Maximum Vengeance #2

Written by R.A. Sidor, Edited by Marvelite
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Continued from Maximum Vengeance #1

Chapter THREE

The Avengers Mansion in New York now held four guests, Tigra, Photon, Jack of Hearts, and Thor.  They were members of the new Avengers Infinity team.  Starfox and Moondragon were at their homes on Titan. The current Avenger roster consisted of the Wasp, Iron Man, Warbird, Goliath, the android Vision, the Scarlet Witch, and the newcomer Triathlon. 

They were gathered in the conference room.  The Wasp sat at the end of the table; she had just finished her review of Quasar's message.  "The Kree are more powerful then ever and Ronan seems to be obsessed with conquering the other civilizations of the galaxy."

"It's like the Kree-Shi'ar War all over again," Iron Man noted.

Goliath nodded, "Except this is slightly worse.  This time the Kree are waging war with the whole universe."

Wasp continued, "I've contacted Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.  He's willing to travel to Quasar and make an attempt to extract the Ego spores.  The Thing will travel with him.  The Silver Surfer is with Quasar now."

Wasp was interrupted the communications screen lit up behind her.  A man in an army uniform appeared.  Explosions rocked the background.  "This is the military base in the Nevada desert.  We're under attack by alien soldiers. Come quick!" then static appeared on the screen.

"Those 'alien soldiers' in the background appeared to be Shi'ar commandos," said Vision in a mechanical voice.

"I'm afraid we'll have to be delayed in seeing Quasar," Wasp said, "Everyone to the quinjet bay!"

The Avengers quinjet shot out of the launch bay two minutes later, it sped into the sky. The Infinity team members stayed behind at the mansion in case more emergencies arose.  The Avengers jet landed outside the military base ten minutes later.

The Avengers stormed out of the jet.  The fence surrounding the base had been blown apart.  They heard gunshots going off from inside.  "At least we're not too late," Triathlon said.

A man ran towards them, it was the officer who contacted them earlier, "I'm Major Baxter.  The aliens are after our nuclear generator!  They're in the sub-basement."

Baxter led Wasp and the others to the underground level.  All about on the steel floor lay unconscious soldiers.  There were about ten Shi'ar commandos.  "It's the Avengers!" one cried with alarm.

"Avengers Assemble!!" Iron Man shouted.  The Avengers attacked.

Triathlon jumped up into the air, his legs came out and kicked two Shi'ar soldiers' unprotected faces.  The Vision shifted his density to that of air.  He placed his arm through a soldier and solidified it in the man's chest.  He screamed and passed out.  Wasp stung another just below the chin.  Goliath increased his height and plowed through the remaining soldiers.

The leader stood up, "We surrender."

"Like you had a choice," Warbird quipped.

"I am Commander Corbin.  We do not mean your planet any harm."

"Then why were you trying to steal a nuclear generator?" asked the Scarlet Witch.

Corbin sighed heavily, "We needed duplicate it.  That is the only way to power the laser cannons we have designed that can break through the Kree's shields.  I am terribly sorry, but these are desperate times.  We placed your planet in danger coming here.  The Kree will now believe you're the Shi'ar's allies."

Iron Man shrugged, "It doesn't matter does it?  The Kree are planning to invade Earth anyway, just like they intend to do to everyone else." 

Within the hour they returned to Avengers Mansion.  The Shi'ar strike force returned to their ship in Earth orbit.  Corbin agreed to stay behind and offer aide to the Avengers.

"We're in the battle for our lives.  Us against the Kree," Goliath said.

"I'll call in the reserve Avengers," replied Wasp, after the meeting.  Quasar would have to wait a little longer.

Forty minutes later, the mansion was packed.  Captain America was the first to arrive.  He was soon followed by Starfox, Hercules, She-Hulk, Sersi, Quicksilver, Spider-Woman, the Black Knight, U.S. Agent (surprisingly), the Black Widow, and Falcon.  They went directly to the auditorium.  Wasp stood up front at the podium.  She was about to speak but an intruder burst into the room!

