A Monster Under The Bed...

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Tuesday night.

In a faint voice: “I’m scared!”

“I’ll go check on her this time.”

“Thanks. I can’t imagine why she’s still awake.”

“I donno.” Jim paused outside Kimberly’s door, his hand on the knob. He heard his daughter’s pleading voice faintly through the door.

“Please go away. Pleeeese. I’m tired and I want to go to sleep.” Jim opens the door and peeks in. Kimberly doesn’t notice as she has her head under the covers. “Pleeese. I’ll get my daddy in her!”

“Sweetie, I’m already here.”

“Daddy!” whipping back the covers. “It’s back. I know it is.”

Jim sat down on the edge of his daughter’s bed. “Honey… we’ve talked about this before… There aren’t any monsters under your bed.”

“But daddy…”

“Or in your closet, in your dresser or behind the curtains.”

“Daddy! I know there aren’t any monsters there. But there is one under the…”

“Sweetie, I’ve looked under the bed. Look; I’ll look again…” Jim got down on one knee and lifted the edge of the Little Mermaid comforter.

“Daddy, please be careful…”

“See, there’s nothing underneath here but some of your shoes, a couple books and a half-eaten candy bar.” Jim stood back up and smoothed the covers down. “See, there’s nothing under there to be scared of… Unless that candy bar is gonna getcha!” Jim leaned over Kimberly and started tickling her. Out in the family room, a smile came to Susan’s face as she heard Kimberly’s squeals of laughter.

“Daddy, stop. Stop! I’m gonna pee the bed; stop tickling me, daddy!”

Jim stood up with a smile, and looked down at his daughter’s smiling face. “We wouldn’t want that to happen! I don’t know how you could think any monsters are going to get you; you’re the sweetest girl in the whole world.”

“There’s only one monster, and it’s under the bed, but I think it’s gone now.”

“That’s good. Now go to sleep, sweetie.”

“Could I have a glass of water, first?"

“I suppose so. I’ll be right back.”

As Jim is getting the glass out of the cupboard, Susan whispered in “Did you get her settled down?”

“I think so. It’s the same thing, though. She’s convinced that there’s something under her bed.”

“Did you look, again?”

“Yep. Still didn’t see anything, except a Snickers that looked really evil.”

Snickers can be that way. Maybe… Maybe we should think about…”


“Yes. Maybe we should see if we can get some help for her.”

“I donno. I think it’s the stress of moving into a new house, and going up a grade AND going to a new school.”

“But she’s almost ten years old now. I would have thought that she was out of the nightmare phase by now.”

“Here, let me go back and give her this water and tuck her into bed. I’ll be back in a sec, the news is coming on.”


“Here ya go sweetie. I’ll set it on the floor beside your bed. Can you find it there if you wake up in the middle of the night?”

Kimberly’s sleepy voice whispers “Sure, daddy…’night… love ya…”

“I love you to, sweetie.” Jim leaned over and kissed Kimberly on the forehead, pulling the covers up to her chin. “Good night.”


“She’s all tucked in now. What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?”

“They haven’t gotten to the weather, yet. Are you sure Kim’s ok?”

“Yeah, she’s ok”, Jim answered, pre-occupied in checking out the female co-anchor on the TV.”

“Take your eyes off her cleavage and talk to me…”

“What… Oh, What? I was just looking… Looking at the… Stock ticker on the bottom of the screen.”

“The one the just came on? Really, Jim, do you think she’s going to be ok? She’s been having these… problems for three weeks now.”

Jim got up out of the rocking chair and moved to sit on the couch next to Susan. “She’s going to be fine. It might get worse until she’s settled in school. She starts next week. Give her another week to get adjusted… She’ll be fine in two weeks.”

“If you’re certain…?”

“I am. But…”

“But what?”

“When I got down to look under her bed… Something… Something didn’t… feel right… Like there was an odor under there… And that candy bar looked like it was chewed kinda weird…”



Wednesday night.

