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Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail goes to Jim Seals, co-writer of the Marvel/DC crossover, Shards of Destiny!

Todd Nelsonemail writes, "I have really like the storyline so far, though you missed bits like when Green Lantern & Silver Surfer actually helped the God Stalker defeat Galactus, when on New Genesis I can't wait to see Thor talking to Highfather, will the Highfather be Izaya or Takion?, also have Thor battle Orion (and kick his ass) and Hulk battle Kalibak (awesome), at the moment your Marvel characters far out number your DC characters but I suppose when the New Genesis / Apokolips characters come into the picture this with definately change, keep up the great work on this story (it's awesome) far better than any published DC/Marvel crossover, you should go professional?"

Thank you for your high praise, Todd. And there will be an Orion/Thor confintation, I assure you of that. I hope you will continue to read and enjoy the story as much as we did making it. --Jeff

Keith Chism writes, "This is good! I have to admit that I'm not that big 'a fan of publisher crossovers, but this one has made me rethink. Keep up the great work, I can't wait for the next chapter! See ya around, Keith"

Thank you for your kind words of support and admiration. --Jeff

KirkJay writes, "Oh man! What a climax! Beatifully crafted but who is God-Stalker anyway?"

God-Stalker is a Celestail, hell-bent on destroying all that the Celesitals have done and created. If you wish for some more insight, I suggesst you read Morfex's POTU Spotlight #2 - Super Skrull (click here to go there now!), that's how I discovered the charecter and its a good read. --Jeff

Todd Nelson writes, "Great Story lets get to the action."

How's this for action, Todd, Captain America and Batman invading a Nazis stronghold, Logan embarking on a dangerous spy mission, all reality hanging on the shoulder's of the Dark Knight and Adam Warlock, a confintation in subterfage with Darksied and Thanos pulling the strings, Green Lantern and the Silver Surfer going upagainst a being of almost godlike power and that's the tip of the ice berg? :) --Jeff

jim writes, "i am enjoying this. keep up the good work!!!"

It fills my heart with delight at your kind words of encouragment. --Jeff

Morgan Smith writes, "This will be a story to remember. I loved the first installment of the story and part two was just as good. I hope we get treated to many diverse characters in the stories coming up maybe a few we haven't seen in a while. Keep up the excellent work!"

Well Jeff and I tried to bring in charecters that are different in many ways. Nick Fury comes to mind, as does the Marvel's Invaders, we brought in a pre-Wolverine Logan, and that's just naming a few. --Jeff

Todd Nelson writes, "UNREAL, you guys should have your own book, Marvel/DC could'nt & haven't done better, I like the idea of not too many heroes Cap, SM, WW, Thor, GL, Hulk, BM & Surfer were great popular choices though guest starring Flash, Reed Richards, Prof X, Dr Fate & Dr Strange are a must, this is a great story so far, it'll be interesting to see what will happen also you should show reactions from the heroes on both Earth's, I hope both Universes Merge into one, that's how the two companies should be anyway."

Fear not true beiliver! The charecters that you have mention are all wonderful charecters and Reed Richards will be featured along side the rest of the Fantastic Four! Also     Flash will appear in the final chapters, he is more eulded to rather than mentioned. Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate will have a major role not in Shards of Destiny but a sequal that is all ready in the works, where the two have to team up with the likes of Doctor Victor von Doom and Zeruail to combat Kthullis, a being of great power, who shall feat upon all life on earth if released. And you will see in the coming months while the two worlds now merged into one must use corapteraion to survive. I've been playing with the idea of Superman and some of the more well established names on the JLA must work with the X-Men to once and for all stop the Sentenial threat. And there will be a war of bibilical propertions throughout the universe, to determine who shall rule. --Jeff

Morgan Smith writes, "The first chapter was amazing! I how it gave a little in sight on who the brothers are and what the shards were. I can't wait for the second part to come out. "

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. --Jeff

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