Cosmic Union - What If? Special #1

Written by Asterisk and edited by Morfex
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

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"What If the Cosmic Union's Ending Had Been Written by Asterisk?"

A Cosmic Union Alternate Ending
Revelations: Mind's End by Asterisk

As we look down upon the Earth, that precious eye of God, we see the forces Thanos, the Grandmaster, Warlock, Galactus, the Star Masters, the Spinsterhood, and the Magus/Goddess merger gathered, they battle as if driven by the deepest passions of the human soul, and they shed more than blood, they shed tears, tears that well from the eyes like waterfalls; they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, if so, than the souls of humanity are sorrow itself. The grand Faltinian known as Dormammu is quickening the union, bringing the dimensions closer and closer to a merger, he already embodies a number of dimension, which will make him all the more powerful as the union settles.

Mages, and sorcerers mention his name in the merest of whispers, the most vile of demons call him master, and even the gods bow to his supremacy, he is Denak, king of the demons, lord of bile. He speaks in a tone indescribable, his voice resonates pure disgust, and evil.

"The time to emerge on Earth is now, our plan will be revealed to the mortals, the revelation will bring far more negativity, far more sorrow than the miniscule skirmish that has now encompassed it. The union is nothing more than a tool, a facade, when it reaches its apex, when the dimensions merge, there will be no ruler of dimensions, there will be only hell. We were once one, we were once Lucifer, Satan, he who fell from grace, we split, to be what we are now, incubating and hatching in different periods, in different Universes, the Living Tribunal made it a task for us to become one again, we had to take advantage of the union, the event that merges all the infiniteverse into one reality, and there have been other unions, but they weren't whole, you see they merged the multiverse, and the multiverse the mortals know of is like unto a grain of sand upon the Earth, when the union finalizes at 1:00 on January 1st of the year 2000, not only will the millenium end, but so will freedom, not only will a new millenium begin, but also a new hell will begin. When the union finalizes all hells will be merged, and the one soul reality will become hell, and we will become one again!," the Legion then readied themselves to reach the Earth, and spoke words which will forever change history, they spoke in union, they legion, "We are forever, we are evil, and we will be as one again.

We now enter onto the soil of the Earth, and permeate it with our essence!," with those words the Legion, all 666 parts enter unto Earth, and a new night will blanket our planet, a night that is forever.

His name was Galan, born unto the planet of Taa in the Universe previous to our own, but as his Universe ended, he became his Universe, and that merger, that essence is now called Galactus, devourer of worlds, he who feasts upon Universes. The nature of Galactus has never been known to any save the Living Tribunal, he who is all. Listen closely as I dictate this entity's awesome birth, a revelation like no other. When the Living Tribunal created the infiniteverse, there was a core to it, in the one core Universe, there was a planet, a planet called Earth, yes Earth, and on that planet Galactus was born, of course that was not his birth name, you see, that boy would grow up to be a philosopher, a prophet, and a scientist, dictating the word of God, he was a mind unlike any other. After time he prophesied the end of all, and it came, the infiniteverse was ending, and as it did, something awoke in the one who would be Galactus, he was filled with a light, a life unlike anything else, it awoke from him, the pinnacle of holiness, the apex of the mind, of the soul, of humanity, and in that moment, the infiniteverse did not end, instead it was absorbed, it was encompassed by this boy, and in that time he became more than the infiniteverse, he was what you call Galactus. The entity known by many names, be it the Living Tribunal, Master Judgement, and Lord Bestower, but whose one true name is Omnius came unto Galactus and told him, he is the light of mankind, the soul of everything personified, he is second only to himself, Omnius, he too is a servant of God, and he had a purpose, one that not only includes this, his origin, but an event that will forever change humanity.

