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Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by Marvelite
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At the end of Silver Surfer Vol. 1 Issue #18 (published in 1970 and written by Stan Lee), the Silver Surfer, still trapped on earth for betraying Galactus and still feared and hated by all of society, declared revenge on the human race.  This is a continuation of that series.

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"The Eye That Sees All" Part 1


 'Twas good to ride the cosmic winds again! My Heart is light again, after what I have gone through…

The Silver Surfer's stance on his board showed that he was deep in thought, reflecting what has happened to him in the last few days… The barrier has been breached but to what cost did he achieve his freedom?

He is on his way to Zenn La to start anew, to reacquaint himself with his beloved Shalla Bal!

So deep in thought was he that he missed the birth of a new Star! The Cosmic "stuff of life" was ejected from the near by nebulae. Hydrogen Coalesced causing that spontaneous combustion that would give life, if the billion to one odds came true to one of the slowly cooling satellites that is starting to maintain a stable orbit 93 million miles from its newly formed Sun.

All this happened in the Blink of an eye, a blink that the Surfer could have observed. If he had, he would no doubt stay to witness the formation, but Alas the Surfer's mind was else where?

The Surfer's revere was broken as "his" board; the board that was the very essence of himself slowed down, coming to an abrupt halt without command.

What is this, my board failing to accept my command? No one has the right to take what is rightfully mine!

Within his mind he heard voice that spoke. " Fear naught he who will atone for his sins, fear naught he who will become something more? Your board is e'er yours but he will listen to a "Just" cause, hence the board stopped at mine own request?"

Am I going mad? Is the Loneliness of the space-ways getting to me this soon?

"Nay guilt ridden one, thine own sanity is without Question, mayhap I should visit you in the conventional manner! He who was Norrin Radd prepare thyself for the Lord of hosts, prepare for he who is the Will, the Word and the Way that is Asgard."

Asgard... Only a few months ago was I there battling the God of Thunder, Thor, because of the deception of his brother Loki, the God of Mischief.

[Editors note: See Silver Surfer Vol. 1 #4 by Lee and Buscema or read our review. - All-knowing James!]

Who is this being who calls me these names, what is he talking about being the Guilt ridden one or he who becomes something more?

Around the Surfer and his board did a sphere start to form, the Surfer almost panicked because the sphere looked like a barrier, a barrier that he so recently escaped from. He gathered the "Power Cosmic" in readiness should the sphere have a malevolent intent.

Within the sphere oxygen formed and when the sphere was filled did a gash in space form and from that gash did a man of mature years with one eye step forth!

"Without oxygen the Word physically cannot be spoken!"

"'Tis I Odin, father and liege to Thor, Lawgiver and king to all that is Asgard! Thou wert granted a boon many months ago e'en though thou wert not aware of it but through thine own nobility did thou vanquish Evil! For Granting that boon comes a payment in kind… 'Tis required?"

"I thank you Lord Odin for your non interference and allowing me to see through the Evil haze of Loki but I am on an errand myself."

"Fear naught he who once again will be the Sentinel of the Space-ways, if thou wilt come with me, time will stand still for the nonce! Once your task is completed time for you whilst commence again from this very point!

The Surfer walked though the now reformed Gash not because of the repayment in kind but because he thought he owed something to Odin's son, Thor!

As the creatures passed through the Gash, One borne of Majiks and One borne of Science… the Gash closed!

1: All that Glitters may be Gold

The beings of Science and Majiks passed though "limbo" in a moment of no time! The Gash re-opened to a desolate place, water filled at a time when the Sun is about to rise! The Surfer took the first step, and soon realized his mistake because he was on the other side of the Gash now!

"Alas "Midgard's blessing" I cannot pass though, for there is much a-do and time is awaistin! This much will I tell… Go to Gimli and talk to "just as high," she will tell you what you need to know of this time and Circumstance! Fare yea well he who will seek out evil and free the "Blessed," go and seek as yea must for penance awaits thee!" Odin winked out of existence.

