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Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who has sent us feedback... it's what keeps Cosmic Powers Unlimited fun for us all!  And it helps us know what we are doing right, so tell us what you like... and dislike!

Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail is directed toward Dylan Clearbrook, writer of Supergirl: The Resurrection!

Ken writes, "This was one of the Best stories I have ever read. I hope there will be more. It is nice to read stories about one of the Two best Heroes DC HAD (Superboy being the other) until they were stupid enough to kill them both off. K

Thanks Ken. And I have to agree with you on the two best heroes.......You should have been around when I was bouncing ideas off Grim...I came real close to bringing Krypto in <g> As for further stories, well, I'm continuing to write them. That is all I'll say. Keep reading CPU and find out. --Dylan

WarlorTVor writes, "I really enjoyed reading the first part of what I hope to be a long saga for the Supergirl series. I truly enjoyed what you did with the character and how the part ran its course. And another thing I'm interested in how the Doom story arch finishes out in-the-long-run. Its really good and well written."

Well, I can answer part of that for you. The Doom arch. I have set that up for a future story. Basically, I am setting up potential future enemies for Kara. Keep Reading CPU and you may see more Supergirl in the future. --Dylan

Niklas writes, "Great ending to the story! Well-written, but not much "action" so far, but I guess this first part mostly set things up for upcoming events. Hopefully the second part (and others beyond that?) will also be published in future issues of CPU."

Thanks for the comments, Niklas.
You are correct, there is not much action in the first part and I will be honest and say that there is just a little more in the second part and just a little more than that in the second story. I am taking my time and easing it along. I want to develop Kara as a character that does more than fly in, punch out the bad guys, and then fly off.
I want to expand her in different directions, explore her relationships with her new friends from the Marvel universe, etc.  But I think she deserves a rematch with the Juggernaut.....ooops, did I let something slip there?
Anyway, I can not say when or if any other stories will appear in CPU, all I can say is keep reading and find out. Besides, CPU has a lot to offer. <g> --Dylan

Thomas Monaghan writes, "There can never be enough good Supergirl stories.  Keep up the goodwork. Chou, Tom"

Thanks Tom. You're right, never enough Supergirl, whether you like the new one or Kara <g>. I am continuing to write. Keep reading CPU to see if any more stories show up <g> --Dylan

Eric Martin writes, "What no funky theme music? maybe something from vanity 6 will do...."

Not all of the stories at CPU currently have MIDIs... we'll see about going back and adding something to past Supergirl stories and future ones too! -- "Web Guy"James

Thanks for all the feedback... now, please send more below!!!  We need it!!!

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