Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to issue #34 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, our weekly/biweekly fan fiction webzine.  If you are not familiar with Cosmic Powers Unlimited or would like to go back and read past editions and stories, go to our CPU Archive Page.

This week's cover features Rune, the Ultraverse character appearing in Protectors of the Universe #10, as the Protectors of the Universe maxi-series comes closer to an end.

We also have more Marvel/DC crossover fun this week with The Last Herald of Galactus #2, an Elseworlds story featuring Superman as the Herald of Galactus.  This issue explains just how Kal-El got to where he is today!

Then check out Batman/Warlock: Soul Brothers #2.  This week's edition featuring the Batman against a familiar foe, and tying into another Shards of Destiny story from the past, Dark Allies, with appearances by Mephisto and DC's Neron!

Mephisto also appears in our Silver Surfer story Tainting Eden Chapter 3.  In this issue, the Silver Surfer learns why he has been called back to Elysia and who is behind the transformation of the planet.  It has been awhile since we have featured Tainting Eden, but do not worry - this issue has links to past editions if you need to catch up!

This week we also focus on Midnight Sun, a character we have not turned our attention to in quite a while.  Matt Hamilton writes another story featuring the silent hero in Midnight Sun: Monbulk's Monopoly #1 of 2.

This week also sees a short finale to The More Things Change... The More They Stay The Same, while bringing the first chapter of the second part to the Twilight War sequel War Waged At The Stroke of Midnight, titled Longest Night.  Our original fiction storyline, War of the Blood Gods, continues this week, as strange events continue to plague the earth that are somehow linked to Mars!

All in this issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!  Now, please be sure and send us your feedback to all the stories at!  Our writers really appreciate your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback.  Thanks and enjoy!

In this issue...

#10 of 12: "SHIFTING LOYALTIES" by Morfex
In this edition, Brotus must choose between the two gods he remembers, as Throneworld is thrust into chaos at the revelation of Magus' forgotten reign. Malevolence is exposed, but will Jack of Hearts become her consort anyway? Starhawk unwittingly holds the key to the aperture between Universes, and Rune will stop at nothing to abduct him! And Starglow is approaching critical mass... just as her teammates suffer from the Hunger of Galactus once more! 
~Click here to read Protectors of the Universe #10~
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PART ONE of TWO by Matt Hamilton
Writer Matt Hamilton brings us another story starring Midnight Sun, picking up where his previous story left off, as Midnight Sun and his new allies seek aid for their ship.  But with no money, they are chosen for a special task to pay for assistance.
~Click here to go to Midnight Sun: Monbulk's Monopoly Part 1
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CHAPTER 3 by WarlorTVor
What has happened to the paradise Norrin Radd once called home?  Who has tainted his Eden, Elysia?  And can the Silver Surfer stop the world from being destroyed?  All these questions are answered in Chapter 3 of Silver Surfer: Tainting Eden! 
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ISSUE  #2 by Anomaly and WarlorTVor
One the dark defender of the night and protector of the innocent, the other a man forever damned by the sins of his past, now on the long journey to redemption - they find themselves entrapped by the ever-present specter of their past. Now both men must find themselves entrapped in a war that they cannot afford to lose, the battlefield . . . their very souls. 
~Click here to read Soul Brothers #2~
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Issue #2 by Dannell Lites
The Last Herald of Galactus continues, as we learn how Kal-El of Krypton came to be the herald of Galactus in part two of an Elseworlds story by Dannell Lites starring Superman!
~Click here to read Last Herald of Galactus #2~
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War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight
Part Two: Longest Night - Chapter One by Azmodi
The cosmic war rages across the omniverse as the Living Tribunal is in conflict with an ancient being called the Antithesis. But while they battle, what are the forces of Wylig and the Closed Circle doing? and what of the Avengers and the Jack of Hearts.  Find out, as the Twilight War storyline continues in Part Two of War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight!
~Click here to go to Chapter 1 of Longest Night~
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~Story continues from The Twilight War and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~

The More Things Change...
...The More They Stay The Same

Chapter 11: ...An Ending? by Adam Funk
The sequel to The More Things Change... finally comes to an end, with this small closing chapter.  Also, at the end of it is a link to the entire storyline in one black & white document, perfect for printing!  And if you forgot what happened in the past chapters, go to The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same Homepage!
~Click here to go to Chapter 11 of The More Things Stay The Same~
~Click here for past chapters of The More Things Change...~

Beyond Reality
Featuring Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories.

written by Grim (Drunk Thanos)
In this issue, we learn more about the strange occurrences on Earth and how they are linked to Mars, as this original science fiction novel continues!
~Click here to read War of the Blood Gods #6 by Grim~
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This week's cover by Rai features Rune and Superman!
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This week, we have letters from you on the crossover, Shards of Destiny... now be sure to send us feedback on this week's chapters at 
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