In the future the Surfer will question the Enigmatic reasoning of Omnipotent or near omnipotent creatures, but right now Odin leaving for his own reasons didn't phase him in the slightest. With his limited knowledge of Asgardians and Odin himself he tried to figure out the turn of events. After a moment of pause the Surfer surveyed his surroundings preparing to make his first step in this World! Mayhap he could find this "Gimli" and within that Hall he may find a person or creature that will give him more information to carry out the task that has been given!

Odin left the Surfer and went back to the Future! Odin paid no heed to the peoples who greeted him, he had an agenda and to the peoples they knew his mission must be of great import because he was heading for Mimir's Well!

In days of yore Mimir's well and the root of Yggdrasil were open to the skies of Asgard, but in this time Valaskjalf, the Hol of Odin protects and covers them! Odin didn't mince words, but declared his mindset thus!

"What say you… Mimir, dost thou have any suggestions for thine own protector?"

"Suggestions doth come at a price, Oh great one! Remember the price for what was given in the time of yore? Mayhap giving up your one and only eye would be sufficient payment?"

"Remember thine own pact Mimir, the payment was given! Thou shalt honor yours, remember thy station, 'twould be wise not to exalt thyself any higher than what you are!"

"'Twould seem thou hast the better measure of the bargain Aud-Father! We both have a measure of each other when it comes to wisdom and you have the foretelling of thine own self and thy wife but this I will tell… In the time of yore dist thou take advantage of the Prophesies and from the "Rack and Ruin" of Ragnarok did you create the new pantheon that exists today. This and more dost thou know but Yggdrasil's father is reconsidering what was done and for that he has played his hand again!"

"A choice dost thou have to make! Which choice I know not but either your Son has to survive the onslaught as a Babe and or Baldur has to leave the realm of eternal sorrow, either one and Sol's daughter shall take her mothers place, causing the waters to recede on Asgard and the Middle Garden!

Yggdrasil's Father is well aware of your machinations and will prevent you from helping thy son. He is e'en aware of Baldur's champion…

Odin looked shocked!

… "He is e'en aware of the gleaming ones uncertainty, the Silver Surfer as he is wont to be known will have a choice to make himself, hence the non interference from Yggdrasil's father! Everything is left to fate, a sequence of circumstances that shall or shall not happen, for that I advise you crave for a boon! Pray to he who is above the Gods cause if the boon is not granted we shalt not see tomorrow!"

Odin wasn't pleased with what he heard, he turned around leaving Mimir with a purpose whilst saying…

"Go to whence thou wert Mimir, for if the fates decide 'gainst us thou whilst cease to exist also! Mayhap thou whilst also crave for a boon… follow thine own advice!"

The Silver Surfer took his first step off a piece of dirt that was formerly known as Hlidskjalf, the Promontory or Throne that Odin could see all of the nine worlds! As he took that step, his board materialized under foot and with it he soared into the Skies of this land.

As he gained Altitude he could see this World as it is, a landmass covered completely in water and at one end did the water protrude covering a multicolored "land-bridge" and connecting in the distance with a water covered planet. He Surfer looked to the Heavens and within himself, though his cosmic awareness he knew he was looking at Asgard, Earth and the Link must be Bifrost the "Rainbow Bridge!" The positioning of the Stars confirmed this but one thing was different, the Sun that gives life to the Earth is but a conglomeration of gasses waiting to ignite and become what it should, a star!

He turned away from what will be Earth's star and looked to Asgard, a glimmer caught his eye only for a second, something that should not happen because the Star is not giving off any light!

One aspect of many that made the Surfer what he is, is the necessity to learn and from that curiosity was a very powerful instinct indeed! He went to the place that piqued his curiosity and that place is "Gimli."

2:"What a Wyrd day this is!"

On Midgard there is a Cavern that witnessed a special event three days ago, the birth of a God! This baby is very special because he is the link between the Sky and Earth, the sky being Odin and Earth being Jord (Gaea). This Link eventually will make the Baby greater than the sum of the two parts if the Future Thunder God survives this current Task?

