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This week's issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited features the heralds of Galactus as they travel to the site of their former master's death in the Prologue to Powers Cosmic: Posterity!  Plus, the Silver Surfer stars in the final conclusion of Sins of the Father!

We also have Thanos and his brother Eros in issue #9 of Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Our Marvel/DC crossover Cosmic Treasure Hunt also continues.  This week features Thanos and Adam Warlock crossing paths with Darkseid and Orion, plus countless other cosmic characters from both comic universes!

Plus, don't miss this week's chapter of the Twilight War sequel War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight - Part 2: Longest Night and our original fiction story War of the Blood Gods #12... featuring Jesus Christ!?

Check it all out in this issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!  And PLEASE be sure and send us your feedback to all the stories at!  Our writers really appreciate your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback.  Thanks and enjoy!

In this issue...

In the coming months, the Cosmic Unionverse will fill in the gaps between the Death of Galactus and the Silver Surfer's appearances in Captain Marvel and Maximum Security. It will be a wild ride in the Powers Cosmic team's next five chapter story arc entitled "Posterity." And it all starts here! What began as a "Story So Far" took on a life of it's own. See the result for yourself in "Background Check."
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Part Three of Three: Finality by Marvelite
The final conclusion to Sins of the Father, as Silver Surfer confronts his father's enemy, only to learn more secrets of the rivalry that had cursed his family.  It all ends in Chapter Three: Finality! 
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~First read: Silver Surfer: Sins of the Father Chapter 1 and Chapter 2~

ISSUE #9 by Anomaly

Eros and Thanos get physical, and Eros is armed to the hilt with some of the universe's most advanced weaponry, to bad it's not Thanos who is the real enemy.  Not to mention the Elders of the Universe make an appearance!
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Director's Cut #5 by Mark Rosendorf and Alex Soto
Silver Surfer! Captain Marvel! Thanos! Adam Warlock! Darkseid! Orion! And more as the Director's Cut of Cosmic Treasure Hunt, our first Marvel/DC crossover, continues with the conclusion of Conflicts and Resolutions!
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War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight
Part Two: Longest Night - Chapter Eight by Azmodi
Quasar and Kristoff, along with Kismet and Stakkar, petition the Enclave for a new body for Adam Warlock, but what does Ronan the Accuser want? And what of Wylig and his son? Will Wylig wallow in despair as his forces are shattered or will he solve the riddle of ultimate power? And if that's not enough, Loki, Doom, and Adam Warlock are teaming up!
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~Story continues from The Twilight War and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~

Beyond Reality
Featuring Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories.

written by Grim (Drunk Thanos)
The War of the Blood Gods saga comes closer to an end.  And you know something big is happening when Odin and even Jesus Christ makes an appearance!
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This week we have feedback on "War Waged at the Stroke of Midnight!"
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This week's cover features the death of Galactus and the Silver Surfer!
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