"Hey, Waspie!" the familiar voice of Hawkeye rang out.  "You can't have an Avengers convention without ol' Hawkeye, can ya?"

Hawkeye greeted his old friends and took a seat.  "I thought you were with the Thunderbolts, Clint?" wondered Captain America.

"Yeah, well I figured I could take a brief break to help out my Avengin' pals.  This sounds pretty big.  These new Kree guys aren't pushovers." 

Wasp continued her speech.  She informed the new arrivals of the situation with the Kree.  She spoke about Quasar's recent attack by Kree troops and Ronan's involvement.  Commander Corbin then spoke about what he knew about the Supreme Intelligence's plans for the Kree.  

"For our current situation I am stepping down as chairperson of the Avengers.  Captain America will replace me for this operation," Wasp told them.

Captain America walked over to the podium.  "We will be divided into two groups.  One will stay on Earth in the event that we are attacked here.  The rest will launch into space.  Our destination is the Shi'ar home world.  We will offer what aide we can to Lilandra.  Doctor Pym will join Reed Richards in trying to free Quasar of Ego.  We've got our work cut out for us, folks.  Let's stop these Kree," he paused, "Avengers Assemble!"

Chapter FOUR

The Shi'ar Throneworld remained untouched by the Kree forces.  Lilandra stood on the balcony of the royal palace staring at her world.  She knew that the Kree would be planning the planet's invasion soon.  They had already conquered seventy percent of the Shi'ar colonies and twenty-five percent of the galaxy in a matter of weeks.

Gladiator stepped out onto the balcony by Lilandra, "I received word from the Avengers, under Captain America's command.  They are going to launch into space in two groups.  The others will stay behind and defend Earth.  Commander Corbin is with the squad of Avengers that Iron Man is leading."

Lilandra nodded, "I heard.  Captain America's group is coming here to the throneworld to offer what help they can.  Iron Man's group is going to remain in space and follow the progress of Ronan's fleets."

Gladiator noted the Shi'ar Ruler's mood, "Will you be all right?"

Lilandra put her head down sadly, "I'm fine.  It's just that for the first time I fear for my people's lives.  I know we faced the Kree before but then they served no threat.  Since they evolved they have become more cruel and warlike."

"We'll beat them.  There is no way they can challenge the entire galaxy."

As Lilandra and Gladiator spoke, Ronan sat aboard the Conquest.  The single battleship had just annihilated an entire Kymellian armada.  The other ships in Ronan's fleet wanted to join in the battle but he felt confident that the Conquest was capable of doing it itself.  He was proved correct.

Now space was littered with pieces of Krymellian space craft and debris.  Ronan smiled at his ship's power, "Any lifesigns detected?"

First Officer Del-Mor checked his computer console, "Five Krymellians still live.  They are located in the life pod thirty degrees to starboard.  Orders, sir?"

Ronan considered it for a moment, "Bring them aboard.  I'm feeling merciful."

Ten minutes later, Ronan entered the prison level.  It was rather small because Ronan usually doesn't take prisoners.  He stood outside the surviving Krymellians' cell.  

The captain looked into the Accuser's eyes with a deep hatred, "You will pay for your crimes, Kree.  The Intergalactic Council will plan an all out assault against your kind!"

Ronan laughed, "The Intergalactic Council is no more.  Their meeting place is now nothing more then crater on Selandiar.  Don't fret though, Krymellia will soon fall in a similar fashion."

Ronan turned to Del-Mor, "Inform Sintariis of our progress."

The Sanctuary II slowly cruised through space.  Thanos sat at in his private quarters; he was at his desk staring out his view port.  His pirate crew had just defeated a small Kree transport ship and he was waiting to hear that the prisoners were brought aboard.  A beep sounded from the doors and he allowed the person to enter.

It was his lieutenant, a Krylor woman named Nartissa.  "We have the Kree crew in the holding cell.  They are unwilling to give any information concerning Ronan's fleet."