“Daddy, it’s back! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

“Shhhhhhh…Sweetie... I’m here… It’s ok… What’s back, sweetie?”

“It’s under the bed again, daddy. I heard it under there. I’m scared, daddy!”

“There’s nothing to be scared of, sweetie. Do you want me to check again?”

“Yes… But daddy…”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“Please be careful…”

“I will, sweetie… Nothing under this side… Nothing back there… Nothing over there… Hey! I’m proud of you sweetie! You cleaned up that candy bar that was lying under there. Good job!”

“Uhmmmm, thanks, daddy…I’ll… I’ll be ok now.”

“Do you want a glass of water?”

“No thank you, daddy.”

“Good night, sweetie.”

“…Night, daddy. Love ya…”


Thursday night. After the third trip to Kimberly’s room.

“I still can’t get her to settle down. I don’t know what her problem is tonight.”

“Let me try. I’ll take her some ice cream. Maybe that will calm her down.”

“I’m about willing to try anything at this point.


“Mommy. I’m sorry I’m scared. Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“No, sweetie. You’re almost 10 years old. You’re big enough for your own bed. Look! I brought you some ice cream. It’s chocolate, your favorite.”

“Thanks mommy. Mmmmm… That’s good. Let me have the spoon. I think I’ll be ok now. Good night.”

“Good night sweetie.”


“Did you get her calmed down?”

“Yep! Good ol’ chocolate ice cream does the trick every time.”

“We better stock up on ice cream, then.”


Still Thursday night, After Susan has shut the door.

After giving her mother a broad smile as she was leaving, Kimberly sat up on one elbow and looked at the edge of the bed. “Monster…? Monster…? I’ve got ice cream… It’s chocolate… Here, you can have it… Don’t eat my hands, ok?” Kimberly leaned over the edge of the bed and started to set the ice cream on the floor. The bottom of the comforter moved and she jerked and almost dropped the bowl. With a quick glance at the door to see if here parents heard the spoon rattle, Kimberly set the bowl on the floor and snapped back up into bed, pulling the covers up to her chin.After a minute of  laying wide-eyed looking at the ceiling, she hears… Whispering sounds coming out from under the edge of the bed. Then she hears the spoon slide around the edge of the bowl. A soft sucking noise drifts up to the terrified girl. In a minute, the sounds fade and Kimberly can… tell… that she is alone for the rest of the night. With a relived smile, she throws her arm around her stuffed Scooby-Doo and quickly falls asleep.


Friday night.

“Daddy, instead of water, could you get me a bowl of ice cream tonight.”

“That did the trick for ya last night, didn’t it, tiger?”

“Yes, daddy! It was soooo good. And I went right to sleep.”

“I’ll be back in a sec, sweetie.”

“Thanks daddy!”


Saturday night.

“I didn’t even wait for you to ask tonight, sweetie… Here’s your ice cream! Don’t spill any on the bed.”

“I won’t daddy.”

“Good night, sweetie.”


Sunday night.

“Uhmmm… Sweetie… Were out of ice cream.”

“What? Oh no! It won’t go away … I mean… I won’t be able to get to sleep tonight. Daddy, can I please sleep with you tonight. Pleeeease!”

“Sweetie, what I meant to say was the we we’re out of CHOCOLATE ice cream. We still have strawberry and Mexican sundae.”

“Does that have chocolate in it?”

“Yep. Chocolate and vanilla, with peanuts mixed in.”

“That… That should be ok, Daddy… I hope.”

“Well, it has to be, because I’m not gonna make a trip to the store tonight.”


Monday night.

“Didn’t like the peanuts last night, huh?”


“I thought you liked peanuts, though”

“I do… Just not at night.”

“That’s fine. Just leave them in the bowl again. I was going to eat them when I saw the bowl in the sink, but they… smelled funny. You didn’t put any of your fingernail polish on ‘em did ya?”