Within the Cavern are two rooms, one room has the "Mother" in bed recuperating from the difficult birth; helping with the recuperation are the "Light Elves" running around and making "Mother" as comfortable as possible! In the other room are two beings, an infant who was sleeping until the "Other" materialized out of no-where!

The "Other" looks at the Child searching and looking for something? The Baby wakes up turning its head to look at the "Other." The baby frowns as he looks at the Other whilst his left eye flashes bright red as if the eye contained all the power a storm can muster!

"So little one, the power manifests itself already? Maybe you shall be strong enough after all? For if you are? You are going to cause me much trouble, aye that you are; determination is your second name! Should you live you will be creations advocate, aye much Angst shall you cause for the pursuit of good! I should remove you from this existence, but that is not my way; I'll let the fates decide… Should you survive, we shall meet on many occasions… Good luck to you boy for you will need it!"

The "Other" AKA "Yggdrasil's Father" AKA Eternity took one last look at the infant; placing his hand on the forehead of the child before leaving to go back to where "he knows so well so he could finish a game of chess with his most crafty opponent!"

When Eternity left the infant filled his lungs and cried out for attention! The cry, a cry of frustration brought forth the storm and ruined the nursery! The Light Elves came running in sensing that Thor had an unknown Visitor! Mean while…

In Niflheim the Death Goddess Hela, looked at her prized possession. She walked with a grace that "death" should not be able to do, but now she was the very embodiment of a seductress! She put her hand out as if to touch her captive affectionately on the cheek, but within an inch of his face the captive turns his head away as if he is repulsed by the gesture!

"Why dost thou spurn my affections "God of Light?" Hela asked as if scorned!

"For the Very reason that I am the God of Light! You are the Antithesis of light, you are the one who is holding me 'gainst my will, you who should hold no sway o'er me now that Ragnarok has happened! Hela I implore you let me go, let me return so Asgard can be renewed. Let me go for all that is good for I know you are not completely evil!"

"What care have I for the resurrection of Asgard and Odin? What care have I in returning the Souls of Asgard, I have Dominion, why should I give up all?"

"Be warned 'Shroud of Death,' I shall call upon the Champion of Good, may his righteous wrath consume you for you can hold me 'gainst my will, but thou canst kill the God of light who is all ready dead! Only when I'm reborn will you be able to do so! Let me go and this can be for naught!"

"I cannot Baldur, where is the Honor in breaking an Oath?" Hela truly seemed to have remorse until her resolve returned.

"So be it Hela! Thou canst keep me here, but by all that is good I call to he that shall be our salvation!" Baldur bent his head as if to look to the stars and called to he who will be known as "Earth's blessing"…

As the Surfer sped toward what he thought as Gimli he looked around and noticed strange forces in action, 'twas as if there was Gravity and not all at the same time? The water clung to the landmass as if it was a living thing; containing and holding all that is Asgard except for one small patch of land ahead! On that small patch of land stood the Hol "Gimli' a golden roofed hall made of shields and spears where righteous people go after death. When the Board came to a halt the Surfer stepped off, the Board continued to hover making no move to follow!

Through the Hall did the Surfer walk, making note at how at peace he was? The Hall was empty! Where were these righteous people he thought? He came to the "Last door" and made his entrance…

"Welcome Norrin Radd, he who is so noble and yet he who is so Guilt-ridden? Welcome to Gimli and "just as high" welcomes you as do my sisters, "High one" and "Third!" We the "Three" weave the Thread of life, the thread of fate and your thread shines strong, prithee take a seat and listen well for your mettle whilst surely be tested this day! So a story was told…

3: Does a Wolf have Tonsils?

"What promise has thou made Hela?" Baldur seemed agitated, he didn't think there was another player in these recent events?

