Terrax the Tamer!

A mutant despot with the ability to control rocks and earth Terrax was sought out by Galactus and drafted into service. The World Devourer had thought that a ruthless being such as Terrax would serve him well , having no qualms about killing anyone. Augmented by the power cosmic The new heralds mutant ability was enhanced beyond belief. But with more power came more ambition. Terrax had a taste for power and a hatred of servitude. When ever possible he would stray from his master's side to engage in his own pursuit of power and wealth. Eventually angered by his insolence and disobedience Galactus stripped him of cosmic power.

The Heralds of Galactus

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Galactus with his first herald.  More of Galactus at the Greatest Foes Gallery!
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Galactus's second herald - Gabriel, the Air-Walker!
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Galactus's third herald - Firelord!
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The fifth herald of Galactus, Terrax the Tamer!
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More of Nova at The Women of Silver Surfer Gallery!
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Morg, the seventh and most recent herald to Galactus!
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Probably the least known herald of Galactus is the Destroyer.
Much More To Come!
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