Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to another edition of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, our fan fiction fanzine dedicated completely to cosmic characters of the Marvel Universe.

This week issue features six stories, including one brand new Cosmic Powers Unlimited title, dedicated to Quasar!  This issue also features two of Marvel's greatest cosmic women, the Mantis and Moondragon, in issue #3 of the Protectors of the Universe team, the Spinsterhood!  All three characters are featured on this week's cover by Caleb!

This week, we also have new editions The Cosmic Union, our flagship title; Elders Quest, the fan fiction sequel to Marvel's Thanos Quest which is now available in reprint at a comic store near you; Midnight Sun by writer Matt Hamilton; and a hilarious Drunk Thanos, guest-written by new Quasar writer Janus!

We really hope you like this week's stories! And please be sure to leave the writers comments (or e-mail them to   Next week in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #15, look for more of The Cosmic Union and Elders Quest, as well as new editions of Powers Cosmic, Shards of Destiny, Tales of the Timeless, and Drunk Thanos!  And later THIS week, look for Chapter 2 of The More They Stay The Same... and the first chapter of Silver Surfer/Sailor Moon: Scrier's Disciples.

Thanks… and enjoy the show!

In this issue...


In this chapter, Soul World implodes! But what of its many inhabitants, including Gamora, Pip, and the vampiric soul gem entity? And what will the loss mean for Adam Warlock? Also, can the Grandmaster be outmaneuvered? How will the Silver Surfer react to the fate of Shalla Bal? And back on Earth, the heroes attempt to prevent the coming of... Chthon! All this, and a cameo by... Darkseid..?
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"Universal Truths, Part Three: Seduction of the Innocent"

Move over, Mata Hari! In this chapter, Mantis positions herself near one of the Protege's closest officers, Ganymede sacrifices a year of her life in service to the Church, and the Church's Dark God is revealed to Moondragon!
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It's a brand-new saga written by Janus and starring Quasar!  In this first chapter, Quasar returns to Earth to relax, settling in at the Avenger's Mansion!  But his vacation soon ends when he is given a mission to help SHIELD!
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Mystic's Elders Quest Saga continues, as the Silver Surfer joins forces with the golden Avenger, Iron Man, against the mighty speed of the Elder called Runner!

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"Part 3 of Ebon Dreams and Ivory Prizes"

Matt Hamilton’s first Midnight Sun story, Ebon Dreams And Ivory Prizes continues in Ebon Dreams and Ivory Prizes Part 3 of 4.  In this edition, the Inhumans guest-star and learn why the Kree have come to pay them a visit.

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Janus, author of the new Quasar #1, guest-writes this funny edition of Drunk Thanos #7.   This issue features the family reunion of Thanos with his brother Eros, also known as Starfox!
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This week, we have Dylan Clearbrook's responses to your feedback on Supergirl: The Resurrection!  Please be sure you leave all our authors your comments at the end of every story you read or by e-mailing cpufeedback@yahoo.comThanks!
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This week's cover is by Caleb, featuring Mantis and Moondragon from their recent appearances in Galactus: The Devourer and Captain Marvel with a picture of Quasar created by Lord Thanos!  We hope you enjoy!
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