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Conflicting Agendas

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A Time Before This Time…

In a previous universe, much like this one, time and space came to an end.  All of matter began to transform, quickly killing countless civilizations, destroying every planet, and dimming every star.  The universe transformed into pure energy.  All the matter in the universe slowly moved inward, condensing itself into one large cosmic cauldron over billions of years.  Long after the countless inhabitants had passed away, after life ceased to exist, only one being remained.  

The phenomenon eventually happens to every universe.  It is a natural occurrence.  Like clockwork, a universe comes together, just as it once spread apart.  And like clockwork, a new universe explodes forth and is spawned from the previous.  The cycle continues.  The cycle greater than time itself.  The cycle of creation.

But this universe’s story does not end there.  From this universe was merged a single man, the son of Taa, Galan, and the very Sentience of the Universe.  Both died and were reborn Galactus.  But though Galan was dead, his mission was not.  And though his home of Taa was destroyed, its memory was not.

And Galactus built Taa II.  And with it, he would give back to the new universe with the memory of the old.

The Near Future…

(Following the Silver Surfer’s recent appearances in Powers Cosmic, Captain Marvel, and Maximum Security, but before his appearance in The Defenders…)

Silver Surfer hovered above the earth.  He was questioning his purpose in this universe.  Before, things were so clear.  He was a son of Zenn-La, the Herald of Galactus, Sentinel of the Spaceways.  But recently, he had heard no such calling.  He had seen no greater purpose.  And yet he found himself on this planet called earth once more.

His thoughts were then distracted.  Below him he witnessed the beginning of the end.  In mere moments, armies were taking up arms, mobs of people were running to the streets.  The world was in chaos.  Some form of plague had spread across the entire world, wiping out millions of people.  The planet was erupting with earthquakes.  Nations insisted that their enemies had finally released the ultimate weapon, while others were crippled with confusion.  Earth’s heroes could do little to help.

Silver Surfer recognized the reaction.  He had known the planet earth and its inhabitants very well by now.  They always feared that which they did not understand.  And they did not understand this.  The world was changing.  People were dying from mysterious illnesses and the planet was falling apart.

The Silver Surfer was distressed.  He glided above the conflict brewing below him.  Calling upon the Power Cosmic, he ceased their movements and aired his concern.  “Your world is falling at your knees and all you can do is fight!  This is a time to unite.  To come together to save earth.”

The people below him did not end their battling, however.  One quickly yelled out, “He must be the one bringing our nations to an end!”  The troops shouted in agreement and began to fire their weapons at the Silver Surfer.

He slowly flew away in disappointment.  “At least they are coming together…” he thought in irony as the soldiers continued their shots at him.

His thoughts then turned to his beloved Alicia Masters.  Could this mysterious illness have reached her?  Could it have spread across the entire planet?  He already knew the answer.  He made his way back to Hawaii, where he was vacationing with Alicia, only to find it embroiled in riots.  He then made his way into Alicia’s hotel room.  She was lying on the floor, shaking in pain.

“Norrin, what is happening to me?” She asked, as her body was running a fever and her bones were shaking uncontrollably.  She lost consciousness.

The Silver Surfer was numb at the thought of losing her.  He had already lost so many loved ones before, he had no time to react emotionally.  “I do not understand what is causing this, Alicia, but I will find an answer.”  He tried to heal her with the Power Cosmic, but there was no use.  This plague was greater than the Power Cosmic.  He scanned her body to see if he could find what was causing this worldwide epidemic, but did not expect to find the answer he found.

Her molecular structure was changing and transforming.  Soon, it would kill her.

He picked her up and took her to the Fantastic Four in New York, where Mr. Fantastic could look after her while he searched for the reason behind this newfound threat.

Once arriving, he was greeted by Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman.  She did not look well at all, but she had no time to rest.  “It is good to see you, Norrin.  Here, let me attend to Alicia… Reed is in his lab.”

He entered the lab to find Mr. Fantastic looking for the same answer and asking the same question that Silver Surfer was searching for.  “Norrin Radd, I am glad to see you, perhaps you can be of assistance.”

“You look horrible, Reed Richards, you should rest.  Let me tend to your world’s troubles.”

Mr. Fantastic was evidently worn out, both from stress and the plague that had now hit him and his family.  “I have no time to rest… I must find a solution, a remedy to save our world.”

“I believe the very molecular structure of every being is transforming… into what I am unsure.  But it will kill mankind.”

“Yes, and I believe the body’s reaction to this is the illness which is wiping us all out.  And these earthquakes, I feel, are being caused by the world’s molecular structure changing.  But who would be doing this to us… could it be related to the recent events with the Ruul?*”  

(* See Maximum Security)

“I do not think so.  This is something more deadly.  This is not an isolated incident.  I sense the entire universe is at threat.  Continue to do your work here, Reed Richards, I must search the stars.”

