cave of Winds?”

“No. I saw it in the first Star Wars movie…”

“Odin, you should have saved your power for the battle ahead. I fear that we shall not be up to the task…”

“The setting sun will bring more allies to the battlefield, Seth…”

“I hope thou are right, Odin, for I fear the beast may be a match for the few assembled here… What are the mortals doing?”

“Watch and learn, Seth.”

With a suspicious glance at Odin, Seth examined the Dalai Lama in detail. His followers had lifted the Lama by the arms and held him up off the ground, with his body in the shape of a cross. The Sword of Light was held in the outstretched hands of another follower kneeling in front, eyes directed to the heavens. The Sasquatches were in a circle around the monks, voicing an almost subliminal chant. The chant grew in volume and intensity and power. The Sasquatches held their hands out, palm pointing toward the center of the circle. Their palms had started glowing with a light that was clearly visible in the fading sunlight. The chanting reached the bewildered reporter and he soon covered his ears at the increasing din. Then, the Sword of Light leapt up in the sky of it’s own volition and stood, point down, above the Dalai Lama. With a final yell, almost a scream, the chanting ended… And the Sword of Light dropped, point first, directly into the forehead of the Dalai Lama.”

“Odin… They killed one of their own… Did they sacrifice him to their gods? Odin…”

“Nay, Seth, they summoned one of great power…”

“By killing their leader? I don’t give credit to mortals often, but that little mortal had some skills that might of come in handy in the battle ahead.”

“They didst no killing today, Seth… “

“But I saw them use the sword…”

The Dalai Lama stood on un-steady legs. His followers helped him to his feet. He reached up the hilt of the Sword of Light, which stood out from his forehead like the horn of a Unicorn. With a twist of his wrist, the Dalai Lama removed the hilt from his forehead, a little ‘pop’ sounding. He dropped the hilt to the ground and stood erect for the first time since the ritual started. Where the Sword had been was a classic yin/yang symbol, half-black and half-white.

“So the little man has a symbol of power on his head, Odin, what of it?”

Odin didn’t respond, he just watched the last of the ritual in stony silence.

The symbol on the Dalai Lama head began to… change. It seemed to grow and pulse with a life of it’s own. The colors began to melt and the black and white seemed to flow out of the circle. Soon the Dalai Lama’s body was covered in pieces, one arm white, the other black, one leg black the other white. Half his face was black the other half white and he had an amused, happy, almost jolly grin on his face.”

“Come Seth, we should introduce ourselves to our newest ally.”


“Buddha Siddartha, Seth and I bid thee welcome to the field of final battle.”

“Buddha? I thought he was fat. And Golden. At least they got the smile right.

“Peter, all the soldiers are staring at us. Maybe we should find another way to get to the battle.”

“This vehicle will provide for us. If not, the Great Spirit will.”

“But Peter, it must look real strange to the soldiers. Everyone’s leaving but us. And we’re going the wrong direction to be leaving. The soldiers will stop us.”

“Peter slowed the car and looked deep into his uncle’s eyes,  “Go to sleep, Standing Wolf.”

“Blow it out your ass, you young punk. Your mind trick won’t work on me.”

“Odin”, the private asked, Since the sun’s going down, doesn’t that mean that the monster will be returning?”


“But… Shouldn’t I be able…? I mean, wouldn’t it help if I could…?  I think it would come in handy…”

“Thou aren’t worthy of the hammer of my son, mortal… Yet.”


The reporter looked at his watch. It was clearly after 7:30 and it had been getting darker. The reporter held his watch up to his ear. Yep, it was still ticking. But the sun should have gone down a half-hour ago. It seemed to have frozen just above the horizon. The reporter glanced at the sun again. Then with a bewildered look on his face he turned and looked directly at the sun, holding up his hand to block out some of the glare. There WAS something up there. Something was coming out of the sun. Directly toward them. The reporter shook the spots out of his eyes and walked over the where the used-to-be private stood. “I know you aren’t human anymore, but will you still talk to a lowly mortal?”


