Click here for larger copy of image!We have another great issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited for you this week!

This edition features another issue of The Cosmic Union, as we our only two issues away from the big conclusion!  Look for a big celebration in CPU #19, which will be dedicated entirely to the Cosmic Union and its spin-off titles.

Speaking of Cosmic Union spin-off titles, we have another issue of Star Masters, guest starring the Powers Cosmic and Guardians of the Galaxy!

We are also proud to present new chapters of Elders Quest, Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny, our new title Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday… Bloody Tuesday!" and Drunk Thanos, which features Thanos's first visit to the Infinity Salon!

We hope you enjoy!

Oh, and be sure to send feedback to, we'll be sure to respond to all your letters in our feedback column, Spatial Deliveries, this week featuring Shards of Destiny writer Jim Seals!

In this issue...


In this week's segment, the heroes and villains enter the Nexus of All Realities in time to witness the culmination of the Cosmic Union event! But can the rampant energies be manipulated for good or evil?
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In this week's segment, a reunion of heroes brings about new tensions, Quasar begins to suspect his allies, Sif and Jack of Hearts clash, Malevolence is nearly unmasked, and the team is trapped on the surface of Sirus X! Guest starring members of the Powers Cosmic and the Guardians of the Galaxy!
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Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #4
Gambit Part Two: The Clavier's Arrived

Our new Marvel/DC crossover saga continues... this edition continues the battle between Galactus and the God-Stalker, as the Fantastic Four and Green Lantern join in!
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Silver Surfer/Thor
"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 2

Our new cosmic saga featuring the former Herald of Galactus and the God of Thunder continues in Chapter 2, where Thor calls upon the help of the Silver Surfer to save earth!
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Mystic's Elders Quest Saga comes closer to an end in Chapter 11 of this 13-part sequel to Marvel's classic Thanos Quest mini-series.  This edition features Moondragon, Drax, and several Elders in a decisive battle to this cosmic chess match.

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Drunk Thanos visits the Infinity Salon to get a haircut and learns what troubles a barber goes through when cutting the hairs of heroes and villains.  You won't want to miss this hilarious edition of Drunk Thanos, guest starring Moondragon!
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This week, we have responses to your feedback on the Shards of Destiny by Jim Seals!  Also, please be sure you leave all our authors your comments at the end of every story you read or by e-mailing cpufeedback@yahoo.comThanks!
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This week's cover is by Rai, featuring Quasar from Star Masters and one of the Marvel/DC brothers in Shards of Destiny!
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