"What can it hurt, thou shalt not escape, so I will tell all! The Mistress of Death contacted me, she told me about Eternities decision to test Odin and his resolve in his people and the people he chooses for the decision that will be made! I was promised that if Thor fails in his test and you were not allowed to gain passage to Gimli That I Hela would be able to have all the Souls of Asgard and Midgard including Thor, Odin and thyself for e'er more! As my Word is my Bond I made the pact. For Thor's Test I was told to dispatch Sol's and Mani's Bane, the two Son's of Fenris, the Wolves that consumed the original Sun and Moon… this was a portent for Ragnarok to happen… as was your death! A few minutes ago I did just that, the wolves have gone with great glee, for they have a hankering for the taste of the Godlings' heart!"

"How could you do that Hela? Thor is just a babe in swaddling cloths, how can a mere infant defend itself from the likes of them?"

"Eternity seems to think so, and who am I to stop the games of creatures greater than we?"

"Truly there is no redemption for the Likes of thee Hela… I pity you!"

"Thou shalt pity thyself God of Light for thine own pinions shalt be twisted tighter!" With a twist of her wrist a cloak of Enchantment was removed from around Baldur. As the cloak vanished it was apparent the God of Light was held in position because hundreds of barbs pierced his skin. At the End of the Barbs were ropes and at the end of the ropes were Hundreds of Hela's minions pulling back, trying to pull the Barbs from Baldur's skin!"

Baldur Winced in pain, but would not cry out in the presence of Hela, whilst Hela turned to face him with a pointed finger. "Ne'er displease me again gentle one, your punishment shalt be worse… Please do not antagonize me, you will only make it harder on thyself!"

Jord tried to wake up! Something was wrong, as she could sense evil near, by again. She tried to wake up as she knew her son was in danger! She was getting desperate, within her minds eye she called to the Light elves saying protect my son at all costs before she was whisked off to another place!

Jord had never been to this place before but somehow she recognized it! 'Twas the hall of Eternity, a grand place with two huge doors that were open allowing her to gain entrance to what was inside.

Within Eternities hall 'twas a modest affair but she did recognize the five people inside… The three fates were there spinning the web of fate, as was Eternity and the last one she thought that would be there was Odin! What she noticed though was a game of chess was in progress… chess is but a game, so Why?

"Welcome, she who is Earth! Welcome to the hall of Eternity! I must apologize for bringing you here without permission but it is necessary!"

"Return me at once! My son is in grave peril!"

"I'm afraid not "Mother" Thor is to fight his first battle in this creation and no-one will interfere, that includes you!"

"Odin whilst thou not help me… your lover and Mistress?"

"I say thee nay Jord, For I'm not the Odin thou thinkest of me! The First and Original Creation won, so Eternity created anew, were now playing for the stakes of this creation, Eternity Thinks that this creation will succumb not like the Other! I have stated that given a chance, this creation shalt prosper also! So the game starts anew, prithee take a seat and watch the game unfold."

Is this all you see it as… a game? The woman was so furious that the fates had to console the Earth Goddess!

Eternity waited for Jord to be comforted before he turned back to Odin! "What is it that bothers you Odin… Is it the sight of seeing one who is the exact duplicate of your lover again?" Inwardly Eternity was smiling because he was still miffed that he lost the Last round!

"Aye Eternity 'tis bothersome to see one who is so comely again! 'Tis for the best that we continue the game and 'tis my wish that Frigga doesn't put one eye on her, still it is a sore subject with the Heart of my Heart!

"So you have said, so shall it be… On both counts Odin! Now to the Game!

[Editors note: See Hlorridi's Gamble for details. - James the Insightful one!]

The cry for help from Baldur reached the Surfer at the same time as the Wolves entered the Cavern!

"Just as High" pointed at the Door on the west side of the hall. "'Tis though that door that lies your destiny, you will not need your Board where thou art going!

Norrin Radd walked too the Door then turned around, and looked into the Eyes of "Just as high," based on the look he called for his board! Somehow leaving the board behind would be like leaving a part of him behind and somehow he didn't trust "Just as high."

The Board arrived in a moment… he stepped onto the Board and used the "Power Cosmic" to open the doors… What a grand entrance it was for going to Hell!

To be continued...

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