Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 2

Written by E.A. Morrissey
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

~See Prologue/Chapter 1 for character summaries!~

Chapter II: To Vent Has Its Merits!

 The yawning Gulf or also known as "Ginnungagap," was there at the very beginning of creation, next to the gulf on the plain of Virgrid will we see the end of creation! The two places are intertwined, a part of the circle of life! The difference between the two is that Ginnungagap is a gateway to the past and the present, but not the future!

Thor had a sense of loss, when he hurled his hammer into the Yawning Gulf! Here he was, knowing nothing could stop his hammer from returning to his side so why was he at a loss when his hammer was not around? He reasoned it out since Mjolnir will be away for a time looking for his friend the Silver Surfer.

Since his primary mode of transportation was gone temporarily, Thor called for his Goats, Tooth-Gnasher and Tooth-Grinder who draw his chariot. It would take time for the goats to get here so he had plenty of time to think about Tyr's sword and its consequences… to the Loss of his hammer albeit for a short time!

Norrins' mind was clearest when he was riding the cosmic winds. He could let his mind go blank, think nothing and from within he could feel the universe, see the Universe move to some preordained pattern. All those individuals living their lives the way they want but viewed from afar those individuals are making geometric patterns, conforming to a pattern that makes the Universe seemingly a sentient being!

Norrin focussed…

… Two very small patterns were about to collide; Norrins' curiosity was peaked. He looked closer. The Image magnified… seeing two flotillas of spacecraft coming after each other… with the intent on destroying each other. The enemies had not detected each other yet, so Norrin decided to intervene! Flying at eight times the speed of "C" he intercepted the enemies and using the "Power Comic" he caused a G type star to flair, the flair irradiated its solar system! That was of no import since it was a lifeless system anyway! The radiation increased exponentially, so within a few minutes the enemies altered course because to shield that amount of radiation would tax the resources of each spaceship. It is easier to avoid the heath hazard thus failing to meet each other.

Norrin was pleased with himself; he averted a disaster saving lives, because he took an interest in the universe as a whole! Knowing, no seeing how the universe worked helped him to spot with rapidity areas that were not working, as they should!

Norrin was about to take his leave of this system, when a vortex appeared near him!

The vortex dissipated slowly revealing what was in the middle… Mjolnir the "Crusher…" Thor's hammer!

Thor had summoned the Silver Surfer, this way before! Therefore, it took little time for Norrin to comply!

Mjolnir stopped when she reached a "Hands-span" of Norrin, after a moment the hammer rotated on its axis; slowly at first, but within milliseconds the Hammer was spinning faster than the eye could see. Norrin looked at the hammer like as if looking into a kaleidoscope, this kaleidoscope was very different though; you did not have the distorted or jagged images. These images were smooth, showing Thor at the edge of a precipice, showing some concern, but it was hard to tell since Thor was so serious… most of the time! The image did speak however silent it was in space… Norrin was a good "lip-reader" any way; these were the unspoken words!

"Alas our paths cross again friend Norrin, I grave a boon! 'Tis time to stand for the righteous, holding at "bay" the Evil of Cheru's wielder! Come, hold thine own hand in the Thong of Mjolnir, and come to Midgard's aid once more. Evil is afoot… Let Mjolnir be thy guide to Bilskirnir, for whence thou arrives I shalt be waiting too give you the full measure!"

As if Norrin was waiting for consent, he held out his hand, just in front of the now stationary hammer within inches of the Thong at the end of the hammer. Slowly the hammer moved forward looping the Thong around his hand, as Norrin clasped his hand around the thong, he commanded his board to be tucked between his left hand/arm and body, pressing his armpit as he did.

Mjolnir seemed to know that Norrin needed time to prepare for this journey because she started to rotate slowly at first, some how being gentle getting the Silver Surfer used to the tremendous forces required to create a dimensional rift.

Too Norrin as the Hammers revolutions increased, he had to resist the urge of his arm to leave shoulder! The revolutions increased further as Norrin had to apply the Power Cosmic to his body reinforcing the Silver Sheen that covers his body, thus preventing his body from splitting into pieces! As his grip was about to loosen, the universe disappeared; the tug from the hammer was gone. Norrin was pulled effortlessly through this new dimension… What a strange place it was! All around him was multicolored clouds; spanning all the colors of the spectrum, the vision was akin to a person tripping' on acid! He analyzed this place… concluding this was the "continuum of the magical plane," though somewhat different from the "planes of realities" he has visited with Stephen Strange! What was interesting was that he could feel the Power Cosmic within him but not around him, or anywhere within this continuum, it was as if the Power Cosmic did not exist here! Norrin did not like that thought! If he ever had to use the Power Cosmic here, how would he be able to "Recharge?" Not having the ability to act like a "Battery" disturbed him; though he is still atoning for his sins he has gotten used to being the "Silver Surfer;" to be plain old "Norrin Radd" again didn't settle well with him!