With that, the Silver Surfer departed.  Not long after, Alicia Masters passed away, along with millions of other humans, while the rest of the world waited until they too would be visited by Death.  

Silver Surfer soared into the stars.  It was just as he feared.  The entire universe was in chaos.  Every planet and star was shaking, every civilization was dying off.  Ships were losing power and exploding in space.  Silver Surfer calculated that everything was being transformed and he was witnessing the effects of it.  It reminded him of Galactus’ feeding pattern but on a universal, and yet slower, scale.  But what was the origin?

He found the answer.  He noticed slight changes in the gravitations of the heavenly bodies.  Everything was slowly pushing toward one center.  And the Silver Surfer knew what that center was.  The axis of the universe.  Taa II.

The Sentinel of the Spaceways made his way toward the giant world-ship once called   home by Galactus.  Taa II was the greatest technological object in the universe.  Single-handedly created by Galactus to pay homage to his homeworld, Taa II was beyond comparison.  Its technology beyond any civilization’s and its size so great, even planets revolved around it.

But as the Silver Surfer arrived, he found that Taa II was no more.  Instead, it was replaced by an enormous cosmic cauldron.  A massive ball of energy that was slowly devouring the entire universe.

As he drew closer, he noticed a familiar form.  It was the being known as Scrier.

“Scrier, can you tell me what to make of this?”

The mysterious being seemed preoccupied, however.  He stood in space staring at the phenomenon in front of him, muttering sounds that the Silver Surfer had never heard of.  Silver Surfer tried to listen to the mystical language, but it only brought him pain.  The sounds struck the Silver Surfer like daggers, piercing his ears.  The unknown language made it impossible for the Silver Surfer to even think.

Trying to end the pain and considering Scrier a potential threat, Silver Surfer shot at him with the Power Cosmic.  The energy blast did little to move Scrier, but it did cause his speech to end.

“Norrin Radd, I apologize.  I was meditating in my native language.  I hope its sound did not cause you too much discomfort.”

“Scrier, what has happened her?”

“I am afraid I have lost.  You are now witnessing the beginning of the end.  I tried my best, but the powers of evil have prevailed once more.”

Silver Surfer was troubled by Scrier’s lack of hope and confused by his vague comments.  “Is that it?  Can nothing be done?  What caused this catastrophe?”

Scrier looked lost in thoughts and physically tired.  “There is no time to answer your questions.  I have done all that I can, but this battle is over.  I have lost, but if I am quick, I can help another.  I just wish this universe could have been spared.”  With that, Scrier disappeared.  Gone to another universe with this one all but forgotten.

Silver Surfer was confused.  He could see now what was happening.  The universe was ending.  This cosmic cauldron was slowly sucking up all matter, like a giant blackhole, while the entire universe was being transformed to pure energy, so it could be fed to the cosmic cauldron more easily.  This was the end, but why?  Who had caused this?

Silver Surfer saw no other option but to soar into the center of the storm.  He began to move closer to the cosmic cauldron.  The closer he got, the more it drew him near, until it sucked him in.  The energy within it pulled at his very being.  He felt himself losing, his body coming apart.  He felt pain unlike anything he had ever felt before. 

Then he felt a second pull on his body, one connected to a voice, “SILVER SURFER, I UNDERSTAND THE PAIN YOU FIND YOURSELF IN.  I TOO GROW WEAK.”

“Who is this?” the Silver Surfer cried.


“Can you explain what is happening?  If you are in pain, then this truly must be the end.”


“What do you mean?”


“You want me to be the Galactus of the next universe?!”  The Silver Surfer was horrified by the thought.  He could not wish himself to have such duties or responsibility, but he felt the pain of the cosmic cauldron even more now.

He received no answer from Eternity, he just felt his hand pull his at being even more.  He focused his energy but could not resist both Eternity and the cosmic cauldron’s devouring force.  

He could do no more.  His body was consumed.  The Silver Surfer was no more, but his board remained.  With his last breath, he sent his board flying into space at speeds faster than light, escaping the cosmic cauldron, to carry out the final command of the Silver Surfer.

Red Shift watched as the cosmic cauldron grew in size.  A smile covered his face, as he gazed at his achievement.  His master would surely be pleased and he would be rewarded for his accomplishment.

As the universe continued to move toward its inevitable end, Red Shift used his cosmic sword to slice a rift in the universe.  His mission in the universe was complete.  It was now time for him to move to the next battle.

To Be Continued!

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