“You sound like a dumbass when you try and talk like that.”

“I know. I still don’t understand why he did this to me. Did you see what they did with that Lama guy? That was almost creepy. Now he looks like on of those guys off that old Star Trek show.”

“Never heard of it.”

“We had to study it for astro-navigation. Actually, they showed us those old vids to give us a break in boot. Warp speed, can you believe it…?”

“Speaking of warp speed, you might want to look at the sun.”


“It should have went down a half hour ago. And something’s coming out of the sun.”

“What? I bet… Hmmm… It doesn’t hurt to look at the sun anymore… And I can see what it is.”

“Yeah? A comet set from heaven to kill everyone here?”

“Nope. It’s a barge.”

“A what? A barn?”

“A barge. I bet Seth is going to be happy when it lands.”

“Why? Is he going to take a ride out of here?”
“No, I bet it’s his father.”

The private and the reporter watched in silence as the barge got larger. Soon the spot in the sky grew large enough so that even the reporter could tell that it was a barge floating in the sky. Quickly, the barge drifted overhead then settled to the ground. Seth had run over to the barge and used one of the guide ropes to pull the barge to the ground. A ramp of solid gold was extended and Atum-Re descended to stand next to Seth. “Father, I fear that the Eternal Guardian has fallen in combat, ‘fore I could join the battle.”       

“Atum-Re looked at the corpse of the Sphinx solemnly. The he turned and faced the sun. Raising both hands overhead Atum-Re spoke one word that seemed to echo across the open fields of Pennsylvania. “STOP.”

“SO that’s why the sun hasn’t went down yet. Sun-boy there has stopped it from setting. This is getting weirder by the minute.”

“Father, what is to be done with the Guardian?”

Atum-Re looked at Seth and saw the tears in his follower’s eyes. Raising his hands to the sun again, Atum-Re dropped his right arm until it pointed at the body of the Sphinx. Then he spoke again: “SHINE.” The sun got brighter and brighter in response to his command, then his upraised hand started to glow. It soon out-shone the sun resting on the horizon. Then a beam like a laser jumped from his upraised hand to the hand pointing at the Sphinx. As if it had hit a mirror, the beam bounced off that palm and illuminated the charred body. The corpse jumped and began to smolder again. A spark caught and the corpse burst into flames. Soon the whole body was engulfed in flames. Seth walked over to the blaze and dropped to his knees staring at the fire, weeping openly. He took his scimitar from his golden scabbard and thrust the point into the fire. Then, when the point was white-hot, he took the scimitar out of the fire and put the tip against the back of his hand.

He screamed and held the bleeding hand aloft, “I swear by my blood that flows like the Nile, I shall avenge thee, Eternal Guardian.” Atum-Re walked over to the bonfire and took the sword from Seth. He stepped into the blaze and could be seen to raise the golden scimitar overhead. With a snap, he brought the sword down and cut the body in half, extinguishing almost all the flames in the process. Seth arose and walked over to Atum-Re. Atum-Re handed the sword to back to Seth who said “I thank you, father, for the chance to swear in blood.”

Atum-Re nodded than turned back to the corpse. “Father, I will help with the sacred burial rituals after the battle is over.” Atum-Re raised his right hand high overhead again, then plunged it down into the corpse. Seth, with a bewildered and slightly disgusted look on his face, backed away a few steps. When Atum-Re pulled his hand back out of the body, he held a small ball in his hand. He stepped away from the body and walked over to where the reporter and the private were watching, rapt. Atum-Re held his hand out to the reporter and slowly opened his fingers. Squirming in the golden palm was a baby Sphinx. The kit opened his eyes and looked directly at the reporter, and mewed like a newborn kitten. The reporter took a step toward the kit and paused to look at Atum-Re. The Sun God closed his eyes and opened them again, as if to say, I entrust you with the future of this, my offspring. The reporter stepped next to Atum-Re's outstretched hand and gathered up the snuggling kit. The baby Sphinx climbed onto his suit-coat and nuzzled him under the neck. The reporter walked back and sat down next to the private on the overturned Hum-vee.

