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Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail goes to Drunk Thanos writer, Grim, and our newest writer, Jim Seals, author of Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny!

Vanja Miskovic writes, "I like Drunk Thanos serial :) It's pretty interesting to see Thanos handling other characters that Drunk:)  Please, send me Uncut Special :) I want to see him battling Beavis :)"

Thanks, Vanja. Beavis is included with the rest of the un-cut stuff. It was actually my first parody with Thanos (Things have come along way since then.!) Hopefully you'll enjoy it and the rest of the stories as much! --Grim

*NOTE* To get the Drunk Thanos Uncut Special, e-mail and let us know!

Spacedout writes, "I love it! you should've done the 'pick a finger' routine."

Thanks SO! I donno about the 'finger' thing. The thought of Eternal gas. That would empty any bar on the planet in a hurry! --Grim

Joshua Wiebe writes, "Wow! I looked in my email and what to my wondering eyes do appear? But, the uncut versions of Drunk Thanos. And since I looovee all of Grim's work, of course, I read it. I like them all. The Thanos vs. Beavis, was hilarious, and the rest were brilliant. I can never write funny fan fiction or stories. It is very hard to do, and you have to know what will seem funny to others, as well as yourself. To this I salute you, Grim. You have a gift. Happy Millenium!"

Thanks Joshua! Happy Millenium to you and yours as well! I try and make my humor as funny as possible and as accessible to everyone as possible without trying to put anyone (Or their ideas) down. I didn't know I could write humorous material along those lines until my first Drunk Thanos almost a year ago. Give it a try sometime; even use Drunk Thanos if you want. BUT you have to share with everyone here at CPU! --Grim

Spacedout writes, "Thanks I'm having a great time with my Batmobile!!"

I knew you would, Spacedout, I knew you would! --Grim

Hark the Herald writes, "This was hilarious! You handled LT brilliantly! I especailly liked the homage to "It's a Wonderful Life" at the end. Really nice job. BTW sign me up for those uncut stories."

Hark! A homage to "It's A Wondeful Life"? Hmmm, THAT was certainly unplanned! Glad you liked my take on LT, though! --Grim

Spacedout writes, "I love it! it's great! but one thing... don't kill the Punisher off yet... because Garth Ennis will be handling him (eyes upward and whispers) oh thank you!!!"

<Grim looks downward and announces> "YOUR'RE WELCOME! Don't ask for any more favors; you already have a damn Batmobile!" Glad you liked the story! --Grim

Dylan Clearbrook writes, "(Laughing Out Loud) Good job, Grim. A Very Merry Christmas to You and ALL the CPU people, be they readers or writers!"

Thanks D.C. Happy Whatever to you and yours as well! Grim (Slight inside joke 'cause we see each other at work everyday!) --Grim

Rai writes, "I'd like to subscribe to see these uncut Drunk Thanos Stories. Grim, this story was really great. Since I watch Star Trek.. I say you get Seven's persona down great.. I laughed, I cried, and then I read it again. One question though. I've seen almost everyone in the chat room/surfer message board in these stories..have you forgotten me? *sniff* j/k *smiles* keep up the good work."

Thanks Rai! Of course I'm a Star Trek fan (everyone should be) and for some reason I'm interested in Seven. Must be her hair! ANYWAY. I'd never forget ya! (Us Keystoners have to stick together!) I'll see what I can do about putting you in one of my Drunk Thanos stories. Any ideas? --Grim

Robert writes, "A very good story in the making. Keep it up."

Well thank you Robert for the high praise and I hope you look forward to
future installments of this massive limited series. --Jim

Will writes, "Good, but I always though that The Living Tribunal was waaaaaaaaaay above the Spectre. I read in a What If that The Living Tribunal was actually controlling the brothers too, so he is much more powerful than they are."

Thank you for the complament, Will. As for your question, this story is based along the premise of the Marvel vs DC limted series and all the other spin-offs (All Access and Unlimted Access) that had followed in its footsteps, and in the first limited series, during what I call the "Great War" and there the Living Tribunal and the Spectre (another power were not even near the level that the Brothers were. In fact they along side Batman, Captain America and Access were not able to stop the two Brothers from their little war, which resulted in the mortal heroes' "death". And throughout the peice the two are presented as equals for the most part. And you must remember that "What if's . . ." deal with other universes and realities if things happened defferntly. Good question (had to brood about that one a long time). --Jim

Mystic writes, "Looks like an awesome start guys. Looking forward to what could turnout to be another legendary epic from this site!"

Thank, Mystic, for your high praise! And I hope you enjoy the rest of the series as much as myself and Jeff did writting them, if not more. --Jim

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