As a rebel warrior, then traitor turned executioner Morg's only alliance was to power. He learned the true meaning of power when Galactus came to consume his world. Refusing to die on his knees no matter the odds He attacked the World Devourer. Amused at his audacity an audacity not unlike a former herald. Galactus spared Morg's life for his own purposes. But unlike his many of his other heralds Morg lacked any semblance of morality. This linked to his depravity made him a cosmic powered killing machine, slaughtering whole civilizations under the guise of subduing the populace for his master. Despite his psychotic nature Morg has been the most faithful of heralds to Galactus. He refused to betray him to Tyrant despite torture and mind control and came rushing back to his master's side as soon as he broke free. When Morg sought the Ultimate Nullifier, it was in an effort to come to the unbidden aid of Galactus. Perhaps since his only loyalty is to power, when he saw The Mighty one refuse to use the awesome power of this weapon against his foe he felt betrayed, for he set it off and fled...

The Heralds of Galactus

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Galactus with his first herald.  More of Galactus at the Greatest Foes Gallery!
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Galactus's second herald - Gabriel, the Air-Walker!
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Galactus's third herald - Firelord!
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The fifth herald of Galactus, Terrax the Tamer!
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More of Nova at The Women of Silver Surfer Gallery!
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Morg, the seventh and most recent herald to Galactus!
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Probably the least known herald of Galactus is the Destroyer.
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