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This week's CPU features the end of two storylines and the beginning of two new ones.

First, we have the final chapter of Infinity Conquest, a continuation of the Infinity Gems sagas.  But don't worry, with the end of one tale comes the beginning of a new one.  So be on the watch out for Infinity Assault in the near future.

We also have the conclusion of Terminal Ferocity, the first Silver Surfer: Volume One Saga, as Silver Surfer must team with Axiom and Galactus to stop Terminus.

Of our two new cosmic sagas, we have Silver Surfer vs. Red Shift: Conflicting Agendas.  This first issue features the end of Eternity, unless the Silver Surfer ca somehow save the universe from utter destruction.

We also have a new saga titled Soul Food, a new story featuring Adam Warlock, Dr. Strange, Thor, Silver Surfer, and more... and here's the weird part, it begins in a soul food restaurant!

Also, Grim brings us another hilarious adventure of Drunk Thanos continuing his previous story as Drunk Thanos faces Red-Rooter!

Plus, Thanos is featured in a new chapter of Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  This week's chapter features none other than Thanos' brother, Eros, and the Stranger!

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In this issue...

ISSUE #17 by Anomaly

Thanos goes to purloin one of the Soul Gems, but it is in the hands of the mysterious Stranger, and if that were not enough, Eros battles Thanos... or does he? And what is the mystery behind Eros' mother? Find out in this Dead Man's tale!
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ISSUE #1 by Marvelite

It's the end of the Eternity.  Can the Silver Surfer save the universe before it's too late?  And what does Red Shift, the last herald of Galactus, and Scrier have to do with this sudden catastrophe?  Find out in the first chapter to a brand new storyline.
~Click here to go to Silver Surfer/Red Shift: Conflicting Agendas #1~

ISSUE #1 by Anomaly

Not just another cosmic story, I assure you. How many stories that feature Thor, Silver Surfer, Adam warlock, and Doctor Strange begin in one of the most unlikely places - a soul food restaurant?  This one does!
~Click here to go to Soul Food #1~

ISSUE #8 by Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds' sequel to the Infinity Gauntlet sagas concludes as we learn the final fate of the Infinity Gems... that is until Infinity Assault.  This week's issue features Thanos, Dr. Doom, Kang, Maelstrom, the Defenders, and many more throughout the Marvel Universe!
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Part Two-Three by Grim

It's the moment everyone has been waiting for!  Grim's two cosmic parody power-houses meet up for the first time, as Drunk Thanos and Red-Rooter take their adventure to Galactus' World Ship!
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ISSUE #28-29 by Matt Hamilton

Due to popular demand, we are reprinting our continuation to Silver Surfer Volume 1.  From 1968-1970, Stan Lee and John Buscema created 18 issues featuring the Silver Surfer's adventures on Earth.  Concluding Matt Hamilton's first storyline, Terminal Ferocity, Silver Surfer teams up with Axiom as Galactus and the Terminus battle in a final showdown!  With a special appearance by none other than Mephisto!
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This week's cover features the end of Eternity!
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