Cosmic Treasure Hunt: The Director's Cut #1

Written by Mark Rosendorf and Alex Soto, Edited by Alex Soto
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

Characters are the properties of Marvel Comics and DC Comics
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Cosmic Treasure Hunt
The Director's Cut

Disclaimer: The following characters belong to Marvel Comics and DC comics. No profit is being solicited for this story.

Author’s comments: The following story is what the authors sort of expected from the Marvel vs DC crossover that took place a couple of years ago. A lot of characters have changed since then. This story is intended as entertainment reading of some of our favorite characters. Please enjoy.

Though I am no longer in contact with the original co-author of this piece, I humbly hope that were he to read my Director’s Cut changes and additions, that he might be proud at the improvement over a piece that we both agreed to and loved creating.

--Alex Soto (Mystic)

<Part I - Prologue> 


The sky glowed with a purple haze as the distant suns began setting. Amidst the desolated planet, in an uncharted region of space, a lone creature walked, seemingly craving the isolation. A faint glow emerged from the haze, glowing brighter at every passing second. The small comet-like light streaked across the sky with a reddish-orange glow as it entered the thin atmosphere of the barren planet. As if it was preordained, the light rattled into the ground with a slight impact at the feet of a stranger. Dust arose from the ground as the falling object buried itself through the soft, untouched soil. A purple colored nebula filled the sky as the darkness engulfed the planet.

Moments passed as the shadowed creature stared at the piece below. A soft wind slowly blew off the dust in the small hole about six inches wide. The light gravity caused the dust to begin to settle as the small particles floated softly to the ground. A small, oval gem glowing an eerie red, stood revealed.

The five moons indigenous to the planet began to appear on the horizon, brightening the sky with their rays of light. The shadows vanished as Judus Traveler emerged from his thoughts and stepped forward. A smile crept on his face as he picked up the gem.

"This will work well indeed," were the words he uttered as the rapidly moving moons reach their apogee. A brilliant flash engulfed the humanoid as the planet reveled in its own illumination. The flash faded.  And with it, the only life essence ever to visit the planet -- gone.

A flicker in a distant world initiates an incontinence of events.  

<End of Prologue>


 <Part II>

Judus Traveler stood atop a large cliff. As his sandal covered feet rustled through the grass, his eyes stared upon a sunrise forming over the forest of trees beneath him. He held up his right fist approximately four inches from his face and looked upon the Infinity Gem that rested inside.

"What you prepare to do, Judus," Scrier's voice came from behind as he approached his leader, "would drain much of your energies and could bring you trouble that even you would not be able to overcome in the near future."

"You sound as if you don't want me to go through with this," Traveler responded, his eyes never leaving the sunrise. "You are my advisor, Scrier, whose opinion I value deeply. But you are just an advisor and my mind is made up."

"But, Judus, the risks..."

"I realize the risks of my actions," Traveler answered, "but is it not always my destiny to take such bold risks and overcome them?  After all, am I not Judus Traveler?"

A moment of silence proceeded as both men watched the sunrise. Scrier broke the silence, "What do you hope to gain from this?"

Traveler's eyes turned towards the pale face of his advisor, "Understanding. Revelations on a confusing subject, the way man thinks. What will motivate some while distracting others?  What will lead one to overcome others with the same or similar gifts?  There is much to be learned by these heroes, Scrier."

"There are some on your list that most would not call 'hero', Judus," Scrier interjected.

"I have been called both hero, villain, neither and both on many different occasions Scrier. I will not classify that title on any of the combatants, not for something this important. In truth, each of them has or is a hero in his own way."

"Then at least follow my advice and contact Chaos and Order. Their approval of your contest could negate many repercussions in the future and you may get away with this."

"Get Chaos and Order to sponsor me?" Traveler laughed. "And how would you suggest I convince them to do this?"

"Can anyone but you find the appropriate words for such a task?" Scrier responded answering the question with a question.

"No Scrier," Traveler held his arms out as he looked up and glowed a yellow aura. "I am Judus Traveler, a man who has walked the universe for many a time. I have seen more, experienced more and survived more than most have. If anyone could do it, it is I."

Scrier watched as his leader glided off the cliff towards the glow of the sun.

<Part III>

[Note: The following takes place before New Gods #12 - M&M]

Apokolips: Thirty seconds before war. One thousand parademons prepared for a boom tube to open and take them to New Genesis where their jobs were simply to cause chaos and destroy. Above, Darkseid and his twenty best parademons stood readily to enter a second boom tube.