“He musta known that I’m a sucker for kitties”, he whispered quietly to the private.

It was then that the Wiccans showed up. Three men and three women entered the clearing holding hand in couples. The private nudged the reporter who was playing with the baby Sphinx.  “Look. Look over there. What are those people doing here?”

“I donno.”, the reporter answered, turning back to play with kit.

“But… But… Why are they dressed like that? The look like refugess from one of those medieval festivals or something.”

“Damnedifiknow. Why don’t ‘cha go ask ‘em. I’m going to see if I can find some milk for the baby here.”

“Why didn’t you say so. Stand up for a minute.” The private got a grip on the door frame of the hum-vee and lifted it up, then with a push, tipped it back onto it’s wheels. “Look in the back, by the seat belts. There should be a cabinet with some rations in it. They might find something that they like in there. I’m going to see what these weirdoes are up to.”

“You look like a walking book and you’re calling people carrying swords and wearing armor weird?”

“Heh… I guess you’re right… I’ll be back in a minute.”

In Matsudo, a suburb of Tokyo, old Hatori Shoumani laid the body of a dove wrapped in white linen at the base of the Statue of Hachiman. “Honored Hachiman-san, please take my friend to be with you in Heaven. He was my friend for many years. I know I shouldn’t have kept a dove as a pet… But I loved him… And I think he loved me, too. Thank you, Hachiman, for letting your symbol share my waning years. Now, I fear that there will be no one to mourn my passing. Take good care of Snowy for me.”

Hatori use his cane to lever himself up to his feet. A lone tear could be seen walking down his wrinkled cheek. With a sigh, he turned away from the statue and headed back toward the bus stop.  As he reached the entrance to the garden, where the sidewalk continued to the bus stop, Hatori turned to say a final farewell to Snowy. His wrinkled eyes got a puzzled look and he turned and faced the statue that had stood for over 3,000 years. The statue was covered in… smoke. “Huh? What could make a statue smoke?” Hatori looked at his watch and saw that the bus wouldn’t come for ½ hour yet. He turned and started walking back toward the statue, expecting to find those irritating kids making trouble again.

“Hey! Hey you kids! Leave Hachiman alone!” No one could be seen and no kids yelled back. Hatori got close enough to see that the statue was crumbling… The bronze of the statue seemed to be cracking and it was getting warmer, too. Steam was coming from the cracks giving the appearance of smoke. Hatori thought about getting water to cool the statue off, then about trying to summon the authorities. He could see that the way the cracks were proceeding, the statue would soon be in ruins. “Maybe Hachiman is mad that I kept Snowy as a pet for all this time.”

A large chunk in the shape of a football fell off from the left shoulder making a loud ‘clang’ in the courtyard of the gardens. The statue moved it’s arm. “Now, that’s odd… Maybe I’m on one of those Televid trick shows”, he thought for a second. Glancing around didn’t reveal any cameras, but they could be hidden anywhere. The whole statue moved and pieces of bronze rained down on the paving stones with a subdued tinkling. The bronze pieces on the ground melted like new-fallen snow and the mist/steam soon cleared, revealing the person inside the statue.

“Am I on the Televid?” Hatori asked the man revealed, determined to play along. The man in the statue looked down on Hatori and shook his head. “Then, is someone playing a trick on me?” Again the man shook his head. The man stepped backwards off the pedestal and looked down at the linen-wrapped package laying there. “That’s Snowy. I brought him here so that Hachiman could take him to heaven. Am I in trouble?” The man got down on one knee and carefully un-wrapped the body of the dove. With care and obvious respect he placed the body on a clean spot on the pedestal and placed his finger on the dove’s forehead. Snowy twitched and jerked, then fumbled up into a sitting position, flexing his wings.

