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...The More They Stay The Same

The More They Stay The Same is a continuation of The More Things Change... be sure to go there for previous chapters.

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Chapter 11 - ...An Ending?

  written by Adam ( Funk
edited by E.A. ( Morrissey
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A silver and gold man and woman appeared over Earth, the same as they had for a billion years. They came here every year on the anniversary of their meeting. They held each other close as they looked down upon the wasteland that was once teeming with life. It has been many many millennia since life walked upon this world though.

They looked towards the sun; it has shrunken to nearly two-thirds its size a billion years ago. The planet Venus has lost its cloud covering and become habitable. An avian race of humanoids has begun building large mud buildings. The architecture of a race that can fly is truly remarkable!

They then turned away from the sun; there they saw Jupiter, once a gas giant now a small sun itself. On Europa, a moon once covered in ice, the heat has made shores to the vast ocean. On these shores a race of amphibians has begun walking the long road to civilization.

They looked at each other, smiling a knowing smile. It is apparent; Galactus has passed this way. In these times Galactus is no longer the devourer of worlds. The pendulum has swung; the galaxy is no longer teeming with life. The thousnads of races that once dotted the stars are no more. Life now is scarce, and Galactus is needed to plant the seed of life, not sow the crop. His herald Vita seeking new worlds for the master to release some of his life force before he bloats and explodes. There is no gnawing hunger, only an overwhelming sense of over capacity.

The two beings smile and embrace, ever are the personifications of truth and justice tangled together. The man softly cradles the woman and kisses her.

“Plus a change, plus se la mem chose.”

“Oh my! French Norrin, after all these years?”

“Aye dearest. Is French not the language of love?”

The End
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