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Thanks! --Marvelite

Apudyukay writes, "shards of destiny is turning out to be one of the best storyline. maybe u can include those characters based from the supernatural on both universe in this one. i guess events like this not only affects major players but also those in the "shadows" so woudnt it be great to add some...anyway have a nice day people and nice to see zauriel finally in here..."

I love arch angels too, especially ones as powerful as him. --WarlorTVor

Cosmic Devourer of OA writes, "I like the story so far but I don't like how your spending so much time on the World War 2 storyline, surely the Apokolips storyline should've lasted longer, also while I'm on the Apokolips story how come you didn't feature Kalibak, Desaad, the Female Furies, Metron etc there were so many great characters that you didn't utilise, also how about DC's cosmic heavies the Quintessence (Ganthet, Highfather Izaya, Shazam, Phantom Stranger & Zeus) why wouldn't you use such powerful characters, I also thought Hourman's Worlogog should've been one of the Shards, anyway I know I've been a little negative but I still do like your story, it's just that the Marvel characters are hogging all of the limelight and I'm getting bored with the never ending World War 2 storyline.  Keep up the good work.

I agree... I should have used more DC characters, especially Desaad and Metron, but keep reading out future crossover stories! --Anomaly

Someone (?) writes, "a ablow to the midsection from a nazi with a rifle takes Namor's
(as in gone toe to toe with the hulk} takes Namor's breath away? C'MON ---otherwise a delightful series as are most I've read in CPFF.Rock On Guys"

Hey, maybe Namor was out of the water too lonh!  Okay, so you get a No Prize for catching that one!  --Anomaly

Scott writes, This looks to be another very exciting story.

Tell us what you think that it's over now, Scott!  We hope you'll still agree it was exciting! --Marvelite

Now, read this week's final conclusion to Shards of Destiny in issue #17, issue #18, and issue #19.  You can also read the beginning of our next Shards of Destiny story, Soul Brothers, and be sure to visit the Marvel/DC Crossover Archive Page for past editions.  And please send us some feedback by sending it to 

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