Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to another edition of COSMIC POWERS UNLIMITED! New? Then check out our Introduction Page to Cosmic Powers Unlimited! Otherwise, check out what we have in store for you in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #14!

This week, we have six new, exciting stories, including another chapter of our dynamic flagship title, The Cosmic Union, which stars (along with the rest of the Marvel Universe) Tyrant, who is featured on this week’s new cover by Caleb.

Also featured on this week’s cover, the Red Shift, who recently appeared in Galactus: The Devourer, and whose presence is hinted at in the pages of the Powers Cosmic! This week’s edition of the Powers Cosmic also stars Starglow (a.k.a. Shalla Bal), Galactus, and Dr. Doom, and leads into next month’s big conclusion to the Powers Cosmic’s first big storyline!

Also new this week is chapter 2 of the new Marvel/DC crossover, Shards of Destiny; another edition of Mystic’s Elders Quest, the sequel to the popular Thanos Quest mini-series; more Tales of the Timeless; and another edition of Grim’s hilarious Red-Rooter!

We hope you enjoy them all! We also hope you take the time to leave the authors your comments (even a simple "Great job!" will do!). You can send them at the bottom of every page or by e-mailing We really enjoy all the feedback and will be sure to answer it in our letter column, Spatial Deliveries!  You can also e-mail if you are interested in writing or creating cover for us!

Thanks… and enjoy the show!

In this issue...


In this week's chapter of the Cosmic Union, the battle for Earth kicks into high gear, demons rant, the former Heralds return, and our cosmic heroes learn the secret purpose Tyrant serves in the universal scheme of the Marvel Universe.  All that, and the return of the Secret Wars' Beyonder!
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Voracity, Chapter Four: "The Enemies of My Friends..."

In Part Four of Voracity, Shalla Bal (as Starglow!) takes center stage in an effort to spare her teammates (Silver Surfer, Firelord, Air-Walker, and Nova!) from the Hunger of the Devourer. Featuring Galactus and Doctor Doom!
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Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny
Chapter 2: The Explanation

Access assembles the greatest heroes from both the Marvel and DC Universes... and explains why they must now unite to save both of their worlds, as the foundations are laid for the biggest crossover saga you have ever seen!
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Mystic's Elders Quest Saga continues in Chapter 8: King's Gambit.  This edition pits Adam Warlock and the Avenger, Wonderman, against the Elders, Champion and Gardener!

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Anomaly and Azmodi bring you another Tale of the Timeless, as we learn more about the secret Time Keepers, seen recently in Avengers Forever... Plus, one Timeless betrays the others, as time lays in the balance!  Meanwhile, who is the mysterious Portent?

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Grim revisits the Red Rooter, his hilarious parody character from Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1!  In this adventure, Red Rooter visits Dr. Strange and the Avengers!
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This week, we have responses to your feedback on Drunk Thanos by Grim and Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny by Jim Seals!  Also, please be sure you leave all our authors your comments at the end of every story you read or by e-mailing cpufeedback@yahoo.comThanks!
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This week's cover is by Caleb, it features the cosmic menace, Tyrant, and the newest herald of Galactus, Red Shift!
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