Click here for larger copy of image!At long last, it's Cosmic Powers Unlimited #15 (sorry for the delay, folks!) If you are new to our fan fiction webzine, check out our Introduction Page to Cosmic Powers Unlimited! Otherwise, check out all that we have in store for you in this exciting new issue!

This week, we have six new, exciting stories, including another chapter of our dynamic flagship title, The Cosmic Union.   We also have the final chapter of our first Powers Cosmic storyline!  This issue is big and blends our Cosmic Unionverse continuity with Marvel's (hint: this story takes place right before Galactus: The Devourer!)  Besides the regular Powers Cosmic members (the former heralds of Galactus), this story also stars Dr. Doom, Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, and the Living Tribunal!

Outside our Cosmic Unionverse continuity, we have a new chapter of our Marvel/DC cosmic crossover, Shards of Destiny!  This issue stars the Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, as well as Galactus and the Celestial, God-Slayer!  Then, in Elders Quest, the heroes form a strategy to defeat the Elders, as the direction of the story takes a new twist.

In Quasar, our hero tries to rebuild his life, while helping out the SHIELD at the same time.  The story also guest-stars Iron Man!  And The Ebon Dreams and Ivory Prizes story continues in Matt Hamilton's Midnight Sun, guest starring the Kree and Inhumans! 

All of this, plus a cover with Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Midnight Sun!  Hope you enjoy it all!  Please take the time to leave the authors your comments (even a simple "Great job!" will do!). You can send them at the bottom of every page or by e-mailing We really enjoy all the feedback and will be sure to answer it in our letter column, Spatial Deliveries!  You can also e-mail if you are interested in writing or creating cover for us!

Thanks… and enjoy the show!

In this issue...


In this week's segment of Cosmic Union, the vampiric Soul Gem entity makes its move! The heroes return from Taa II with their new ally Tyrant? The Silver Surfer, silver no more? Also, Thanos reacts to a betrayal within his Dark Circle. The players in the complex game of manipulating the Union finally fall into place for the ultimate confrontation.
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Voracity, Final Chapter: "Energy Manipulation"

In this week's segment of Powers Cosmic, the conclusion to the Five-Part "Voracity." Reed Richards and Doctor Strange guest star as Starglow continues her quest to save her teammates, the former heralds of Galactus, from the Hunger! Shalla Bal may be too late to help one of her comrades from becoming what he hates most. With cameos by the Living Tribunal and Hyperstorm.
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Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #3
Gambit Part One: Treachery

Our new Marvel/DC crossover saga continues... this edition focusing on DC's Green Lantern, Marvel's Silver Surfer, and his former master, Galactus... as well as a certain Celestial called the God-Stalker!
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Mystic's Elders Quest Saga continues with many of your favorite Marvel characters.   This week includes: Thanos, Warlock, Silver Surfer, Captain America, the Scarlet Witch, and more, as this 13-part saga moves into a new direction in Chapter 9: Giuco Piano!

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In this second story of our new, on-going series, Quasar tries to help the S.H.I.E.L.D. and solve the mysteries surrounding issue #1's events, while trying to re-establish his life as Wendell Vaughn with some help from Iron Man!
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"Part 4 of Ebon Dreams and Ivory Prizes"

In this forth chapter of Matt Hamilton's first Midnight Sun story, "Ebon Dreams and Ivory Prizes," the mute hero goes up against the Kree!  Also guest-starring the Inhumans and a familiar villain!
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This week's cover is by Marvelite, featuring a picture of Silver Surfer and Galactus, drawn by Moebius and created by Lord Thanos, as well as an original artwork of Midnight Sun by Matt Hamilton!
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