Back on Earth, today, hell has risen anew, the Legion stands before the warring forces that vie for command over the union, but not to be seen by their eyes, for no sense can detect them, no matter how great, but their souls and bodies shiver, and their minds become uneasy, and their emotions sicken. "We must reach the nexus (commanded a shouting Thanos), bring me to the forefront!," "Why should we trust you and you alone, if we go, we go together." spoke Doctor Doom, as his voice is almost drowned out by the sounds of battle, a battle he is fighting. Dormammu is the soul being in the nexus, or is he, the being once known as Ted Sallis, who now commands an aptly given name, that of Man-Thing rises from the algae, and attacks Dormammu, "What is this?" he shouts, "How dare you interfere!," Man-Thing has henceforth only been able to use the fear of his opponents against themselves, but in him lies a soul, a human soul, a soul that cries out, and gathers every ounce of fear across the planet, across the nexus, and that fear is used upon Dormammu, the touch of the Man-Thing burns with a heat, burns with a passion unlike anything else as Dormammu's energy which composed his body, starts to dissipate, but Dormammu fights back, but his power hasn't fully manifested in this Universe, and in a struggle that is as deadlocked as can be, once that seems to last forever in the opponents' minds, but from behind the Man-Thing strikes the personage of the Magus/Goddess merger, and Man-Thing is torn in pieces by the forces they and Dormammu impose upon his being. The Magus/Goddess merger shouts "Now Dormammu, together we can rule everything, join us!," "There will be no joining (commands Dormammu), only, separation!," as Dormammu uses his power to shred the Magus/Goddess merger's body into no more than innards, and flesh, with their bodily fluids spilling and flowing like wine. "I can feel it (shouts Dormammu), the union is upon us....YES, YES the power is mine!!!!," the warring factions turn their heads in awe, and in despair, and charge towards Dormammu, the power surges throughout the air, the infiniteverse merges into a solitary reality, and then time stops, a look of pain and disbelief rages across the face of Dormammu, his eyes glow like fire, and then....

HE EXPLODES!!!! Fire begins to burn across the face of the Earth, the skies turn black, the moon becomes blood, and people everywhere try to commit suicide, but only end up suffering physical disfigurement and pain, families embrace each other as tears trickle down their faces, and cries permeate their homes, television stations broadcast the event to the homes of all people, but they don't need to, because humanity can feel it in their hearts, the world is ending!

Revelation: The Book of the Apocalypse.

From the ground, at the center of human civilization, New York City, there is a well, deeper and darker, and far more malevolent than any concept of a black hole, the ground trembles, water turns to blood, frogs fall from the sky, images of demons form in the static snow that briefly appears across television sets, and computer monitors, crops die, insects thrive, and then from the depths of the Earth emerges Satan, Lucifer, the very embodiment of all that is negative, and demons, and monsters, and horrors of all kinds permeate the Earth, the dead rise and feast off the flesh of the living, and when the people of the Earth, now the sole source of life in the Universe, look upon Satan, pain, sorrow, and torture, pure negativity is formed in their souls, as they are torn apart mind, emotion, body, and soul, even those who cover their eyes are assaulted in the same manner. Unspeakable acts and happenstance are now commonplace upon this now wasteland known as Earth, the defenders are helpless, but the human spirit fights on, as holy men of all religions, as those who represent all that is good rise to fight, even in the souls of the tormented, the human soul, the human mind, the human emotion, and the human body are as one, and fight as one with all that is good, with all that is holy, but it is a battle that varies, as many sinners are overtaken and atheists, and devil worshippers are consumed, the evil are devoured, and those who have sinned upon others, those who have raped, and murdered, and tortured, and mind-raped others know what it is like to be a victim of their own machinations, but to a degree indescribable. All seems hopeless, as even the purest individuals struggle to fight their way to Satan. Humanity though is a great thing indeed, and in this moment of sorrow, a moment when they should be praying for collective death, they pray, pray for deliverance from evil, pray for God, and in that moment the scores of humanity, all those souls who have ever existed know what it is like to be holy, and from the sky a light unlike any other strikes at the darkness and shines through it, cutting it away like a hot knife unto butter, and from that light comes Galactus, who is now known not by name, but by his state of being, his holiness, his goodness, his light, he looks not like the manifestation many have perceived prior, not like the so called devourer of worlds, but like an angel, a being of purity like no other, Lucifer looks upon this angel, as the word of God, of Jesus, of the holy Spirit is delivered unto all creation by this angel, as the essence of humanity's goodness, of their souls, the essence of God itself becomes once again the sword Excalibur, goodness flowing from beyond the infiniteverse from the mind and soul of one boy, one man who writes this passage, these very words that I speak, acting as a channel for the good grace of God from the real world into that which is fiction, and this sword permeates Satan on all levels, and then he who fell from heaven, he who was once in the grace of Omnius, he who was beloved by God is filled with this light, and once again knows heaven, and then in a flash of light that permeates all things, no more, and the planet of Earth, the only thing with life on it in all the infiniteverse is at peace, and in that moment goodness smiles.

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