Gabriel - The Air-Walker!

    Gabriel Lan was an explorer and a warrior when Galactus came and took him for his herald. As time passed they became more than servant and master. Many was the time they sat and talked Galactus telling Gabriel about his many journeys through out the cosmos. Air Walker's Loyalty and bravery were exceptional. Perhaps since the betrayal of his previous herald Galactus did not imbue Gabriel Lan with as much power as the Surfer. For when defending his master Air Walker fell in battle. Their relationship must have been special to The World Devourer for he made an android body for the Air Walker and down loaded the thought patterns of Gabriel into it. But something, some spark was missing for he was never the same. The android was destroyed twice before being downloaded into the mainframe of The World Ship of Galactus. Whether Air Walker was destroyed for a final time when the Ultimate Nullifier went off has yet to be seen.


The Heralds of Galactus

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Galactus with his first herald.  More of Galactus at the Greatest Foes Gallery!
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Galactus's second herald - Gabriel, the Air-Walker!
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Galactus's third herald - Firelord!
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The fifth herald of Galactus, Terrax the Tamer!
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More of Nova at The Women of Silver Surfer Gallery!
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Morg, the seventh and most recent herald to Galactus!
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Probably the least known herald of Galactus is the Destroyer.
Much More To Come!
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