Issue #19 Cover

Cover created by Caleb
Cover format and logos created by Caleb and Lord Thanos
Characters are the properties of Marvel Comics

Image created by Lord Thanos

This week's cover is by Caleb and features the stars of the Cosmic Union, including: Nova, Tyrant, Starhawk, Pip, Thor, Phoenix, Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Moondragon, Stranger, Air-Walker, Adam Warlock, Watcher, Terrax, Mephisto, Firelord, Magus, Dormammu, Genis/Captain Marvel, Grand Master, Scirer, Thanos, Silver Surfer, Loki, Shalla Bal, Surtur, Galactus, Korvac, Dr. Doom, Epoch, Beyonder, Gladiator, Maelstrom, Jack of Hearts, Ganymede, Drax, and Kismet!

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I would like information on writing for Cosmic Powers Unlimited.

I would like information on creating art for Cosmic Powers Unlimited.

Issue #19 Cover Cosmic Powers Unlimited Issue #19 Letters and Comments
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