As Norrin was deliberating on the absence of the Power Cosmic a rent in this realm appeared! Looking through the rent Norrin could see nothing, but as he and the hammer approached Mjolnir started to "Rev-up." As the revolution increased the strain on his body increased exponentially, still he could not feel the Power Cosmic around him. Norrins' Reserves were being drained rapidly. The Silver sheen started to loose cohesiveness, splotches of Humanoid like skin was appearing through his Silver skin. The pain was so intense Norrin lost consciousness, in doing so he relaxed his grip on Mjolnirs Thong!

"The Crusher" realized the predicament of her companion by stopping it's arc… going to the rear of the very "Dull Grey" Surfer… gently pushing Norrin Radd though the Vortex… passing though into the reality known as "Asgard!"

As Norrin passed through the dimensional rift, the Power Cosmic flooded into his body! The Shock brought him awake, as his eyes opened he could see Asgards Firmament approaching rapidly! Norrins' board still clutched under arm wiggled out of its place… moving just below his feet … allowing Norrin to fly once more! Within inches of the Land that is, Asgard Norrin started his assent avoiding a nasty collision! In the Classic Flying pose Norrin had his Left arm forward and his right to the rear, one leg forward of the other, allowing him to Surf the Winds! In this pose, Mjolnir moved into position allowing Norrin again to clasp the Thong. Mjolnir Towed Norrin along taking the straightest path to her master!

As if getting her bearings, Mjolnir made minor course corrections, she located her master flying at "all speed" with his chariot and Goats!

Norrin was still amazed at the sight of the flying goats… Galloping along as their hooves touched the sky sheets of lightning spread across the skies of Asgard! Seconds after the lightning streaked through the atmosphere bouts of thunder followed the lightning! The Goats were physically displaying the mood of their master!

What a noisy way to travel, Thor must be perturbed about something Norrin thought!

As if seeing Thor for the first time in ages, Mjolnir sped forth as if greeting a lover. Norrin at this point let go of the hammers' thong flying under his own "Steam," Keeping a distance, waiting for the "Lovers embrace."

Thor turned his head sensing Mjolnirs return… he was elated!

Too be Whole again, too be as one! The Lord of the Morning thought!

Thor stretched out his left hand clasping the Hammer at the stake, once contact was made that familiar embrace was made and more! Thor learned of Norrins' fate, with concern he commanded the fabled goats to follow an arc heading back to the Silver Surfer!

From a distance, the two friends made Eye contact… Thor was the First to speak… making his presence known to all that live in the nine worlds! His words boomed; assisted by the brothers of the Storm!

"Hail to "Midgard's Blessing!" * All hail to the sentinel, friend of Thor! Let the "Storm" of anger cease! Let the "Storm" become benevolent… Brothers of the Storm reap the harvest!" The Brothers of the Storm complied, sheets of lightning shot to the ground releasing that life giving energy to the fields of maize and corn!

In Valhol (Valhalla), Odin seemed distracted as he took his eye from the Goblet of mead, looking upwards as if seeing though the ceiling made of shields into the skies… He rubbed his chin with his right hand, musing as he did! After a moment, he returned his attention to the stories told by the Einherjar. Odin smiled as the stories grew in magnitude with the amount of mead they consumed!

Today is a good day to feast… Mayhap a good day to Die! Odin also thought of the Bad days to die!

The goats and the Board came to a halt. Norrin was the first to smile! Norrin did not smile very often and it was a pity because his whole outlook changed when he did. Holding out his arm, waiting for the traditional greeting whist saying….

"What say you brother!" Norrin knew the formal greeting for the Norse God!

"All's fair for the nonce, he who is likened to a brother! Yet grave tidings are yet to come… the winds sayest that it must be so… mayhap the fates will weave the thread for the righteous!"

They clasp forearms… the gesture is genuine for the God and the Alien have the highest regard for each other… each thinking the other is noblest of all! Both who would yield there very life for the other if the situation demanded. Each brought together from different worlds because they sense the Inherent Goodness in each other a bond that cannot be broken!

Take thy place, as it should be… Together… Brothers in Arms whilst we stand with the Strong, defending the weak!

Norrin stepped off his board onto the chariot. The board took its place resting against the rail of the chariot, one done Thor instructed the goats to move on… to Bilskirnir!

To Be Continued . . .

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