Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to issue #32 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, our weekly/biweekly fan fiction webzine.  If you are not familiar with Cosmic Powers Unlimited or would like to go back and read past editions and stories, go to our CPU Archive Page.

This week, we are celebrating the end of Shards of Destiny, our newest Marvel/DC crossover saga!  This special crossover edition of CPU features a new cover by Caleb, the final three chapters of Shards of Destiny, the beginning of three new crossover stories (including one spin-off of Shards of Destiny!), a special crossover parody, and new chapters of War of the Blood Gods and Dusk's End.

This week's final Shards of Destiny chapters feature the final conclusion of this massive Marvel/DC crossover, and possibly the conclusion of both universes involved.  The conclusion begins with issue #17, featuring Spider-Man and Nightwing in Gotham City, as they face Venom and Carnage.  Then, issue #18 features the amazing conclusion that will change both universes forever!  Then, in issue #19, we bring you the aftermath and a look at what's ahead.

Speaking of what's ahead, you can then browse your way over to Batman/Warlock: Soul Brothers, as two new friends find themselves in need of each other's assistance in a new storyline following Shards of Destiny.

In the tradition of the crossover spirit, we also bring you two new cosmic sagas.  The first, The Last Herald of Galactus, takes place in an alternate universe, where Kal-El leads the World Devourer to none other than Earth.  Then, we bring you the Director's Cut to one of our first cosmic stories ever - Cosmic Treasure Hunt, where characters from both the Marvel and DC Universe are thrown into the ultimate contest!

We also have a special cosmic parody of Captain Marvel, through the eyes of Superman, in Bullcrap From Krypton!  Plus, we have a new chapter of War Waged At The Stroke of Midnight, Part One: Dusk's End and another edition of our Beyond Reality story, War of the Blood Gods!

All in this issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!  Now, please be sure and send us your feedback to all the stories at!  Our writers really appreciate your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback.  Thanks and enjoy!

In this issue...

ISSUE  #17: MIRROR, MIRROR by WarlorTVor and Anomaly

When two universes are on the eve of destruction, Spider-Man finds himself within the clutches of the Venom and Carnage in . . . Gotham City?!? Can even Nightwing aide the Web-Head and stop these two madmen from killing each other and destroying the rest of fair Gotham in the process?
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ISSUE  #18: THE GATHERING by WarlorTVor and Anomaly
The cataclysmic conclusion to the story that spanned two universes . . . and that will change the lives both Marvel's and DC's heroes FOREVER!
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ISSUE  #19: EPILOGUE by WarlorTVor and Anomaly
The end of all is upon our heroes and villains alike, as they now found themselves thrusted in a universe unlike none other. And what is the true fate of Access? All is revealed within!
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ISSUE  #1 by Anomaly
There's something evil brewing and it's going to take the combined might of Adam Warlock and the Batman to stop it.  This first issue features the powerful group of ideas called the Endless: Dream, Despair, Death, Destiny, Destruction, Desire and Delirium plus a couple of cameos by two special guest stars, as it follows the conclusion of Shards of Destiny!
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Issue #1 by Dannell Lites
Taking place in a Elseworlds Universe, the Last Herald of Galactus is none other than Kal-El.  Now, what will happen when he guides his master toward earth?  Find out in the first chapter of this new story by Dannell Lites, writer of Praetor: A Tale of the Imperial Guard!
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Director's Cut #1 by Mark Rosendorf and Alex Soto
One of our first fan fiction stories ever returns with a special Director's Cut of Cosmic Treasure Hunt, a Marvel/DC crossover by Mark Rosendorf and Alex Soto (of Elders Quest!).  In this first chapter, characters from both universes disappear and are thrown into a new contest to come!
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Written by Fred Walker
Writer Fred Walker presents a special comical look at the world of Krypton, as Superman tells the story of one of Krypton's greatest heroes - Captain Marv-El in this special cosmic crossover parody, Bullcrap from Krypton!
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War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight
Part One: Dusk's End - Chapter Eight by Azmodi
Who has the power to injure a Herald of Galactus? And what does the creature that did it want with the Silver Surfer? Whose side will the High Evolutionary choose in this great war, and what does Magneto have to with it all of this? Find out in this exciting chapter of Dusk's End!
~Click here to go to Chapter 8 of Dusk's End~
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~Story continues from The Twilight War and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~

Beyond Reality
Featuring Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories.

written by Grim (Drunk Thanos)
In this issue, we learn more about just what the creatures on Mars are, and what they want with Earth in issue #4 of this original story by Grim, the writer of Drunk Thanos!
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This week's cover by Caleb, featuring characters from Shards of Destiny!
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This week, we have letters from you on the crossover, Shards of Destiny... now be sure to send us feedback on this week's chapters at 
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