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Elder's Quest
Chapter 10: Queens's Gambit Declined*

*Author’s note: A chess strategy in which pawns move forward to attack the larger mass.

"This is where we do it guys," Gamora looked back at the team chosen. "Is everyone ready?"

"I am," Quasar answered.

"I think we all are," Terrax spoke bluntly.

Wanda and Firelord nodded as well.

"We are to head east," Gamora began but stopped abruptly. She turned her head quickly to the side as her ninja-like senses picked up something. "They’re right on top of us!" she exclaimed.

Firelord and Quasar took to the air immediately as the Possessor, Astronomer, Caregiver, Architect and the Explorer all came out of the bushes.

"I’m afraid you will not have the time to think about your plans," the Possessor said as a blast of power primordial left his Rune staff. His slender form stood without care, torn tunic blowing slightly in the wind. His thin cheeks betrayed no emotion, nor did his eyes. How could they? For longer than he could remember, he had worn his visor. Long hair hung over his shoulders exuding confidence. He fired again.

Gamora quickly evaded the impact area, somersaulting out of the way. Wanda received the brunt of the impact and was knocked back from the resulting concussive blast.

With an energy shield around himself, a glowing Quasar retaliated by flying downward directly at the Possessor, pummeling him with such force with his body, that they both penetrated the crust of the planet several hundred feet in easily.

Meanwhile, Firelord and Terrax engaged the Astronomer and the Architect, firing blasts, temporarily holding off the two Elders.

The blue-skinned Elder approached closer to the field. He tipped his hat slightly up and brought his hands forward. He was now ready for the battle. The Explorer fired at Terrax, but a quick raise of his axe protected him as the impact sent him flying back. Terrax underestimated the Power Primordial. His axe didn’t feel like it would continue blocking those for long.

Wanda, still groggy, fired an ordinary hex bolt as a tree fell over the Caregiver. Her white skinned body angrily flipped back and forth attempting to escape her temporary prison.

Quasar had willed his quantum armor on, which was effectively protecting him from the Possessor’s blasts. As a gamble, he tried ensnaring the Elder in a quantum construct. It didn’t hold him for long. He would have to think of something else quickly.

A rumble came about as Quasar was sent flying in the air several miles away from his created hole. The Possessor emerged. Gamora swiftly threw herself on him before he could completely climb out and gave him a nerve pinch on the neck. Before he could react, Gamora flipped around him and quickly protruded her fingers through two spots in the upper back freezing him on the spot. "You can seek knowledge to the end of the universe now," she said satisfied.

"What did she do?" the Caregiver asked finally turning around and blasting the tree off of her.

"Thanos has given me access to your physiology on his computers," Gamora answered. "This fight won’t be as one-sided as you initially thought!"

The Astronomer’s ocular piece glowed as the elder fired a blast from it meeting Firelord’s power cosmic blast in the middle. Evenly countering each other, the Architect, a distinct and tall gentleman, turned his attention to Firelord and fired at him simultaneously along with the Astronomer. Firelord fell back.

The egocentric elder shot his regal tunic back. The Astronomer would play no more with these simple creatures.

"Something is affecting my staff," Firelord shouted. "They must have some type of dampening field for the power cosmic."

"Agreed," Terrax answered. "My axe is not delivering with the customary power level that the Power Cosmic commands!"

Flying back, Quasar emitted a construct to protect his fallen teammate, Firelord.

"In that case, this fight needs to become more physical." Terrax ran at the Architect and took a swipe with his axe. The Architect, surprisingly quick for his stature and demeanor, ducked and grabbed his foot tripping him."

"I have you now," he said as his hands powered up.

Using his power over the land, Terrax opened a hole in the planet under the Architect. Immediately he fell into the several hundred-foot hole Terrax had opened. "By the time you get out of there, this fight will be over."

Wanda began concentrating her Chaos magic. She knew the Elders were powerful and it would take something big to stop them. She began focusing all her energy on what would be a single Eldritch blast. Motioning to Quasar, he and the others withdrew away from the Elders. Becoming fully powered with energy crackling about, Wanda prepared to release her blast.

The Architect rose from the ground behind them, as the ground seemed to elevate him up. His hands were behind his back, confident in that nobody had seen him. All the way above ground now, he saw Wanda and fired at her knocking her forward and hitting her head on the ground. Left unchecked, her energy hit the ground exploding in every direction. Quasar blocked the blinding concussive blast with his quantum armor – still requiring to shield his eyes from the brightness. When he looked again, the entire vegetation in the area was dead. The heroes and the Elders all lay unconscious. A reflection of an armageddon if he had ever seen one.

"Yes, we did it," he said finally trying to muster some enthusiasm.

The ground began shaking, parts of it turning to quicksand, already swallowing up Terrax’s axe and Firelord’s staff.

"Ego?" Quasar yelled. Without hesitation, he quantum jumped each of his teammates individually back to their temporary home base. He came back when done. The fallen Elders had been devoured as quickly as the herald’s weapons. "Ego’s on their side. Why am I worrying about them?" he told himself frowning. "This is war anyway," he finished as he quantum jumped away.

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