*giggle* “No, daddy. I don’t know why they smelled funny. Maybe they were bad in the ice cream.”


“Yes, sweetie…”

“It’s not really me that’s eating the ice cream.”

“It isn’t?”

“No, I put it on the floor and the monster eats it. After he eats it, he goes away and I can go to sleep.”

“If you say so, sweetheart. Goodnight.”

“That’s what really happens, daddy.”

“Sure, sweetie. Goodnight.”

“But, daddy…”

“I said ‘goodnight’.”

“Goodnight, daddy”


Tuesday night.

“Daddy, I’m ready.”

“I’ll be right, there sweetie. I need to see this story on the news, first.”

“Please hurry daddy. I’m really tired.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming. Here’s your ice cream, sweetie.”

“Thanks daddy. What was on TV?”

“Something about the crime wave in this part of the… I mean… I mean… There was a commercial for Water-World. Would you like to go this weekend?”

“Can we really? Really?”

“Sure we can sweetie!”

“Don’t spill your ice cream, sweetie.”

“I won’t daddy. And thank you daddy. You’re the bestest daddy that ever was.”

“Goodnight sweetie.”


Wednesday night.

“Daddy, I’m ready. Daddy. Daddy? Daddy!”

“I’ll be right there, sweetie. I heard a car outside and I want to check it out.” Jim comes to a complete stop as a knock sounds at the door. Stock still, he stands in place, staring at the door.


“Shhhh, sweetie.”

“Jim, who’s at the door?”

“I donno. Get the phone, I don’t like the sound of this.” Jim takes two steps toward the door, then turns and duck rapidly as the door is kicked inward by a black booted foot. Two men dressed all in black, wearing ski-masks dash into the house, chrome pistols in their hands.

“Get your hands up! Get ‘em up! Get your wife out here, now and we won’t hurt anyone.”

“Susan, come out here.”

“I tried, “Susan says, looking at the cordless phone in her hand, “but they cut the lines.”

“That’s right, lady. We cut the lines. Now, give us the money.”

“What money?”

“Don’t get smart with me, or I’ll put a bullet in your head.”

“We don’t have any money. Please, we live in this small house. If we had any money, we wouldn’t live here.”

“Liar.” One of the masked men punched Jim in the stomach, dropping him to his knees. “Now tell me where the money is or you’ll get another.”

“We… don’t… have… any…” Jim gasped out. The masked man clubbed him behind the ear with the butt of his pistol. Jim slumped heavily to the floor, unconscious, a trickle of blood running out from behind his ear.

“Jim?!? JIM??? Dear God, what’d you monsters do to him.”

“Lady, we’re going to do the same to you unless you tell us where the money is.”

“We don’t have any money. Please, leave us alone.”

“We saw your husband pick up the money. It took us awhile to track him down.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. You must have the wrong house.”

“Maybe we do and maybe we don’t. We’ll just have to look for ourselves. Hey, sit her down in that chair and use the rope to tie her up. We’ll find the damn money ourselves.”

“Please don’t hurt me. And…”


“We have a daughter. She’s sleeping. Please don’t hurt her. Please. Take anything you want, but don’t hurt us. Please.”

“How old is this… daughter? 16? 17?”

“No, she’s almost 9! Leave her alone.”

“She’s to young for us… But I do have an idea… Maybe you’ll tell us where the money is if I say I’m going to break her arm…”

“No! Nooooo! We don’t have any money. Please don’t hurt my baby! Please!”

“Got her tied tight? Good. Let’s go get the kid. Hell, she might know where it is.”

“NO! Please God no! Kim, run! Hide!”


When the door was kicked in, Kimberly was deep under her covers. She was concerned about what was going on out in the family room, but not so concerned that she was going to get out of bed. It was almost here wanting ice cream. She heard her father talking to someone, then she heard a thump, then her mother started screaming about money. Then… Then she heard footsteps coming down the hall towards her room. Daddy never wore his boots this late at night, so it must be whoever kicked the door in. She heard the bathroom door open and close. Then the knob to her door rattled. The door opened and a flashlight beam shone in.

