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Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who has sent us feedback... it's what keeps Cosmic Powers Unlimited fun for us all!  And it helps us know what we are doing right, so tell us what you like... and dislike!

Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail goes to Morfex, co-writer and editor of the Cosmic Union and most of the Protectors of the Universe titles!

Daniel Gordon writes, "Dear Cosmic Folks, I just finished CPU #16 and I have a few questions for you: 1) I love the way you guys tied in Moondragon's current Marvel appearance with the Spinsterhood. Who is the vampire(?) that mind-wiped her? I also love the Kismet time-loop scene. That was excellent...

Morfex: Glad you liked the Marvel Continuity tie-in! It was fun to write. The vampire's identity is revealed in this issue of Protectors of the Universe!

"2) Will there be an upcoming Captain Marvel father/son team-up in CPU?

Morfex: Not in the post Cosmic Union / Protectors (POTU) titles. As within the Marvel Universe's continuity, Mar-Vell's death was tragic, but permanent.

"3) Is Portent a Timeless member or villain? Since he has the Time Gem does that mean the others still exist after the Union as well?

Morfex: Excellent question! Portent is my favorite character appearing in Timeless right now. I believe he may be slotted for membership soon. Anomaly does not seem to consider him a villain. Please note that as of approximately Timeless #7, that series is no longer constrained by the limitations of the POTUniverse. Therefore, Portent's Gem does not exist post-Union.

"4) Who are the alien bad-@$$e$ in the Quasar story and what is there purpose?

Morfex: I'll ask Janus and let you know!! (Kree?)

"5) Who is Galactus' new Herald? Will Terrax ever be freed from his prison?

Morfex: Red Shift (See GTD for details). Eventually, but not soon.

"6) Why do I ask you questions that I know you will answer eventually? Well that's all for now. Keep up the good work!"

Morfex: Because we like to hint & foreshadow!! Thanks!


Kron writes, "nice story .....always entertaining..."

Morfex: Our pleasure!

Arnold K writes, "Great story line, fantastic characters, cosmic levels...when can we expect it in comic form? Very impressed with the continuity... I will read more... thanks... Arnold"

Morfex: You're welcome! Expect the comic as soon as Marvel realizes just how talented we all are! :)

Kron writes, "Very nice... At last we are getting somewhere.....good story"

Morfex: We appreciate your comments. Keep them coming!

The Fool writes, "Brilliant. Simply brilliant!"

Morfex: Praise indeed! Flattery will get you… more fanfic!!

The Fool writes, "Wasn't Monster Island destroyed when Atlantis rose? If so how, how could Warlock go there now? - The Fool"

Morfex: I especially enjoy continuity questions in our fan mail. Let's open it up to the fans! If you can explain this to our satisfaction, we will use your explanation in POTU continuity, and you will earn the first official Spatial Deliveries No-Prize!

Chanan Berkovits writes, "All in all the 15th installment of The Cosmic Union was fantastic. The origin of Tyrant you gave is awesome. I love how you managed to interweave all the aspects of Tyrant's character. The only problems I have with this installment are about the beginning. I thought it was great that Magneto came in for an eleventh hour assist. However, I don't feel he has been portrayed properly. First of all, Magneto wouldn't let inferior humans, especially ones he doesn't know very well, refer to him as "Eric". Secondly, you had Magneto state that he wants to coexist with humans and not to rule, which isn't true. While Xavier wants to coexiist, Magneto does in fact want to rule. To him humans are inferior and are meant to be subjugated by mutants. He wants mutants to rule the Earth. According to your story there should be no reason for him and Prof. X to fight. Other than these two faults this story is amazing. Keep up the good work."

Morfex: As with Peter David's Hulk, Magneto can be open to interpretation. Although I did not write the segment in question, I support that Magneto has indeed worked WITH the X-Men (and even been a member) many times in the past. His granddaughter, Luna, is human. Lee Forrester, his former paramour, is human. He feels he has to rule humans to obtain his goals. I don't believe he wants to, and therein lies the difference. Also, he has worked with the FF on several occasions before. Still, your points are valid ones. Thanks for bringing them up!

Kron writes, "nice story line so far....."

Morfex: Kron, you are our most prolific fan! Care to write some fanfic?


Daniel Gordon writes concerning the Defenders, "Dear CPU Gang, Once again you have a hit on your hands! Defenders #1 was off the hook! I love alternative future-must fight-evil versions-to save the world stories! Not only do we get to see a bunch of people that haven't worked together as a real team, but they are powerless to boot! I can't wait to see what made the Defenders go off the deep end or if this is really an elaborate trick by the Tribunals. Keep it up!"

Morfex: Thank you for your feedback! We hope you enjoy the continuation of that story line in this very issue of CPU!

Philip writes concerning Powers Cosmic, "I love what you have done with the heralds. Keep up the good work in all the POTU stories!"

Morfex: Thank you, Philip. Letters like yours inspire us to continue. Watch out for Powers Cosmic #6, the fanfic sequel to Galactus the Devourer! From the heart of the new Shi'ar star emerges… the humanoid, Galan!?!?

Lancelot writes concerning the POTU titles, "I find the character development of the CPU writers more appealing than that of Marvel! I like the idea of Adam Warlock, Pip, & Gamora re-attaining their original forms...

Morfex: Several Infinity Watch fans disagree with you, Lance, but all I can say is trust me. If you've enjoyed the stories so far, there are more shake-ups and revelations on the way…

"Further, I enjoyed the manner in which the Powers Cosmic attained organic form. However, I dislike the manner in which they avoid the price of their "godhood". They are children of Galactus and evolve toward the stature of their father. With normal power output there seemed little affect only when they, as Terrax did, achieve and utilize Galactus level power did they suffered the hunger. For lesser power levels why would not ambient Power Cosmic suffice as it has previously for the Surfer? This would have left a device for moral ambiguity and exploration.
i.e. an extra-Cosmic threat arises. Do I, a child of Galactus, call upon the higher power available to me and suffer the consequences or do I search for another means? Thus the Powers Cosmic would be both respected and feared, as Adam Warlock is now. Though Warlock is feared more for his deviousness and unpredictability...

Morfex: I wrestled with this, and I agree with you. Expect to see a change in the status of Hyperstorm in Powers Cosmic #8 or 9!

"Speaking of which, why has no one had Warlock re-enter his cocoon and emerge at the next power level. I really liked his character as portrayed in the Ultraverse. Not only had his powers expanded, but he had matured and learned compassion to balance his expedient nature. Finally, Marvel hinted at a future conflict during which Warlock would call in all of his markers. I think CPU would do a much better job than Marvel would have. Plus, Marvel has for all intents and purposes abandoned the character. Why don't you guys show them how it could and should be done?
Thanks to all of you. Lancelot"

Morfex: The Ultraverse Adam was a hit for many Warlock fans. Mature and balanced. Tom Lyle's post-Ultraverse limited series changed the status quo. In the next few issues of POTU, I hope to "undo" that damage and emerge with a more powerful, more balanced Warlock. Oh, and about those markers… Stay tuned…

Carlos Bernabe writes concerning Star Masters, "Liked the story, would love to see it made in a comic book form."

Morfex: We would too! Let's get a petition started! ;) Thank you for your enthusiastic support.

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