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Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail goes to Morfex, writer of the Protectors of the Universe titles, and editor and co-writer of the Cosmic Union.

Lancelot Bausley writes, "First, thanks to each and every member of CPU for very wonderful stories. Within the opening of the subject volume Dr. Strange states that he is not much older than the patron of the bookstore, "I, Browse". That is not accurate. Even before Dr. Strange participated in the 5,000 year war alongside the Vishanti he enjoyed extended longevity after being touched by Eternity. After the war he was returned to his present position within the timestream by the Vishanti. 5,000 years of brutal war on that scale should have had some evident affect upon his psyche. Further, the only token from his five millenium experience is the acquisition of Chaos magic gleaned from the library of the Vishanti themselves. Over that period of time with access to that great of a source of knowledge one might expect a greater expansion of the doctor's personal resources. He should at least remember his true age or be a little wiser. Perhaps he could be renamed the exceedingly ancient one. Also, he went to great lengths to acquire access to the Gaian magic. Marvel clearly stated that he mistakenly thought that source depleted. Why has no one returned his resources? He was for a time a puisant sorceror in addition to being resourceful..."

He was flirting. He is fully aware of his "apparent age," as well as the number of years he has experienced. But thank you for the history lesson! It was exceptional. Perhaps you would consider joining us at CPU! --Morfex

Lancelot Bausley continues, "Now, on to my other favorite character, Adam Warlock. I favor the portrayal of Warlock during his sojourn within the Ultraverse. That was a mature Adam Warlock with greater wisdom than any previous incarnation heretofore. The emotional turmoil that Marvel hampered him with during the last mini series was a mistake. That particular device has been used far too many times, in one form or another, and has become tedious. Warlock has many fans of longstanding and have already experienced his turmoil in one form or another.
It is time to give him a fresh and worthy challenge and let him grow. His many years of meditation should have borne fruit by now. The mature Warlock was fresh, welcome, and offered greater possibilities (not to mention the evolution of his personal powers; why is his "sister" Paragon mightier than he?). This is not a complaint letter I merely point out my personal differences with the direction and handling of the two aforementioned characters."

If you prefer a more mature Warlock, then keep your eyes out for Spinsterhood #4. It will be a turning point for Adam, Kismet, the Goddess, the Magus, Gemini, Paragon, Ayesha, and every other genetic variation of the Beehive creations. --Morfex

Lancelot concludes, "I find the fiction of CPU far, far more entertaining than that of Marvel comics. I enjoy Marvel's graphics but CPU concentrates on the story and therefore provides greater character and story development. Your work individually and collectively is very impressive. My thanks to you all. Lancelot"

It is our pleasure, especially when we receive a letter such as
yours. Thank you for reading! --Morfex

XENOS writes, "I would just like to express my gratitude in the wonderfully written masterpiece called Cosmic Powers Unlimited. Kudos to all of your writers."

Stay tuned, Xenos, because there is plenty more to come! --Morfex

Phil writes, "the best comic ever made was in 1982 and it was vol. #2 and Galactus actually ate Zenn-La and when the Surfer returned there the people hated him. He went to Earth to save Shalla-Bal from Mephisto and did but the Surfer could never see her the comic!"

That is a personal favorite of mine as well, Phil. I wish that John Byrne had had the chance to continue Volume 2 back when I enjoyed his work. Please read Powers Cosmic #4 for direct references to Shalla Bal and Dr. Doom's relationship in that issue. Thanks for the recommendation. --Morfex

Bitterfrost writes, "Good stuff! Great blend of characters. I especially like the smaller sub-plots, like the growing relationships between Adam & Gamora and Quasar & Kismet, as well as the different cosmic teams, such as the Star Masters and the Spinsterhood. If you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism, though, I would recommend that you be a little more clear on certain matters, such as how the information Moondragon probed from Drax's mind led Quasar to Epoch, and how Doctor Strange and Adam knew Tyrant was on Galactus' worldship. Keep up the good work, guys!"

The challenge of a multi-author effort is to coordinate such details consistently. Many such plotlines were left open-ended or less detailed in the hope that another author would choose to elaborate. Future "reprint" editions will attempt to address as many of these dangling plots as possible. But no one can argue that our efforts follow Marvel's time-honored tradition of leaving gaps in crossovers! : ) - Morfex

XENOS writes, "I thought the writing was superb, beautifully written and utterly fascinating. I can't wait to continue reading as I am stopping way too short of praising your writers enough! Gotta go....."

Xenos, each of us thanks you for the high praise. - Morfex

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