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This week's issue of Cosmic Powers Unlimited features the continuation of Fred Walker's script for what he feels a Superman V movie should look like with Part 2 of Superman V Doomsday!

Doomsday also makes an appearance in issue #3 of DC One Million: End Times, a cosmic story taking place deep in the DC future.

Don't worry, Marvelites, we also have stories for you too.  First, we have issue #1 of Maximum Vengeance, a sequel to Marvel's latest crossover event, Maximum Security.

Plus, we have another edition of Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  This issue features Thanos, Mistress Death, and the Church of Universal Truth!  Grim also brings us Thanos in another episode of Drunk Thanos called "Mutant Menace at the Infinity Saloon!"

Grim (writer of War of the Blood Gods) also brings us another original fiction in a one-shot short story titled A Monster Under The Bed... featuring a little girl and a creature with a strange appetite.

All this plus a new cover by Caleb featuring Superman and Doomsday!  And PLEASE be sure and send us your feedback to all the stories at!  Our writers really appreciate your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback.  Thanks and enjoy!

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In this issue...

ISSUE #12: "FAITH" by Anomaly

Thanos is attempting to improve himself and further increase his favor in Mistress Death’s eyes, but why has his mother appeared and what does the Church of Universal Truth want with Thanos?
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ISSUE #1 by R.A. Sidor

With the beginning of a brand new saga, R.A. Sidor brings us his take on what should follow the recent Marvel crossover Maximum Security, as the Kree and Shi'ar do battle - while the Silver Surfer and Earth's Heroes find themselves involved!
~Click here to go to Maximum Vengeance #1~

ISSUE #3 - "GHOSTS OF THE PAST" by Shadowstar
War is waged when the Eradicator and New Krypton invade Earth, and only Superman Dynasty remains to stop them. Meanwhile, the Flash is trapped within the Speed Force to face his own challenge, as he must race Death, the Black Flash! Stay tuned for Chapter 3, "What Dreams May Come" . . .
~Click here to read DC One Million: "End Times" #3~
~Go back and read DC One Million: "End Times" #1 and "End Times" #2~

Fred Walker gives us his version of the fifth installment of the Superman movies.  Continuing in the movie continuity, Superman is now a little older, his world has changed much over the years, and a new threat named Doomsday has come to town.  See how the movie continues with Part 2 of Superman V Doomsday!
~Click here to read Superman V - Part 2~
~Click here to read Superman V - Part 1~

ISSUE #16 by Grim

Thanos has company in this latest edition of Grim's parody, as the X-Men pay him a visit and mistake him for someone else in "Mutant Menace at the Infinity Saloon."
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Beyond Reality
Featuring Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories.

Written by Grim (War of the Blood Gods)
From the creator who brought you War of the Blood Gods and writer of Drunk Thanos comes a short story about a girl who thinks a monster is under her bed.  Is it all her imagination or is something really moving under her bed?
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This week's cover features Superman and Doomsday!
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