Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to issue #19 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!

We are devoting all of this issue to the conclusion of our flagship title, Cosmic Union. The Cosmic Union Saga, written by posters from the Silver Surfer Message Board, sparked the creation of the Cosmic Powers Unlimited fan fiction webzine back in September of 1999. This week, we bring you the final two editions of the Cosmic Union Saga, as well as a special alternate ending!

The Cosmic Union also sparked new titles based on the continuity started in it. Several teams, known together as the Protectors of the Universe, were created from the aftermath of the Cosmic Union. These teams include the primary teams of the Powers Cosmic, Spinsterhood, and Star Masters, as well as the Timeless and the Defenders. This week, we also bring you the conclusion of our first Protectors of the Universe (POTU) teams' story-arch, brought to you in Protectors of the Universe #1 and continuing from Powers Cosmic #5, Star Masters #5, and Spinsterhood #5.

Also, we have a brand new Super-Skrull story! And last, but not least, we have issue #2 of the POTU's newest team, the Defenders!

All the above, plus a new cover by Caleb starring all the Cosmic Union characters and some of your feedback, in our special Cosmic Union Special! (Speaking of feedback… keep it coming! E-mail your comments to

Not familiar with the Cosmic Union or the continuation of its continuity, the Protectors of the Universe? See our Cosmic Union/POTU Continuity Page!

And come back next week for Cosmic Powers Unlimited #20 - featuring the conclusion of Elders Quest!

In this issue...


The Union event has passed, but its ramifications can already be felt as the interstellar heroes return to Earth. What use will Adam Warlock have for the data he requests of Sue Richards? (For the answer, read Spinsterhood #5!)
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In orbit above the Earth, a corpse is discovered, a funeral is attended, and the implications of the victim's identity will rock the post-Union Universe in the months to come. Also, Galactus reinitiates his former Heralds, and Norrin Radd learns of Shalla Bal's ultimate sacrifice. Witness history in the making as Epoch forms the Protectors of the Universe!
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Didn't get enough of the Star Masters, Powers Cosmic, or Spinsterhood in their own stories? Then you have come to the right place! This new title is a direct continuation of ALL three titles. It is also a continuation of the currently published Marvel magazines: Thor, Captain Marvel, and Galactus the Devourer! Learn the long-sought identity of the Universal Church's Dark God! And what is the one thing that could keep Eros away from aiding his fellow Protectors? From the pages of Jim Starlin's Warlock, it is the long awaited return of Heater Delight!
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"Future Crimes Part Two: Desperate Times"

Rick Jones says he is willing to do anything to save his beloved, but is he willing to barter with the fate of humanity? Learn the answer, and its implications for two versions of the Defenders!
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Did you enjoy "Gods and Monsters" lo, those many months ago? Read this, the prequel miniseries that answers the question: Why did Klr't go into self imposed exile in the first place? and how will he return in time to save his people?
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With nine contributors, Cosmic Union was surprisingly coherent in its direction. Still, at its culmination, one author envisioned an entirely different resolution, one no less valid than the ending to the saga presented in Cosmic Union #20 & 21. Here for the first time is Asterisk's divergent ending to the Cosmic Union!
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Morfex responds to fanmail pertaining to the Cosmic Union and all it's spin-offs. Hints to future story lines and foreshadowing abound! And witness our first ever, Spatial Deliveries No Prize contest! Be a contributor to the POTUniverse continuity!
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This week's cover features the many stars of the Cosmic Union by Caleb!  See if you can name them all!
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