This week, we have feedback concerning the hit saga "War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight."  Be sure to e-mail your comments to cpufeedback@yahoo.com 

Bobby Sinha writes, "Overall enjoying it."

Glad to hear it, Bobby. --Azmodi

"warren, dear warren. truly your writing is the best ever of this kind, far outstripping your predecessors! BRAVO! BRAVO!"

Thank you very much. --Azmodi

"DAMN That was Killer!!!!!!!!"

Thanks! --Azmodi

"I find it annoying that the Herald of Galactus are so benign in this series. The heralds have possessed the power to neutralize entire civilizations, yet in this series they are easily overtaken and bested by those that are held at bay by beings of lesser power.  These entities (Heralds) are anything but benign as have been seen in the past.   The treatment of the heralds doesn't seem to be consistent with the true power they possess or, for that matter, consistent across story lines.  I am expecting more intellectual sparring by those such as the Surfer than just beams of Power Cosmic and brute force. Ok, that being said this is a great story line and i look forward to each chapter!"

Noah - if you are referring to how relatively ineffectual both Harqabe and the Surfer were in combat against Vyer, there is a distinct reason for their lack of impact. Vyer is not simply Stryfe - he possesses all of that mutant's powers, in addition to his ability to channel the power of Eyalus through him. Therefore, we are dealing essentially with a cosmic being of high order, albeit contained in humanoid form. As such, no matter how much force could be marshaled against him by the Surfer and Harqabe, their defeats would have been assured. Additionally, the portrayal of the Surfer's power-levels differ greatly depending on the writer - some write him as a galaxy-smasher, while others are more conservative regarding the power he can marshal (presumably in keeping with his overall pacifist nature); I fall into the latter group. Glad you're otherwise enjoying the story, though. --Azmodi


Glad to hear it. --Azmodi

"Warren, what more can I say that I haven't before? Simply the BEST! Better than all the rest, Better than Starlin, Better than any Goddanmed comic book ever in history"

Well, I certainly can't agree with you on this, but the sentiment is most definitely appreciated! --Azmodi

"Excellent piece of work.....but would the Titan fall so easily to one as far below him in the planes of existence as that of the Hawk God?"

How the Hawk God managed to fell the Closed Circle shall be revealed in due time... --Azmodi


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