"Please Master," Desaad, standing next to Darkseid pleaded, "Let the parademons rampage on New Genesis just a little longer than you are planning. Let them start fires, destroy buildings and..."

"SILENCE, Desaad!!!" Darkseid yelled as he threatened to backhand his flinching lackey. "My parademons' attack on the people of New Genesis is not for your twisted views of amusement of pain and suffering. It is to serve as a distraction long enough for Highfather to send his greatest warriors to defend his people, thereby leaving the Garden of Tranquillity vulnerable for us, on this platform, to invade and conquer!"

"But Master," Desaad begged as he looked up and realized that his master was no longer standing beside him. An alarmed visage contorted Desaad's face as well as the many parademons who had just seen their master disappear right in front of their eyes with no noticeable explanation. 

<Part IV>

[Note: This takes place before R.E.B.E.L.S. #16 - M&M]

"Well, we need the supplies if we’re going to continue our war with L.E.G.I.O.N.," Dox explained to Phase as he piloted the ship from the captain's chair. His tentacles firmly attached to his forehead pores allowed him control of the ship. "And this planet is the most convenient place to get them."

"But, right here at L.E.G.I.O.N.'s home base Dox???  Have you lost your mind?" Phase yelled at him as she paced about nervously.

"It's certainly the last place they would be looking for us," Dox rationalized, calmly and in control.  "Besides, we'll just have Borb teleport in along with Strata right into the weapons' room. Assuming it's still in the same place as when I ran the place, we’ll gather what we need and teleport out before anyone knows that we were even..."

"Before what Dox?  Dox???"  Having not yet locked the ship in geosynchronous orbit, Phase turned from the screen only to realize that the captain's chair was now empty.  "Oh my god!!" Phase yelled as she rushed toward the seat in order to pilot the ship.

Meanwhile, down on the planet, in L.E.G.I.O.N.'s home base, 2nd in command, Darkstar rushed into the main control room, pushing a guard aside and initiating a priority-1 alert.

"This must be those R.E.B.E.L.'s doing. I don't know how but it must be," she muttered under her breath.

One guard mustered up the courage to ask, "What happened, Ma'am?"

"Our Leader, Lyrl Dox, has disappeared right in front of my eyes."

<Part V>

"Thanos' lab; the last time I was here I was seeking advice. A supreme being needing advice..." The irony of his thoughts almost caused a smile to appear on Adam Warlock's face. "Of course that was...two incarnations ago."

He strode across the stairs descending toward the basement, carefully not allowing his staff to hit each step. The stairs lead to an opening and Warlock contemplated a huge underground scientific palace Thanos had apparently built for himself. His experienced eye told him the lab must have been several miles long at least.

"Who would have thought a simple little farm could conceal so much?" he finally said out loud.

"Ahhh. But is it not usually the seemingly smaller things which are of greater value?" replied Thanos. Realizing Warlock already knew of his presence, he stepped away from the shadows behind the staircase, observing the golden warrior. His long red cape hid his strength and physique while his staff stealthily hid his agility and speed.

Thanos, a dangerous and cunning nihilist, was equally observed by his old ally Adam Warlock. He was the mighty Titan known throughout the universe for destruction and evil. His might and strength were second to none. His presence commanded fear from even the most powerful of creatures, yet Warlock was in a different class.

"Why have you summoned me?" Warlock asked, his face betraying no perceivable facial expression change.

"I have found something I thought might interest you." Thanos walked over to a control panel with enough instrumentation to dazzle even the most indifferent. "I trust you recall this receding energy pattern?" A thin large monitor rose form the surface of the control panel as he took off a scanner from his belt and connected it to the instrumentation jacks on the side of the monitor.

A quick glance from Warlock indicated he did as he nodded to the Titan.

"It was recently recorded by my inter-spatial scanner," Thanos replied somberly.

"That would mean they were used in unison recently," Warlock's curiosity peaked.

"Not only that, but observe the energy dissipation scan."

Warlock stepped in closer, now more confident of the Titan and his intentions. "The Infinity gems seem to have a mathematical irrational element. What has happened?"

"I have a couple of theories," he replied as he placed his scanner back on his belt. "None are good."

"Do we have a new threat?" Warlock asked. He was interrupted as he observed the surrounding become blurry and dematerialize. He did not even get a chance to blink before the surrounding materialized once again. The locale however had changed. They were now self contained in an energy sphere. Though usually a bit disorienting, both he and Thanos had teleported enough, willingly and unwillingly, to recognize that they had been transported. Quietly and calmly, they independently began analyzing their new location and surroundings.

Continued in Cosmic Treasure Hunt #2

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