“I don’t… I don’t believe it… It that really… Snowy? Is he alive?” The man held out his index finger in front of the dove and Snowy jumped on. The man walked over to Hatori and held the dove out to him. Hatori held up shaking hands and gently took the dove from the man. “Snowy… It’s really you! Thank you for coming back, Snowy. I’ve missed you so much.” Then Hatori jerked as his mind came to a conclusion. With a tremble in his voice, Hatori looked from Snowy to the man again and asked: “Hachiman?”

“Yes”, came the reply, softly, like the wind in the surrounding pines.

“Is that really you, Hachiman? Did you come back just to bring Snowy back to me?”

“No. I am needed elsewhere. There is a great battle to be fought.” A dove landed in Hachiman’s shoulder.

“Then why Snowy…?”

“Your faith in me… Helped me to return to this world… Snowy is but a small token of my gratitude.” More doves landed on the ground around Hachiman.

“Snowy means everything in the world to me… But… I would give him up if it would help you Hachiman-san…”

“I know you would… And that’s the power that aided me. Now, I must go…”

“Good luck, Hachiman-san! And eternal thanks to you…”, Hatori yelled. The doves were thick around Hachiman and getting thicker by the heartbeat. Hatori could hardly see the God or even the pedestal anymore.

The wind carried Hachiman’s final words over the beating of the dove’s wings “… Snowy was lonely, too…” The doves completely obscured Hachiman. Hatori had to step back to keep from getting flown into. Then the doves started leaving. They landed in the surrounding trees and pecked at the ground, looking for the birdseed some worshippers had brought to the statue of Hachiman and his avatar, the dove. Shortly the cloud that had gathered over the pedestal had dispersed, revealing that Hachiman was gone!

“The runes that cover your body are very interesting, good sir.”

“Uhnnn… Thank you. Odin did it… Gave them to me. I’m a lot stronger now… If I could ask…? Why are you here? And why are you dressed like that?”

An older female with a broom looked up with a smile and paused in her sweeping. Handing the broom to one of the men, she said: “Finish cleaning the area and set the candles in place… I’d like to talk to our new friend, here.”

“Hello, ma ‘am.”

“Blessed be, good sir. We are prepared for battle, but first we’re going to summon our Goddess.”


“Part of our Wiccan philosophy. The Goddess is the being we worship. Zachary over there was reading his runes two nights ago and the omens pointed toward… toward…We think the Goddess will be needed here.”

“There’s plenty of gods here already. Are you sure yours is gonna show?”

“Yes, she will.”

“Melissa… We’re ready to cast the circle… We can start now.”

“I will talk to you later, sir. Blessed be.” Melissa walked over and drew a sword as the other people took up positions around the circle. All began chanting as the private stepped back watching with interest. Melissa touched the point of her sword to the ground, and walking backwards, srarting scratching a circle in the broom-cleaned earth. The ground split away from the blade and the furrow left behind was unnaturally deep. The furrow glowed with a deep violet light. As Melissa worked her way around the circle, the furrow filled with glowing stone that grew out of the earth. The third time around the circle, the sword gave off sparks sliding along the stone and the air above the cardinal compass points grew hazy. The fifth time around something could be seen materializing in the mist. Melissa paused on the ninth  curcuit and looked to the Northern point. A dragon cloaked in  fire floated above the ground. To the East, a aqua-marine dragon from the sea tested the scents in the air with a forked tongue. To the South, a dragon with deep brown, reddish scales sat on the ground and contemplated her back. To the west, a sky-blue dragon flexed unusually large wings and looked to the sky.