“I hope you have some ice cream with you…”

“What? Kid, get out of bed. We need to go talk to your mother.”

“I’m not getting out of bed. And you better get some ice cream if you want to come in here.”

“I don’t have no damn ice cream. Now, C’MERE!” The masked man stepped into the room and up to the edge of the bed and started pulling at the covers. Kimberly screamed and moved to the far side of the bed. Dammit, now she’s over on that side. C’mere and help me get her. The other guy stomped into the room and went around the bed to the other side. Kimberly screamed again and tried to get to the middle, but the guy grabbed her arm and leg through the comforter.

“I got her.”

“Good. Yank her out of there and let’s get this done. What the hell? I thought there was only one kid in here.’

“What‘re mouthing off about? I got her. Let’s go.”

“Someone grabbed my boots. I can’t move… I can’t move my feet. Let me see that light.”

“If I hand you the light, I gotta let go of the girl.”

“It’s pulling, now. Someone’s down there and it’s trying to pull me under the bed. Give me the damn light.”

“Here ya go. Now I gotta get the brat again.”

“Forget her for a second… Someone tied rope around my boots. Green rope. And it’s getting tighter, like someone’s trying to pull me under the bed.”

“Dammit! I’ll get my blade and cut you loose, then we’ll stomp the kid under the bed. What? What the hell?”

“Man’s it’s really getting tight. What’s your problem?”

“There’s ropes around my boots, too.”

“You’re the one with the blade. Cut yourself loose, then come and get… OUCH!”

“Must be a grown man under there the way them ropes is getting tight. Hey kid! You have a big brother under there?”

“It’s the monster. He doesn’t like you.”

“Monster? Kid, there ain’t no such things as monsters. This rope ain’t cutting! What is this stuff, anyway?”

The first man set his pistol on the edge of the bed and squatted down to fruitlessly pry at the ‘ropes’.  “Stuff don’t feel like ropes to me. What’s going on here?!”

“The monster doesn’t like you. And I don’t like you, either.”

“Shut up, kid. Oh, man. OUCH!” The first man screamed as the pressure increased and he flipped flat on his back on the floor beside the bed. “Eddie. It’s getting me! Eddie, it’s pulling me in. EDDIE! OH MY GOD, EDDIE.”

“Kimberly cringed as she heard the man scream; his scream being muffled as he was pulled under the bed. The mattresses bucked and jumped a few times and there were some sharp snapping noises and then it grew quiet.

“Mike? Mike are you still there? MIKE?” Eddie pulled his pistol back out and fired three shots into the bed. Out in the family room Susan screamed. Kimberly screamed as her ears started ringing. “Mike? Dammit, brat, when I get this rope off my legs, I’m going to beat you to a pulp.”

“The monster got him. And he’s going to get you to. ‘Cause you’re a bad man.”

“I’m not a bad man. I just wanted some money. OUCH. Dammit dammit!” The second man was pulled flat on his back. He sat partway up and fired the rest of the clip under the bed. The intensity of the pull on his legs never lessened. He threw the gun under the bed and tried to brace his feet on the railing. “I’m slipping. Please, little girl, I’m slipping. It’s going to get me. Please. I don’t wanna…” One foot slipped off and the man spun around on the floor and his head hit the edge of the dresser with a sickening crunch. Limp, the man’s body was dragged under the bed. The mattresses jumped again and there were more of the snapping noises. Kimberly sat very still in the darkness. In a minute, she could tell that she was alone in her room. She jumped out of bed and ran to the family room.

“Mommy, MOMMY!”

“Untie me sweetie. Please untie me. What happened back there?”

Her attention focused on the knots, Kimberly stated absently, “The monster ate ‘em.”

“What? Please sweetie, what really happened?”

