Captain Marvel #12
Published by Marvel Comics, December 2000
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"Dead & In Person..."

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: ChrisCross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraft's Wes Abbott
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Ties into Maximum Security!

Preview of Issue #12:

A Maximum Security Crossover!  The vengeful son of Yon-Rogg (the greatest foe of the original Captain Mar-Vell) is backóbut thatís nothing compared to Una-Rogg, his daughter! But first and foremost, can Captain Marvel survive the horror of... a personal appearance at a comic book store? "On almost every level, this issue succeeds. Itís got tons of action, great comedy and character development. It also has beautiful artwork and clever storytelling in terms of transitions, camera angles and pure style." -Randy Lander, Comics Newsarama

Issue Synopsis by James Pedrick:

This story begins with a man finding a blue lady on the corner of a street and flirting with her.  She finally kisses him, but in doing so, fried him to death.  Another alien comes back from a store with potato chips, calling the lady Una, but sees she already has been nourished (she feeds off peopleís life energy).  We learn that the alien manís name is Zey and that they are bother and sister.

Meanwhile, Marlo is trying to convince Rick Jones to let Captain Marvel make an appearance at her comic store, Golden Orange Comics.  Rick says it will cause problems and attention, but Marlo needs to compete with her new competitor.  Finally Captain Marvel tells Rick that he wants to do it in order to help his public appearances.  Rick finally agrees.

In the Microverse, Drax is with the Microns.  There, Drax keeps switching from an intellectual to stupid.  When someone mentions missions, though, Drax fears heíll get hurt, like in the past.  He flees the ship in a hurry, as the Microns quickly try to seal up the whole in the ship he formed.

Back to the two aliens.  As they walk the streets, they see a news report on a television about many other aliens who have attacked earth.  This is because alien prisoners are being sent to earth as part of the Maximum Security event.  Una suggests to her brother that they work on organizing the alien prisoners.  They are then attacked by the TV store owner, but Zey quickly takes care of him, as Una finds a brochure advertising Captain Marvelís appearance at Marloís comic shop.

Zey says he remembers him from an earlier encounter and that he is the son of Captain Mar-Vell, who killed their father.

At the comic shop, a huge line waits to get Captain Marvelís autograph.  Genis, whose face is not the typical starry one, has his Cosmic Awareness off as he signs autographs. Meanwhile, Rick is checking out a Microverse bar, when he can tell Genis has gone cosmic again.  He finds Captain Marvel has been visited by Zey-Rogg, son of one of his fatherís greatest enemies.  The battle begins, as Zey throws Captain Marvel out of the comic shop.  They then continue to clash, with the comic ending with Una-Rogg seducing Captain Marvel in the middle of the battle.

Preview of Issue #13:

The combustible conclusion to the battle between Captain Marvel and the children of Yon-Rogg, the original Mar-Vellís greatest foe! But if the sinister siblings manage to kill Genis, will it be with weapons or kindness? Meanwhile, Marlo considers a visit to Dr. Strangeóand Starfox prepares to teach our hero a thing or two about women! Plus: Evil lurks... in the local comic book shop?
Click here for a review of issue #13.

Review by James Pedrick:

This was a good issue.  The comic is funny, as usual, sometimes too much so.  The art is fantastic, and it was nice to see Peter David link Captain Marvel to his past, bringing in Zey-Rogg from Genisís first series.  Both charactersí outfits have changed a lot though.  All together, a very smart tie-in to Maximum Security.


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