With a smile on her face, Melissa resumed her transits around the circle. Eleven times. Fifteen times. On the completion of the twenty-first circuit, the dragons all screeched at once and there was a massive thunderclap. Melissa looked up to see a tall woman standing in the center of the circle, wearing glistening armor and carrying a spear, tipped in gold. Melissa directed the energy of the circle back into the ground, broke the circle, and kneeled before the woman “Blessed be, All-mother. Welcome back to our world.”

“Blessed be, Melissa of the five flowers. I thank thee for thy welcome.”

“Hail Goddess. Thine magicks will be sorely needed, all too soon.”

“Blessed be, Lord Odin. It is too bad that we meet again under such trying times.”

“Agreed. Mayhap we can stop the evil for all eternity, this time.”

“But that will mean the end of…”

“I know...

“Well, who are those people?”

“Wiccans? They’re here for the battle or something. I think they’re just summoned another god or something.”

“Did you say Wiccans?”

“That’s what they said.”

“That means they’re…”

“They are what?”


“I guess so.”

“Then… Then they’re probably trying to call that damn monster!”

“I don’t think so… They seemed pretty nice.”

“Ya know something? I’ve had it up to here with all these ‘gods’ running around. I don’t know WHO these people really think they are…”

“Uhnn, that REALLY is Odin over there.”

“NO, IT ISN’T! There is only ONE GOD! Not these pretenders!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ll show you what I’m talking about!” The reporter put down the Sphinx kitten and dug inside his shirt. He pulled out a necklace with a pendant of Christ crucified on a cross. “This is what I’m talking about! THIS IS THE ONLY GOD THERE IS! JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY GOD THERE IS!”

Odin looked over and stated: “Thy God is but the newest amongst all the gods.”

“NO, Mr. Odin, he is the only God.” The reporter took the necklace off over his head and held the pendant out to Odin. “I don’t know who you are or what’s going on here but… OUCH! Dammit!”, the reporter yelled, dropping the pendant to the ground.

“What’s the matter? Asked the private.

“My necklace. It burned me.” Whirling on Odin; “Did you do that? Some pagan trick, you fakir?”

“Nay, ‘tis not the way of Odin to deny the worship of another.”

“My necklace… It’s… It’s… It’s growing?!” Indeed, the necklace had already doubled in size since it had landed on the ground. As the trio watched, the pendant got bigger and bigger, the chain snapping, sending little links shooting out like bullets. Soon the pendant was two foot long, then three. The image of Jesus could be clearly seen to move on the cross as the pendant lay in the dirt. Odin got down on one knee and pinched the nails holding the body to the cross and with a wrench pulled each one of them free. When he pulled the nail holding the feet imprisoned, the figure of Jesus let out a scream. The Goddess walked over and placed her hands on the hands and then on the feet of the now half-human sized being who was still laying on the cross. The wounds dried up and the skin healed as the body grew to full size. The Goddess stepped back and watched as Jesus of Nazareth sat up and looked around.

“Jesus…? Jesus…? Is that really you, my lord? I don’t believe it. Have you returned to Earth? Jesus?”

“It is I, my brother, Jesus, the Son of God.” Looking around, Jesus’ eyes found the Goddess. “Miss, I’d like to thank thee for thy healing touch.”

“Despite the trouble between your Father’s followers and my followers, we shall always be friends.”

“True. If only all the peoples of the world could think like the gods do.”

“Jesus, are you saying that she’s really a… God?”

“Yes, my son. Because the ways of a stranger are different from thine own, doesn’t make them any less.”

“I ask for forgiveness, my lord.”

“Forgiveness can only come from within thine own heart, my brother. Open your soul and you will know the true love of any of the Gods of this beautiful world.” Jesus got to his feet and looked around. “Relevation is at hand, I’m afraid.”

“Relevation? The end of the world? Are you here to fight the demon, Jesus? I thought you were a man of peace.”

“I am, but…”


Bending down to pick up a rock off the ground, Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”, as the rock began to glow with a holy light.

Continued in War of the Blood Gods #13

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