Kimberly sat up and looked her mother in the eye. “The bad guys tried to get me and the monster that’s under my bed pulled them under there and ate them.”


“MOMMY! The monster is the one who’s been eating the ice cream, not me.”

“We can talk about this later, young lady. Now untie me, we have to help your father.”

“Dad? Daddy? Is he going to be ok mommy? Oh please, daddy! Please be ok!”

“He’s got a strong pulse and he seems to be breathing ok. We’d better call an ambulance… Damn, the phone isn’t working. Here, help me get him up. We’ll take him to the hospital.


Friday night.

“How’s your head, Jim?”

“I still have a little headache, but other than that, it seems to be ok. Do you think the police bought the story?”

“That you fought off two men who kicked in out door? Yes, I think they bought it. It was better than the story Kimberly wanted to tell.”

“Well. You know she didn’t overpower two grown men all by herself. Maybe there is something…”

“There isn’t any damn monster under her bed. The men… They got into a fight with each other and then they jumped out the window and ran away. That’s what happened. No monster.”

“And they just happened to leave a pistol behind?”

“They fought EACH OTHER, not a monster. And make sure you get rid of that horrible thing. I don’t want no guns in our house.”

“At least… At least no one got hurt.”

“But your head…?”

“You know how hard my head is. I’ll be fine in a day or two. Thank God those guys didn’t get to search the whole house. If they would have looked in our closet…”

“I know… We need to do something with that briefcase…”

“We’ll start looking for another house tomorrow. Maybe up in Chicago…”

“You just want to be closer to your precious Bears…”

“Well, that may be true…I’ve been worried ever since I found that briefcase, that something like this was going to happen. Hopefully, those were the only guys who knew we had it.”

“I’ll go to the library tomorrow and do a search on real estate agents… Even in the Chicago area, just for you.’

“You DO love me, don’t ya? I’m better go to tuck Kim in. I’ll be back out in a second.”

“Don’t forget the ice cream.”

Jim went out the kitchen and opened the freezer. With a look out to his wife he put the bowl back in the cupboard and got out a large pan. Then he took the half-gallon of chocolate ice cream out. Carrying the half-gallon, he went back to Kimberly’s room.

“Sweetie. I have some ice cream for you.”

“Daddy, It’s not for me. I told you…”

“I know. And I believe you. See…? I brought a pan and a large treat for… the what ever it is.”

“It’s a monster, daddy.”

“I don’t think that anything that saves my favorite girl is a monster.”

“Daddy, I’m your ONLY girl… But I think it’s nice that you’re giving it a treat. It’s probably really hungry ‘cause we spent the night in the motel to be next to you in the hospital. It was kinda…nice what it did. To save me from those guys…”

“I’ll buy it ice cream everyday for the rest of my life for helping out my favorite ‘only’ girl. Goodnight, sweetie.”

“Goodnight daddy.”


Friday night, after her father left to room.

Kimberly lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. She heard the whispers of sound start from under her bed. The she heard the pan beside her bed move. It moved again. The soft sucking noise started. It continued for a long time. Kimberly sat quietly and listened to the noises. As they started to fade away, she whispered “Thank you, monster… And goodbye.”


Saturday morning at the breakfast table.

“How’d you sleep last night kiddo?”

“Great daddy! How’d you sleep?”

“Ok I guess. I had to lay on my right side to keep the pressure off my bandages, but other than that…”

“I’m going to take a shower, then I’ll start the laundry.”

“Sue, you want me to gather the clothes together?”

“That’d be nice. Kim, you can get you clothes gathered up, too.”

“Ok, mommy.”

After Susan went down the hallway, Kimberly spoke up. “Daddy?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“We don’t need anymore ice cream.’

“We don’t?”

“No. The monster’s gone.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. I could tell last night. It’s never coming back.”

“Well, I guess that’s a good thing. It’ll save on the ice cream bill, at least!”


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