Captain Marvel #13
Published by Marvel Comics, January 2000
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"Am I Blue?"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: ChrisCross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraft's Wes Abbott
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #12.

Preview of Issue #13:

The combustible conclusion to the battle between Captain Marvel and the children of Yon-Rogg, the original Mar-Vell’s greatest foe! But if the sinister siblings manage to kill Genis, will it be with weapons or kindness? Meanwhile, Marlo considers a visit to Dr. Strange—and Starfox prepares to teach our hero a thing or two about women! Plus: Evil lurks... in the local comic book shop?

Issue Synopsis by James Pedrick:

Some comic fans are discussing the events that took place in the last issue outside Marlo’s Golden Orange Comics, when Marlo runs out of the store. Along the way she is talking to herself (and the ghost Lorraine who has been haunting her), blaming herself for getting Captain Marvel in a battle in order to compete with the new Comic Book Castle. At the same time, the mysterious owner of her new competitor is talking to himself, saying that Marlo’s "challenge in dominance of the customers could prove most hazardous for her."

Marlo and Lorraine then reach the sight of the battle only to find Captain Marvel and Una-Rogg embraced in a kiss, while Rick Jones is in the Microverse begging him to focus, as her brother, Zey-Rogg, will soon return. In doing so, Rick ignores his surroundings and accidentally hits a Grand Cleric.

Meanwhile, the kiss is draining Captain Marvel’s energy until interrupted by Marlo, who hits her with a brick. Zey-Rogg then grabs Marlo by the throat when Captain Marvel hits him with a blast. At the same time, Rick is arrested at the Microverse mall for assaulting the Grand Cleric even though he insists it was an accident. Rick asks Captain Marvel to bang his bands together to get him out of there, but Captain Marvel is busy battling Zey-Rogg while Marlo is attacked by Una-Rogg.

In the course of their battle, Marlo cuts Una-Rogg with a piece of broken glass. Una-Rogg then panics. She explains that Kree women are psychically mutilated because many of them have the ability to twist men’s desires when they grow up and men see that as a threat. Her father, however, had documents faked so that it looked like she has been treated. She begs for Marlo’s help, saying the Bloodhounds, a Kree patrol that searches worlds for "untreated" women, will sense her blood.

Back in the Microverse, Rick Jones is sentenced to death, while Drax, elsewhere in the Microverse, a giant being tells Drax the Destroyer that he will help him so no one will ever hurt him again.

On earth, Zey-Rogg follows Captain Marvel into a wax museum. There, he attacks a wax version of Captain Marvel, thinking it is him. Captain Marvel then blasts him. As they continue to fight, Marlo explains that Una-Rogg is afraid of being attacked by the Bloodhounds. Zey-Rogg admits that he does not really care for his sister and did not approve of their father protecting her. One of the Bloodhounds then soars down after Una-Rogg.

In the Microverse, they are about to execute Rick Jones, when Captain Marvel bangs the Nega-Bands together, bringing Zey-Rogg with him. When they fire at who they think is Rick Jones, Captain Marvel flies off, leaving only Zey-Rogg to be hit. On earth, Marlo Jones hangs on to the Bloodhound’s leg as it flies off with Una-Rogg, until Rick Jones pulls her off, insisting that there is nothing they can do.

Preview of Issue #14:

When did Genis lose the jacket and ponytail?  Find out as Fabian Nicieza and Patrick Zircher fill the gaps.

Review by James Pedrick:

The story was interesting and the art was fairly strong, as usual. Peter David still leaves us wondering why Marlo Jones is seeing Lorraine as a ghost and now who the mysterious villain is at Comic Book Castle. Meanwhile, he also brings Drax back into the mix with a mysterious being involved there. I liked tying Rick Jones into the story by having him sentenced to death for accidentally hitting the Grand Cleric, though I didn’t care much for the art in those scenes. It was also interesting seeing Zey-Rogg, of Captain Marvel’s original series, brought back for a battle, though it would have been nice to have it take place after Fabian Nicieza’s guest gig in the next issue, which could have made the bad blood between him and Genis-Vell more evident.


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