Thanos stood up and followed Natissa into the corridor and to the lift which began to take them down.  "I will have to convince them to talk then."

"Money?" Nartissa asked.

Thanos shook his head, "No, a much better tool for convincing.  Pain." The lift doors opened and they stepped out.

The three Kree lay on the floor.  Their ankles and wrists restrained with steel bindings.  They began to tremble upon seeing Thanos emerge from the lift.  One man actually cried.  He hoped he would never have to come across the Mad Titan who worshipped Death.

Thanos stood just inches from their heads, "I will ask only once.  Where is Ronan the Accuser's fleet?"

The first Kree stammered that he didn't know.  Thanos stomped his foot down to increase their fear.  "DO NOT LIE TO ME, FOOL!!!  You wear the uniform of a Kree captain.  You would therefor be informed of the main fleet's movement!  Now tell me!"

The Kree captain shook his head, "Let us go please!  Don't kill us."

Thanos was annoyed.  He raised his booted foot once more and held it over the second officer's head.  Without saying a word he smashed his foot down. Nartissa immediately looked the other way.  She heard an awful crack sound.  She glanced down at the bloody mess.  

"Is my point clear now, Kree scum?" Thanos asked in a voice that threatened to give out the same punishment as the helpless officer had just received.  

The captain didn't say a word.  Thanos lifted up the second officer and threw him against the wall.  He then motioned to Nartissa.  She swiftly drew her blaster and let off a single shot.  She aimed down, then, at the captain's chest. 

"I'll tell you whatever you need to know.  Just don't hurt me," the captain murmured in disbelief.

"You won't be harmed as long as your useful to me so you better hope you have a lot of information that is of value to me," Thanos replied.

Thanos and Nartissa walked away, leaving the captain alone.

Two Avengers quinjets shot into space, Earth floated behind them.  The first craft held Captain America, Starfox, Warbird, Hercules, Jack of Hearts, and Hawkeye. The second shuttle was occupied by Iron Man, Sersi, Thor, Photon, Vision, Black Knight, Wasp, and the Shi'ar commander, Corbin.

A third one would be leaving soon with Goliath, Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm.  They would be traveling to Quasar's place of exile in hopes of removing the Ego spores from the Cosmic Avenger.  There they would also meet up with the Silver Surfer and probably Kree soldiers who were interested in the spores to re-grow Ego as their own weapon. The two quinjets went in opposite directions, awaiting the order. Finally, Captain America's voice came over the radio, "Let's go, Avengers!" The quinjets made the jump into subspace and disappeared.

On Earth, at Avengers Mansion, U.S. Agent was in command of the "Earth-Force" Avengers.  Triathlon manned the communications room ready to receive any distress calls.  In the quinjet bay, Goliath was helping Doctor Richards load his lab equipment onto an available jet.  The Thing sat in the cockpit, impatiently waiting for them to be finished.

"Whaddya need all those gismos fer, Strectho?  It's not like we're goin' to a science convention!"

Reed shook his head, "Don't mind, Ben, Hank.  He is not the most understanding person to work with," he said to Goliath.

"Don't worry about it.  The Hulk was a lot like that."

Quicksilver and his sister, the Scarlet With, came to see the three off.  They wished Goliath's little team luck and the quinjet blasted off into the sky.

The Conquest sat quietly in space.  About one hundred Kree battleships rested behind the Conquest.  "Status report?"  Ronan ordered.

Del-Mor looked up from his station, urgently.  "I am detecting a small vessel coming out of subspace!"

"Who is it?!"

"It's an Avengers quinjet!" Del-Mor answered.

Iron Man and Corbin sat in the quinjet's cockpit.  The front window was filled with the Kree warships.  "I think we made a wrong turn!" Black Knight said.

Ronan bolted out of his chair, "Blow them out of the stars!"

Nearby, behind a moon was the undetectable hiding place of the Sanctuary II.  "It's an Avengers quinjet!" Nartissa cried out.

"Destroy them!" Thanos ordered.

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